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23 NOVEMBER 2014

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Topic: Margarito's Situation
Magus (2 Posts) on Mon 2-Feb-2009:

Mr. Hurley

In light of all the attention the media is giving Antonio Margarto and the Bad Wrap scenario. It should be noted that it is nothing less shameful than someone who comes to fight night juiced up on steriods. Sugar Shane Mosley had to audacity to say" I did not know I was INJECTING MYSELF WITH AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE. I believe anyone who uses a needle and then says duh? Is full of ****. And yet he got away with it. I for one noticed how Sugar Shane would come into a fight blown up and looking pumped for one fight and noticeably smaller for another. Steriods give you an enormous edge over your opponent. You can take a lot of punishment without really feeling it. Your stamina is enhanced dramatically. YOU GUYS want to slime a fighter for hand wraps you should equally slime a fighter for steroids. I look forward to reading this in one of your articles. Yell 

skanksta (5 Posts) on Tue 3-Feb-2009:

It's nowhere near as bad as dodgy gloves you clown. Plaster of Paris wraps are close to attempted murder.
I really hope there's nothing to this story.

Magus (2 Posts) on Wed 4-Feb-2009:

Your the only clown....CLOWN. Illegal is Illegal no matter what the situation is. Maybe you should improve on your grammar before replying.

lamby (1 Posts) on Thu 5-Feb-2009:

How are steroids not as bad as hand wraps?your strength and stamina are increased meaning you punch harder for longer,my opinion is they are on exactly the same level.

MattO' (4 Posts) on Sat 7-Feb-2009:

Cheating is still cheating no matter how you shake it up, but some forms are certainly worse than others. The Margarito nuthuggers are really clutching at straws with this argument: there's no way you can compare the situations.
Firstly, it's not beyond the realm of possibilty that Mosley actually didn't know he was being given steroids. Why? Because the line between legal and illegal performance enhancing "drugs" is becoming more blurred all the time. Every single professional sportsman takes some kind of substance to boost their stamina/health/endurance etc, and the question of what counts as going over the line is not an easy one. Countless sportsmen have tested positive for "performance enhancing" substances without even knowing why - often it turns out to be something as trivial as cold and flu medicine. Therefore by putting your complete trust in a conditioning coach you could plausibly find yourself in this situation.
Saying that you could literally see the difference in Mosley though on a fight to fight basis is absolutey ridiculous. The fights when he was supposedly "on" something were some of his worst performances and he looked no physically different to his other fights.
This doesn't in any way make the guy innocent or remove the dark shadow cast by the whole incident. But wrapping a hard physical object inside of your gloves - effectively taking an extra weapon in the ring with you - is a world apart from the Mosley scenario. Here there is no possible plausible deniability: if indeed it happened, then he knew it was happening, and he had every intention of causing his opponent serious harm. That is the difference.

Curtley (16 Posts) on Sun 8-Feb-2009:

I feel both are cheating and Steriod use and glove tampering should result in lifetime bans. However they are not on the same level and any fighter found guilty of glove tampering should be prosecuted for assault / GBH as one poster said you are carrying a weapon in the ring. I hate any sort of cheating but to put them on the same level is dumb!

skanksta (5 Posts) on Mon 9-Feb-2009:

Well I'm amazed anyone thinks they're equivalent crimes ! 
They are not.,_Jr.

As another poster points out, the line between legal and illegal stimulant is often blurred, technical and/or arbritary.

skanksta (5 Posts) on Wed 18-Feb-2009:

Magus, I must expose your clownery once more !
There are NO grammatical errors in my piece. None. Needless to say, you have made many. If you like I will point them out to you.

Don't worry, though. Poor writing is not as bad as steriod use, and 'nowhere near as bad' as the FAR MORE SERIOUS crime of wrap-tampering. So you're forgiven - forums need clowns !

wardstar (55 Posts) on Sun 8-Mar-2009:

Well i believe the raps on Margarito's were inserted with some sort of hardened pads and not plaster a paris as suggested, but never the less dangerous. I'v been a big supporter of Margarito's for a while now due to his toughness and determination, but now i feel all his past achievements are tainted due to this latest revelation. I believe all boxers no if a hand wrap is loaded/illigal or not so for Margarito to plead ignorance just dosn't wash with me.I believe his legacy is tarnished, just as Shane Mosleys is for his involvement with Balco and the admission that he didnt no the drugs he was injecting was illegal! The fact of the  matter is a cheat is a cheat but because boxing is run by theives and bandits money talks and cheats will always be welcomed back as long as they can sell tickets and generate sanction fee's. I feel sory for fighters who dont cheat and do things the right way and get nothing out of the sport, cos on a level playing field it may well have been different. But in life we all get what we deserve, so cheats who prosper in their boxing career's usually end up having a terrible time after boxing, so in the end it all evens itself out, so the moral of the story is this, sooner or later, one way or another, cheats always get whats coming!

jolas (6 Posts) on Mon 9-Mar-2009:

CHEATING IS WORK OF EVIL therfor we must tame the evil...........strip him the license.

michaelkan (1 Posts) on Sat 14-Mar-2009:

Magus you're wrong on this one. First there was nothing wrong with skanksta's grammar. Secondly, think about it. How can a fighter really get an unfair advantage by using stereoids? The weight limits in boxing naturally prevent this. steroid use causes weight gain. A fighter can only gain if he is moving up and fighting a naturally bigger man who will naturally have a massive advantage in any case.
It didn't do Vargas much good against Oscar did it? Maybe he had some extra power early on but by the 8th he could hardly hold his hands up.
plaster of paris wraps would have put Oscar in a coma by round 2 and Paquiao would never have had the chance for his moment of glory would he?

Steroid use is of course wrong but to use plaster of paris(or something like it) is the most contemptible, reprehensible and dishonourable thing a fellow pro fighter can do to another. I can't bring myself to look at Marguerito the same way again.


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