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26 NOVEMBER 2014

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Topic: Top 10 1980s Middleweights
Johnboy (58 Posts) on Wed 6-May-2009:

1. Marvelous Marvin Hagler (62-3-2 with 52 KOs)
2. Thomas Hearns (61-5-1 with 48 KOs)
3. Mike "The Bodysnatcher" McCallum (49-5-1 with 36 KOs)
Roberto Duran (103-16 with 70 KOs)
5. Sumbu Kalambay (57-6-1 with 33 KOs)
6. Ray Leonard (36-3-1 with 25 KOs)
7. Iran "The Blade" Barkley (43-19-1 with 27 KOs)
8. John "The Beast" Mugabi (42-7-1 with 39 KOs)
Mustafa Hamsho (44-5-2 with 28 KOs)
10. Alan Minter (39-9 with 23 KOs)

A few quick notes on the whys:

So why is Duran so high and Leonard so low? Well, it is after Leonard's first retirement that he shifted from being a great boxer into being a great showman. I have always felt that all the numerous criticisms of Leonard were valid, but applied only to the latter half of his career. Since this list covers that, he winds up in the bottom half.

Duran, on the other hand, had two moments to shine as a middleweight: the tough time he gave to Marvin Hagler, and the upset win over Iran Barkley. By comparison, Leonard didn't fight Hagler. He robbed him based on star power. After that, he never dared to fight a young lion on fair terms until he got his ass handed to him by Terry Norris.

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Wed 6-May-2009:

Great, Great list I dont think you put a foot wrong with your top 7. The Marvelous one wrecked everyone and has got to be a all time great.

Even though he came in late - Michael Nunn capture the title in 88 by sparking Frank Tate and was considered one of the PVP best.  He beat Kalambay and Iran Barkley back to back in 89 and held the title until he ran into James T in 91.

Even though it was a late show I would have to have him at least on my 80's list.

I would of loved to have seen him arrive 3/4 years earlier. Imagine the wars with Haggler and hearns in their primes Good fun ! (I think haggler would have walked through him in 7 though)

Johnboy (58 Posts) on Thu 7-May-2009:

Thanks! Who would you put in as #8, 9, and 10 then?


Rag Time

Reevo (8 Posts) on Tue 26-May-2009:

You can't rate Kalambay, a guy who was KO'd in one round by Michael Nunn, ahead of Ray Leonard, who would have ripped Kalambay a new ass----.  I liked Minter, but too much of a bleeder, and Tony Sibson knocked him out early too.  Roldan deserves to be on the list.  He had Hagler in trouble until a well placed thumb closed Roldan's eye. 

Johnboy (58 Posts) on Tue 16-Jun-2009:

Sure I can Smile The fact is that Leonard ducked McCallum. That is on record and in print. To say he would have ripped Kalambay a "new one" is debatable in the extreme on the basis of Leonard's behavior in general towards young lions in his own weight class. But the truth is that we will never know. What we do know is that Leonard did nothing - nothing - with any of the world titles he grabbed. His legacy at middleweight is weak and based on his robbery of Hagler.

Johnboy (58 Posts) on Tue 11-Aug-2009:

I think one of the problems people have with a format like this one is that it is a little too specific for their frame of reference. I think, for example, that when a Duran-lover sees Duran rated low, they do not stop to think "well, what did he really accomplish at 147?" They instead fixate on the career as a whole, which isn't the point.
So I say this: if anyone wants to, I invite them to start a Top 10 of the Four Kings era (Duran-Leonard-Hearns-Hagler) era.

honest (13 Posts) on Mon 17-Aug-2009:

hearns duran and leonard should not be there,hearns is a natural welterweight,who did medicore even in that division,durand is a light weight who fough no one and won the title but a low blow and leonard is the more talented of the three but he is a welterweight who lost to duran,with the refs help beat benitez,he fought no one

Linden (11 Posts) on Wed 19-Aug-2009:

I think Michael Nunn should be in there (and high on the list!).  He'd been a pro for six years by the end of the eighties; had won the title; unified it and beaten top quality boxers in Roldan, Tate, Barkley and Kalambay.  You can't have a top 10 eighties middleweight list without Michael Nunn on it.  Tommy Hearns is my favourite all time boxer .... but you couldn't have him at 2 based on middleweight accomplishments (though I would take him over most of the others in head-to-heads).

corley (8 Posts) on Wed 19-Aug-2009:

would agree with u on nunn his ko of kalambay made him no1 middle at the time as for hearns id have him at 4 hagler leonard n barkley above him

Johnboy (58 Posts) on Mon 24-Aug-2009:

You are probably right about Nunn. For some reason, I can never quite shake him from association with the early 1990s, but his height was the late 1980s.


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