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30 OCTOBER 2014

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Topic: FURY Vs McDermott (Robbery)
wardstar (55 Posts) on Sat 12-Sep-2009:

There must have been plenty of fury at Brentwood Essex after Mr McDonut (no pun intended John everyone no's you won hands down) was yet again shafted by probly the worst British ref of all time. Firstly credit to Tyson for staying the course and showing his mettle in a grueller, as he is only a 8 fight novice and a young man, trust me he has massive potential and with a few more fights will at very least will become British champ and maybee a whole lot more, i gave the kid massive respect cos 9 out of 10 novices his age would have folded after 4 or 5 rounds and that would have been the end of em, but in defeat/victory he showed great will and determination and that in boxing terms can't be bought, you'v either got it or you havn't and Tyson Fury definatly has it.
Now onto John i couldn'd get a decision if me old man was the ref and the ref wasn't taking a back hander McDermott, what has the guy got to do to get a decision, in a just and fair world he would be British champ with 2 defences under his belt and looking at a European title fight, but thanks to ref Larry, Stevie wonder, give anyone a decision for 10 grand oconnell, McDermott is now resigned to rebuilding his career, cos trust me, Tyson Fury will not be giving a remach in the next 12 months, thats a cert. The ref should have his badge/licence taken away because what he did was nothing short of fraud, the fight in my eyes wasn't even close 7 round to 3 McDermott, Fury showed grit and mettle, McDermott showed Fury the tast of leather repeatedly. The cleaner more eyecatching punches from McDermott and the punch stats had him well ontop so how come the only person in the arena that matters dosn't have McDermott infront? makes you wonder. Anyway thats my 2 bobs worth so i will leave on this note, Tyson Fury one for the future definatley, John McDermott the peoples champion of Great Britain, TRUE.

wardstar (55 Posts) on Sat 12-Sep-2009:

Sorry for the mistake, the ref for the Tyson fury - John McDermott fight, it was Terry stevie wonder take a back hander for 10 grand O'Connell and not Larry stevie wonder take a back hander for 10 grand O'Connell!

wardstar (55 Posts) on Sat 12-Sep-2009:

Sorry for the mistake, the ref for the Tyson fury - John McDermott fight, it was Terry stevie wonder take a back hander for 10 grand O'Connell and not Larry stevie wonder take a back hander for 10 grand O'Connell!

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Sat 12-Sep-2009:

A dark night for British boxing.....

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Tue 15-Sep-2009:

Just hope lessons are learned and more than 3 judges are used for English title upwards.
More judges = harder to fix fights.
Boxers have such a quick amount time to make there money and get out and I feel for McDermott who had a big chunk of his future earnings robbed from him, because lets be clear on this.... the outcome of this fight could not of been a error of judgement.

nugget (4 Posts) on Tue 15-Sep-2009:

I wonder if there was a 'betting in running' scam going on here from the Fury camp. Fury's odds were rocketing during the fight, because after round 9 there was no way Fury could win without a knockout, and he had shown no ability to deliver that. I went to have a bet myself on Mcdermott going into round 10 (at odds on) but LUCKY FOR ME Bluesq weren't doing betting in running on the fight.
Perhaps we honest fans should introduce spread betting on the difference between the bent referees score and the TV judges score?

swabez (1 Posts) on Thu 17-Sep-2009:

with decisions like the other weekend ya can start to see why a lot of fight fans are heading towards the u.f.c etc......knock out or tap out and if it goes the distance i personally haven't seen a bad decision yet.

that said i do commend fury on his will to stick at it and not jump on the floor because its not going his way.
my sympathies go to john, I've had some...lets say questionable decisions against me but never any thing so blatant as that.

respct to both men.

The Wolf
The Wolf (3 Posts) on Thu 17-Sep-2009:

Wardstar - you have managed to get the referee's name wrong twice! It was Terry O'CONNOR, not O'Connell! Try getting the facts right, before hurling accusations.
Of course the decision was outrageous - I thought Fury won three rounds at best. However,
a. British referees have a reputation as the fairest in the world, and the BBB of C has extremely high standards.
b. I can't recall ever before seeing Mr. O'Connor involved in anything as questionable as this.
So your accusation of bribery is idiotic.
My "charitable" view is that it was down to the difficulty of a referee having to score while keeping control of a rough and unruly fight - combined, in this case, with being influenced by a preconceived notion of who was "supposed" to win.
Hopefully, this will be the final straw, which persuades the BBB of C to join the rest of the world and start using judges, and not only for British title fights.

wardstar (55 Posts) on Sat 26-Sep-2009:

Appoligies for for getting Terry O'Connor's name wrong twice!!It was totally inept, unlike the scoring of the fight, which was totally corrupt.

mcboxing (4 Posts) on Sun 27-Sep-2009:

I thought mcdermot had it by two rounds. which fight was the ref watching? I bet terry o'conner is out buying himself a brand new jag by now, what with his extra bit of cash in his back pocket cos he must have been paid to make the decision that he did. first of all calling the fight a draw would have been open for argument but o'conner had fury up by 2 or 3 rounds wtf!
Mcdermott won that fight and he will prevail in the rematch

robbiemagic (12 Posts) on Fri 2-Oct-2009:

Not sure what you lot are on about! Yes Fury did well to stand up for the whole fight; yes it was a very poor bit of refereeing. NO Fury is not a contender - not from what i have seen so far - less potential than Audley, very little upper body movement and not heavy handed. Hope i am proved wrong but this kid is going nowhere, mark my words.


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