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28 NOVEMBER 2014

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Topic: glass jaw-granite chin
honest (13 Posts) on Fri 17-Jul-2009:

glass jaw-tommy hearns,fernando vargas,pipino cuevas,mike tyson,ricky hatton,roy jones,hassim rahman, the w.klitscko, just to name a few.granite chin-ali,george forman,george chuvalo,rocky marciano,nick furlano, bernard hopkins,just to namea few

METALION (1 Posts) on Mon 20-Jul-2009:

glass jaw tyson dont think so even in his one sided beating by lewis it took 8 rounds to knock himout.

ricomc (1 Posts) on Wed 22-Jul-2009:

agree that Tyson didn't have a glass jaw.  Fighters who are credited with a granite chin usually don't have a great defence.  To that end I would say Wayne McCullough belongs in this category, but who knows if Hopkins and Mayweather have great chins - they are very rarely hit flush.  The best chins I have ever seen are McCullough, Oliver McCall and Marvin Hagler.  also I don't think Kostya Tsyzu would say Ricky Hatton had a glass jaw, his punch resistance has just gone from a tough career and not living the life

honest (13 Posts) on Sat 25-Jul-2009:

the best defence is a great chin,if you have a great chin chances are your fighter will let the other wear down,look at ali against chuvalo,ali was peppering him with so many punches that he tired out and george was landing all kinds of counter punches and ali was clinching all the time and the ref allowed it,chuvalos chin almost won him the fight

MaineFan (1 Posts) on Mon 27-Jul-2009:

GLASS JAW= Prince Nassiem Hammed, you cant forget him

Johnboy (58 Posts) on Mon 27-Jul-2009:

Sven Ottke had a weak chin. The guy got knocked out cold by his wife.
Floyd Patterson certainly was "chinny." I wouldn't say he had a glass jaw, but he was below average in that respect.
I think Naseem Hamed's problem wasn't that he had a glass jaw. Instead, much like Felix Trinidad, he had bad balance. If you clipped him at the right time, he would fall right over. He was rarely ever truly hurt. He just became overbalanced.
Tommy Hearns lost his ability to take a punch as he went higher on the scales. At welterweight he had a good (not great) chin, but merely average at middleweight and worse above that.

74Big Al
74Big Al (6 Posts) on Mon 27-Jul-2009:

Amir Khak & David Gaye are both glass jaw fighters. Amir Khak lost to Wullie Limond but was let off the hook with a 14 count.

Tyson took some superb shots in his prime, the only time I ever saw him hurt during his peak was when Frank Bruno (who despite his limited ability and poor stamina was a big puncher) rocked him before losing in five. Lennox Louise one of boxings biggest frauds had a glass chin and let us not forget that he took a Spent Tyson to court to prevent him having a warm up fight meaning Tyson had effectively boxed 10 rounds in 10 years so Louise deserved no credit for that 'win' what so ever. Louise wouldn't have went two rounds with Tyson in his prime. He was being given a boxing masterclass by Vitali and that fight was stopped because Vitali's eye was slashed by the inside of Lennox Louise's glove.
Clazaghe had an awesome chin despite four career visits to the canvas and Nigel Benn deserves a mention for coming off the floor to beat De Witt, Barkley & McClellan. Gatti & Ward punished each other relentlessly during their thrilling trilogy as well!

mattyboy (2 Posts) on Tue 28-Jul-2009:

As an Aussie boxing nut, I wish Anthony Mundine had stronger whiskers. He was starched early in his pro boxing career by the feather-fisted Ottke and has fought more cautiously (I believe) as a result of this humiliating KO. Okay, he lasted the full 12 with the heavy handed Kessler, Green and Echols, but geez, I just wish he had less glass in his jaw and would trade a bit more. I reckon if he had a bit more stone in his (usually wagging) chin he could have been a top 160-168 pounder, as opposed to the second-tier fighter he is. 

Robbobtc (3 Posts) on Tue 28-Jul-2009:

Not sure I agree with the Lennox Lewis chat to be honest. Agree he may not have had the strongest of chins but to say he had a glass jaw is a bit much. Isn't the art of being a great boxer not to get hit too often, just look at Mayweather. Also, remember, that when Klitschko fought Lewis, Lewis took that fight at about 6 weeks notice, wasn't in shape & was at the very end of his career. Lennox is an all time great.

Luke (24 Posts) on Tue 28-Jul-2009:

To say Lennox Lewis has a glass jaw is a bit of a joke. True in his 2 losses he got knocked out, but apart from that I don't remember him getting put down apart from his two losses, which he obviously then went on to redeem by KO. In boxing, but most apparent heavyweight boxing, one clean punch from an 18stone man on the whiskers can knock most fighters out.

In regard to the Klitschko fight, an old Lewis took all of Vitali's clean shots and Vitali had something like 35/36 wins by KO, the highest KO ratio out there!

Khan does have a bit of a dodgy chin though, and also David Haye...although it remains to be clearly clarified whether he will be able to take a punch when hes not struggling to make weight. Diego Corrales (RIP) had a suspect chin also which made him such an exciting fighter.

David Tua, Shane Mosley, Mickey Ward and Evander Holyfield had awesome jaw bones.

Johnboy (58 Posts) on Thu 30-Jul-2009:

When I think of phrases like "anvil-jawed" or "concrete chin" I always equate those with being at least one full notch above simply being able to take a punch. The guy in question should have a skull so tough that eating punches counts as part of his ring generalship.
So, keeping that in mind...
Marvin Hagler is the guy who brought us the dictum that in a battle of punches, it is the guy who catches best who wins. "Destruct and Destruction" was a hard man to hurt.
Ray Mercer had a chin so tough that, in his prime, he ate Lennox Lewis's best shots, and Evander Holyfield could only drop him by busting his ribs (and not his head)!
In his prime, Julio Cesar Chavez also had an outstanding chin.
George Chuvalo's durability was legendary.

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Mon 3-Aug-2009:

Mercer and Hagler Ali are 3 could calls mentioned....

3 other ones I have noticed mentioned Larry Holmes.... although there was no one even close to him to test him in his prime.

Waye “Pocket Rocket” McCulough had an amazing chin..... if that lad had a bit of power he would of been a great.

Last but by know means least the often over looked great.... The Body Snatcher Mike McCallum (he managed to go 12 with RJJ when he when he need a stannah stair lift to get into the ring.

I agree with other newer post about Lenox Lewis - He had a great chin - on both his stoppages he got up and had a agrgument to fight on !  Also nothing wrong with Tyson's chin he could take a great shot in his prime.

matty boy your spot on about mundine.... He is gun shy.... Blown away early in his career until his parking ticket was up ... since then he has got on his bike when it gets nasty..... He ran down to middlewieght rather than fight Kessler again even though he was in line for a world title shot !! PMSL.... and he calls himself the man. Anyway the joke fighter does not even deserve to share the same web page as these great fighters.

Linden (11 Posts) on Fri 14-Aug-2009:

I can hear groans from Johnboy as I write this but . . . . apparently (and I'm not absolutelty certain about this - I'm willing to be corrected) but I hear that Oliver McCall has never actually been dropped (even in sparring).  I'm pretty certain it's never happened in a fight. 

Johnboy (58 Posts) on Fri 14-Aug-2009:

Not at all. The man could clearly take a punch. Whether he had a cast iron jaw... has McCall ever taken a clear, big shot from a major puncher and gone unfazed? Or nearly so? That is the hallmark of a cast iron jaw.

TheBrownBomber (4 Posts) on Sat 15-Aug-2009:

For the granite chin department I go for Ali who took whoopings in and over his prime from the likes of Norton, Frazier, Holmes etc. and miraculously managed to stay on his feet. Forementioned Ray Mercer, and lets not forget James Toney, who took the big punches in something like every division. For the glass jaw division; KO or being KO'd Herbie Hide -who looked always scared against every opponent altough he could KO them easily- and one of his opponents (and many great fighters who wanted a quick and easy win) Conroy Nelson. But he wasn't a real contender of course.

Reevo (8 Posts) on Sat 22-Aug-2009:

Best jaws:  ****ey, Norton, Duane Bobick

Worst jaws: Ali, LaMotta, Chavez

Rag Time
Rag Time (20 Posts) on Sun 23-Aug-2009:

Hearns' weak chin stands out mainly because he was otherwise such a great fighter.

Ali had a great chin.

corley (8 Posts) on Tue 25-Aug-2009:

best jaws,lamotta,chuvalo,hagler

worst jaws,patterson,hide,amir khan

DBO (28 Posts) on Mon 16-Nov-2009:

Oliver McCall certainly needs to be revered for his chin. Marion Wilson, althought a trial horse, had one of the best chins in history.

Roberto Garcia was so talented, but he had a pretty bad chin and just could hold up against the elite. His skill was exceptional though and he's gone on to become a decent trainer.


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