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23 NOVEMBER 2014

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Topic: hopkins-v-calzaghe
James20 (5 Posts) on Wed 16-Apr-2008:

just wondering what peoples views are on the big fight this weekend hoplins-v-calzaghe.
My honest opion is that hopkins will win a close fight on points.
im looking forward to this one come on b-hop

Chef (7 Posts) on Wed 16-Apr-2008:

If it's close Hopkins wins, maybe by split decision.

Otherwise I can see Calzaghe taking over, particularly in the later rounds.

Whoever finished stronger should take it.

It's also interesting to see that Cortez is the ref! Maybe Joe could swing and miss BHop and land a sucker punch for Hatton!

WrightKross (1 Posts) on Wed 16-Apr-2008:

I can't agree with you.  I've never been a big Calzaghe fan, but I've been impressed with his recent activity in the ring.  He's been the faster, more aggressive and tougher man in the ring against everyone he's faced.  B-Hop has been winning fights by virtue of his ring experience, using good defense, conservation of energy and activity during the last minute of most rounds to try to steal the rounds.  In Saturday's fight, it's not going to be the "wily old fox" versus "overanxious pup" scenario Hopkins has been working since the ODLH fight (and even before that).  Calzaghe is every bit as ring savvy as Hopkins.  I see him outworking and outhustling Hopkins in every round, and I expect a decent margin on the scorecards and a unanimous decision for Calzaghe. 

Aiden (11 Posts) on Wed 16-Apr-2008:

Yea i agree, i too think Calzaghe will win on a wide points verdict. Hopkins main attribute is his ring craft but i think Calzaghe matches him in this department and then some, i cant see Joe letting Hopkins bully him. Joe will out work him in every round, the guy is super-fit, he throws as many punches in the last as he does in the first.
The only concerns i do have are that Joe is obviously outside his comfort zone, fighting outside the UK for the first time and at a different weight, also his sparring preparations have been hit slightly as Bradley Pryce didnt get a visa. But i think that he has the mental attitude to overcome and adapt and his superior class will shine through and be to much for poor old B-Hop.

James20 (5 Posts) on Thu 17-Apr-2008:

With it being in las vegas is the reason why i can see hopkins getting the decision if its close. i was watching calzaghe in front of the cameras and fans this morning on tv and that is something calzaghe doesnt like he has never liked being in the spotlight, its a whole different exprience for him.
i just hope that hopkins can stay away from fighting dirty and that its a good quality fight.
if hopkins does win i can see him calling it a day, he will have noting left to prove at the age 43.

twosh (5 Posts) on Thu 17-Apr-2008:

I see Joe winning by a comfortable margin,his workrate and movement will surprise Hopkins,and i think Joe will be more comfortable at the heavier weight.What does intrigue me is whether Mr Cortez will allow "the home" fighter to hold and spoil,bearing in mind he never let Hatton lay a glove on PBF? My only concerns are, will Joe be overawed by the venue and the occasion? will he expose his chin by trying to impress the U.S. crowd,by trying to finish Hopkins?and will his notoriously fragile hands stand up at the heavier weight?

James20 (5 Posts) on Thu 17-Apr-2008:

Joe cortez does indeed have a major part to play in this fight and he has left all british fight fans wary after the hatton-v- mayweather fight when he kept stopping hatton from fighting a his usual fight game.
Hopefully cortez has watched that fight and learned from it and allows both fighters to fight with thier planed game.
if calzaghe gets in close and upsets hopkins i can see hopkins resorting to dirty tatics

Aiden (11 Posts) on Thu 17-Apr-2008:

Yeah, hope cortez has learned from the last fight, and will only get involved when needed.
Also, dont think calzaghe will be overawed by the venue, hes fought in front of hostile crowds before when he travelled to england to take on and beat Chris Eubank and Richie Woodhall in their back yards with the crowds heavily against him and fought veit in germany. Also hes used to huge crowds, think the kessler fight set an indoor event record fighting infront of 60'000 odds fans.

Blade (3 Posts) on Thu 17-Apr-2008:

I see Calzaghe winning by UD, although I don't think he can leave any doubts in the judges minds as to who the winner is.
I just see his punch output and boxing ability being too much for Bhop to deal with - I may even be audacious enough to say that I think Calzaghe could stop him in the championship rounds!
I don't think Cortez being referee is a worry, Calzaghe and Hatton are very different fighters...

Roll on Sunday morning!!

flash5555 (1 Posts) on Sat 19-Apr-2008:

Well based on Hopkins last performance against winky write which was abysmal.

All Hopkins did most of the time was hold and so did Winky.

when a boxer uses veteran tricks like this it usually means the fighter is well past his prime and trying to get by on his name.

Also when a fighter like Bhop talks trash the way he did. it means he is scared and no longer sure of himself.

calzaghe based on his last performances displayed great hand speed.

OK my prediction based on the fact that calzaghe did not knock out kesler and kesler was a super middle wight and this is fight is light heavy wight and barnard has veteran tricks to survive.[ Holding] etc.

I believe calzaghe will box his way to a very one sided decision[ maybe a shut out on some judges score cards] based on calzaghe's hand speed.

I also see calzaghe giving BHOP angles on his Punch's [ one way to beat a clincher like Bhop]

I think Bhop is way past is his prime. at 43 and although calzaghe is 35 himself, he has retained his hand speed.

words outside the ring do not create great fights, styles do. although worth watching, i do not invision a great fight

artie (1 Posts) on Sun 20-Apr-2008:

this one's for my boy J Prib. Overall, i was disappointed in this fight. I gave the decision to Calzaghe, 116-111. BH just wasnt' active enough and did'nt score when he needed to. As I write this, BH is telling max kellerman that he won the fight easily. Whatever. If he was more active, I believe the judges would have given him the benefit of the doubt. Not to mention the low blow nonsense. The last one.................come on. One thing's for sure. He's not a good loser, but I guess one shouldn't be if they want to be world champion.

Chef (7 Posts) on Sun 20-Apr-2008:

I didn't watch the fight live, but listened to it on the BBC. They had it for Hopkins due to the knockdown in the first.

I've watched most of it on YouTube and I have to say Hopkins used all the tricks in the book, which may have pissed the judges off a bit, particularly the below the belt stuff.

Looked like he pushed Calzaghe onto the floor in the first, which may have worked against him as if he had managed to keep Joe on his feet he could have landed another couple of punches and taken him there and then.

As it was Joe had time to recover.

Have to say Joe's father was brilliant in the corner - they should have just filmed him!

Aiden (11 Posts) on Sun 20-Apr-2008:

Yeah Joes father was instrumental. An absolute inspiration he was. I feel Bernard let himself down afterwards as well, it was almost like he was claiming victory on the basis of his first round knockdown, if only he fought half as well as he argues...

Aiden (11 Posts) on Sun 20-Apr-2008:

Forgot to mention, i also hope cortez joins him in retirement, that ref is a joke!

john boy
john boy (2 Posts) on Tue 22-Apr-2008:


MaximilianoHe (17 Posts) on Thu 24-Apr-2008:

I agree,
Calzaghe slightly won the match with 1 or 3 points.
Hopkins was not very hurt, but I saw him quite tired in the last rounds.
At the end, his age finally come up.
This was a loss for Hopkins but not a shame.
He is 43, still fighting at very high levels, he will be regarded one of the best fighters for sure.
It is enough.
He feels he was robbed, but he never admits a defeat, with Taylor he felt robbed twice, but they were close decisions, controversial at most, but not any robbery.

I will be disappointed if Calzaghe takes on Roy Jones, Calzaghe must face Tarver or Dawson, not going to America just to fight a couple of over 40s.

Sory for Joe, but I would like to see him against Dawson or kelly Pavlik and maybe why not go back to Uk and fight david Haye and become a cuiserweight champion.
That s would be really GREAT and enough to be considered the best european fighter ever.

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