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21 NOVEMBER 2014

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Topic: Arm Chair Boxers
tarris (4 Posts) on Sat 7-Jun-2008:

It never ceases to amaze me how the majority of arm chair boxers who have never boxed know who the poor and good fighters are. I know its all of a matter of opionion with me being no exception. But let me tell you, for all those guys who have never attempted this fantastic sport try it please............... i have been fortunate to take up this sport for the last 2 years and in this tim have gone from not managing to complete 3 mins body sparing to now eventualy managing to go through 2 2minute roads of open sparing with a excellent ex proffesional boxer. Wow what an experience that was, i train 5/6 days a week both boxing and kick boxing and yet i couldnt cope with the pace and stamina which was required. So my final thoughts be a boxer takes a lot of hard work, dedication and and i would never ever think anyone who steps into that ring as being a poor boxer mearly only one whos not quite as good as some others.
Your thoughts please

Squarepants (15 Posts) on Mon 9-Jun-2008:

it does take an enormous amount of dedication. i am a huge boxing fan and have bee sincewatching lloyd honeyghan as a 10 year old i particually enjoy fighting to and love nothing more than a good spar even if i end up with a bit of a pasting however it is the training why i am not fighting and can admit totally i just can't hack doing it!!! as tyson once said fighting is the easy part!! good for you with the training i hope you keep it up. have to admit when i see a guy who has been training his butt off get kncked out in one round i always think about the amount of training both physcally and mentally he has been through the dieting, the sacrfices to get knocked out in front of friends family e.t.c. and then go through it all again fo the next fight!!! ths is why boxing is what it is and why boxers get the respect the deserve.

SeanFo (4 Posts) on Wed 11-Jun-2008:

I'm not sure the problem is people knowing who the good/bad guys are without boxing but more not giving respect to every boxer... even Mr Audley!

People can judge a good boxer per se... if a boxer keeps winning against good competition then anyone can tell he is good.

But unless you've gone out for one more round when your heart is beating out of your chest, your lungs can't get enough air, your shoulders are burning and your legs can't move (and if you're me when your nose is bleeding all over your face and down your throat) then you can never truely know what a boxer goes through and how much respect they should be given regardless of their skill level.

Walk a mile in their shoes...

tarris (4 Posts) on Mon 16-Jun-2008:

Well it had to Happen........

2 Three minute Rounds

Started of relaxed on my toes ready for the expected onslaught. It wasnt long before the first of a sucession of hooks and straight jabs that reminded me of the previous weekends. However managed to get a couple of shots of myself and my guard seemed to be better than the previous week although not 100%. Felt little sick during round but keept going (had to because had a few spectators watchin) Ding Ding end of the round. In my corner i felt better than the previous week more relaxed felt i had done ok.

Round Two
Got caught almost straight away to couple of jabs followed by a good hook. This was the wake up call i expected.....thought of here i go again entered my mind. Tried moving and throwing shots from diff angles but only occasionaly caused concern.....Then at the minute mark it happened ,,,, a shot straight through my guard, felt my nose go and the inevitable feel of blood ousing out. One spectator i saw and heared said ohhh and turned away......had my nose been took of my face i thought? keept going on trying to jab and keep guy away. Few more shots coming in, my thought are cant stop keep pushing try to jab and push him back buzzer sounds for two minute mark his punches are easing ( think he feels sorry, this is gentle open sparing to acclimatize me) he looks and says keep going only the one minute to go......i try to keep positive keeping my boxing controled as not to let people see im hurting slightly.......ding ding end of the round, a friend jumps in hands full of paper towels to mop up the blood.
I climb out of the ring looking a little worse for wear, his comments ''welcome to the world of boxing''.
On my way home im thinking is it bust? whats the good lady going to say.....she thinks im mad. next day feel better although little sore, back at the gym tonite roll on next weekend '' lets hope ive learnt from that lesson''

oeerys (32 Posts) on Sat 10-Dec-2011:

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