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27 NOVEMBER 2014

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Topic: The Super Six
Marra (21 Posts) on Mon 5-Oct-2009:

Would like to hear peoples comments on whether they think the super six is the way forward in boxing. Is creating a Champions league event good for the sport ? Is the set up right i.e. why only 3 fights each, why not fight all five fighters ? and last who do we think will walk away with the prize ?

boxin fan
boxin fan (6 Posts) on Mon 5-Oct-2009:

I do understand the reasoning that this is the way forward for starters for this first series has got worldwide publication for these six fighters in particular. I believe if we had unification of all major sanctioning bodies so there is one world champion at each weight then match up fights on a ranking basis then the best fight the best rather then promoters deciding who fights who, knowone should get an easy ride as a world champion a world champion should be a world beater take on all comers and if you lose you lose with dignity.

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Thu 8-Oct-2009:

Great post Marra !

I think the super 6 is the best fighting the best. I think it will bring some much need interest back to the sport. To many champions been driven by $$ and not the desire to be the best at the weight.

World champions from one organisations dont even rank other world champions at the same weight.... somone tell me how thats good for the sport ?

No one will have a easy run to a world championship on this one with several world champs and ex world champs throwing their hat in the ring.

Kessler is my pic - I was luck enought to be ringside to see him in a great scrap with JC.

Great defense - great boxing and hand speed - and boy can he bang ! the most avoided fighter in years.... This super 6 will make him a world Star !

74Big Al
74Big Al (6 Posts) on Sat 10-Oct-2009:

Hi there Marra,

My understanding is that all 6 may fight each other. and that losers of initial bouts could face each other as well as its all going on a points system. I may have misunderstood though! Mind I can't imagine someone the Carl 'The Grasssnake' Froch wanting to have five defeats on his record. He might get lucky against Dirrell but he is out of his league with the rest of them (even Taylor would not make the same mistake twice). My pick would also be Kessler, but a dark horse for me will be Arthur Abraham, untested at Super Middleweight but heart of a lion and can definitely bang!

Marra (21 Posts) on Fri 16-Oct-2009:

Believe the set up is as follows:

Each boxer will fight three bouts against different opponents in the Group Stage— round-robin, points-based competition

Points will be awarded after each bout. Scoring is as follows:
Win — 2 points (with a 1-point KO/TKO bonus)
Draw — 1 point
Loss — 0 points

Following the Group Stage, the top four point scorers qualify for the Semi-Finals with the bottom two eliminated (In the event of a tie on points, a tie-break mechanism is in place)

Semi-Finals will match the point leader against the fourth place fighter and the second versus the third in single-elimination bouts (In the event of a draw in the Semi-Final bouts, a tie-break mechanism is in place)

The winners of the Semi-Final bouts advance to the Final.The winners of the Semi-Final bouts advance to the Final

Agree that Kessler is the main man to beat in competion, and that AA could be the dark horse. Think the comments about Froch are a little green, though i admit to knowing nothing of The Matrix, and Ward. However Froch is the champ and didn't win that by being a poor fighter...yes he fight mostly with his face but has yet to be knockout, and in order to knock him out his opponent is gonna have to take alot of punishment himself. Whether Dirrell can do that i hinestly don't know. As for Taylor this his last chance saloon, never mind a rematch with froch i think AA is gonna stop him, the man just can't make it past 10 rounds anymore.

i could be patriotic and say i hope froch wins overall, but i really hope Kessler does as it will finally put him where he belongs at the very top, i'm hoping he proves he doubters wrong and shows the world what he is capable of.

Johnboy (58 Posts) on Fri 16-Oct-2009:

I wrote a preview for the Dirrell vs. Froch and Abraham vs. Taylor fights, which you can read here. This is my current 168 lbs Top 5 list.

Johnboy (58 Posts) on Fri 16-Oct-2009:

As for issues regarding the format, I think having having each boxer fight the other five would take too long. This tournament will probably run into 2011, assuming it holds together long enough to reach completion. A lot can change over the course of a year and a half.
The format will provide a rich enough depth as it is. A guy who makes it to the end might very well fight all five, and if he doesn't it means he will be in at least one rematch.

Marra (21 Posts) on Sun 18-Oct-2009:

Qoute " i think AA is gonna stop him, the man just can't make it past 10 rounds anymore"

Well he lasted 12...almost :-)  14 seconds to go and a case of Deja Vu for taylor....though once AA got going and taylor being docked a point he wasn't gonna win on points anyway. It looked a heavy knockout too...think the next two fights for Taylor wiill be like standing at the bottom of Everest looking up, almost sure Taylor wiill call it a day after this competition.

The Dark Horse just got darker.....

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Mon 19-Oct-2009:

What a great weekends boxing with the Super six !!


We just got 2 back to back fights that would have taken ages to come off knowing boxing politics


(Froch fighting No1 unbeaten contender..... and stay at home JT off the back of a last round Ko jumping in with the late round stoppage specialist AA in his backyard !!).


This must of hand some of these fighters’ handlers cringing when this draw was made but I think it’s great for boxing and has got everyone talking again.


I think a lot of fighters who are not in the Super Six will be on the outside looking in at the media/fan interest with green eyes. Fact is if you want headlines you have got to prove you’re the best at the weight not dance around been managed around hard fights through their whole careers like Sven Ottke for example was.


Fair play Marra for calling the late stoppage hope you had some cash on it mate. I thought JT might be in big trouble against such a solid late finisher. I cannot see many of the other fights he can win now of the SS as it looked a second back to back heavy KO and its will take its toll on his confidence and his whiskers.


Froch fight was a lot harder to call - a lot of people were writing off the Brit as his footwork is poor and his defence is not the best. He also tends to walk forward in straight lines and get picked off on the way in. That said he has got a great chin, solid engine, and can bang. So as Marra called if anyone is going to beat him they are going to know they have been in a fight at the end of it.


Froch now fights Kessler in a world unification fight.... Again.... Could you imagine how long that would take to arrange with the all the crappy politics !! Great for the fans and the sport ! I think this will prove a bridge to far for him as Kessler hold the same natural advantages as Froch (strength and chin) but he has a good defence and is underrated as a boxer.


Jonboy read your read up of the fights... Good stuff.. I think a chance for a Stinky hometown decision was never on the cards. World title fights in held in Britain are very nearly always fair. I just wish more top Americans make the trip across the pond. They will get a fair roll of the dice !

wardstar (55 Posts) on Sun 25-Oct-2009:

Call me crazy but i fancy froch to win the whole dam thing. I think froch is prepared to walk through walls to win it, he may be crude at times but you'v got to give him credit for his machine like perseverance and toughness, sure the fight with Direll was close but i want to see what the others do against Direll, Direll reminds me of Bernard Hopkins on speed, quick slick and a great defence. Froch KO 10 Kessler, Abraham looks a good fighter to so it will be great to watch it unfold (on ITV a week later!)

Johnboy (58 Posts) on Tue 27-Oct-2009:

Dirrell didn't outbox Froch by the margin I thought he would, but I'll chalk that up to inexperience. He still outboxed him. It was a close fight, I though Dirrell won it, but Froch was the champion and Dirrell's job is to take the title from him. That said, the referee was clearly biased. I mean, seriously! I don't like clutching and holding that much either, but Froch responded with wrestling and rabbit punching. Deducting a point from the guy who is fouling the least? It's disgusting.

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Tue 3-Nov-2009:

Come on Johnboy Dirrel made this a messy fight with some real negative stuff.... Dont get me wrong I love watching defensive counter punchers. I dont expect him to stand infront of Froch and trade because he would give away his advantes but he was the one running and spoiling.

He only tried to compete in the later stages. His owner corner admit if he had dont that from the start he would have won the fight. As he he had much more luck in the later stages.

As I said World championshipt fights are nearly always fair in the UK. Unlike some other coutries I could mention or southern states for that matter....


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