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29 NOVEMBER 2014

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Topic: Haye V Wladimir Klitschko where is your money going ?
Cestrian (82 Posts) on Tue 7-Apr-2009:

Well its the big one we have been waiting for......

Undisputed cruiserweight Champion David Haye looking to gate crash the heavyweight scene against Wladimir.

What will he Haye come in at weight wise ? 15 and half stone for speed and give nearly 2 and half stone away or bulk up to near 17 ???

Do we think Haye can get the big guy out of there ?
Or will Wlad hold off his foe for 4 rounds and then grind him down with that boring but efficient jab ?

My Gut feeling is a 16 stone Haye Ko him in 3 and get everyone talking about the big guys again.

So my betting tip is........Cover the first 4 rounds with a cover bet of Haye by Ko. For those who want to play on the safe side you can pcik him up for as good price as 9/4.

I don’t know how long his reign will be as he is also signed to fight his brother.....

Marra (21 Posts) on Tue 7-Apr-2009:

I really like the Klitschko's they are undoubtly the gentlemen of the sport and ever professional.........having said that i hope Haye rips Vlad's splean out and tares him a new **** to put some life back into the heavyweights.

With Vlad having a suspect jaw i think haye will steam into him in first 3 rounds to try and land the big one, but hopefully he will save some in the tank. If Vlad survives early on he may well gain the upper hand later on content to stay behind the jab.
Though if haye keeps his mouth going he might tempt Vlad into a bit more free punching to shut him up with a knockout of his own.

Haye's problem will be his weight, Vlad is much bigger than barrett and but haye can't afford to lose his speed so he has to get the balance right, he need to be at least 16 in my opinion if not a touch more but not to much to restrict his movement.

He has top nutritions working on his weight so should be in good hands, Vlad knows he gonna have the weight and reach advantage and just has to weather the storm and grind haye down.

I would put money on haye for the first 4, and vlad later on as i  can't see this fight going the distance as i think haye will go s**t or bust.

wardstar (55 Posts) on Sun 12-Apr-2009:

True to the comments above, both Klitchko's are gentelmen and fine boxers, but both would put a glass eye to sleep with there robotic styles and Ivan Drago type nature and military backgrounds (sorry guys, respect for being fine athletes, but thats as far as the respect goes)

As said above i predict that Haye will smash Wlad da bad, maybee not as early as first predicted cos Wlad is gonna be protecting the old chin like the crown jewels, but sooner or later he will be tested in the old chin department an no doubt he will fold faster superman on laundry day when he gets hit clean(you gotta love the paridy!) But Haye beware, first youve got to hit him clean, come into the fight less than 100% and you will get your pants pulled down and your ass slapped (no pressure!), and i will be the first to say sorry to russia's answer to the Kray twins and rip the ass out of you like a bad pair of jeans, don't FCUK it up you'v got a great chance of becoming a legend, gloryfying the Heavyweight division as well as giving the British fight scene some much needed life, charisma and i hope honesty (Liverpool echo arena show great example) Prediction Haye KO 10 (All the luck and love in the world to ya)


MM007 (11 Posts) on Sat 18-Apr-2009:

I gotta go against the trend here. I think Vlad will beat Haye easily. I like Haye as entertainment, but I think he is starting to believe his own crap. He has an ordinary defence, suspect chin and very suspect stamina. Vlad will jab him to death for the early part and then while Haye is tired in the latter, he will KO him. Obviously, Haye has a punchers chance but it's Klitschko KO 11 for mine.

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Sat 18-Apr-2009:

Great to get some different opions JeffSa1 - Funny thing is agree with how you described the fight happening only with his big brother.... (Haye signed to fight them both in a 3 fight deal) I think if Lewis could not shift him then i think Haye wont.

But I see Haye taking this one with the little brother because of that glass chin. Have you and the other Ozzie fight fans had much chance to see Haye in action ? I understand first hand that lot of British fights are not always shwon on Fox.

I think he will be a breath of fresh air to the world boxing scene. A huge cruiser weight that is fast as a super middle with chilling ko power. Slowly bulking up 2 stone as not to effect his speed.

I think the bigger he gets the better he will be able to take a shot. A lot is made of his Stopage loss to CT but if you get chance to watch that fight - you will see that Haye was a 6 round novice fighting a former world champion. He banged the crap out of him and had him out on his feet before he punched himself out and was stopped on his feet. I bet he looks back and think he learned more from the loss than if he got the stopage in the first.

MM007 (11 Posts) on Mon 20-Apr-2009:

Gday. Most of the boxing I get to see is on utube, except the big fights telecast at pubs. I have seen the Thompson loss and I agree he punched himself out. However he was blowing hard against Barrett and that only lasted to the 5th, he also kept his defence low. The Klitches are smart and I think Vlad will jab him to death for the 1st half and then power punch in the 2nd to finish the fight. No doubt that Hayes power could finish the fight at anytime.

For the record I like British boxing and followed Calzaghe all the way. I would like to see Katsidis smash Khan though.


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