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26 OCTOBER 2014

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Gambles (12 Posts) on Sun 23-Nov-2008:

I couldnt belive what I was seeing at the weekend with Paulie V Ricky fight...

Maybe I missed something out there, but why did Buddy Mcgirt stop that fight...

I feel sory for Paulie having a TKO loss on his record... He got rocked in the 2nd round and was loosing clearly but hey... He wasnt exactly getting beaten up.. He was just loosing... This is a guy who fought on wid a broken jaw in the Cotto fight and was down a couple of times and was tough enough to hear the bell...

Over the past weeks, we have seen Roy Jones take a beating with a bad cut over 12 rounds. Pavlik take a beating over 12 rounds and both of those guys took some heavy shots..
Neither of those fights got stopped and I was watching them feeling sory for these guys...

However Paulie I didnt feel sory for, alright he was loosing but not getting beat up!!!

I've never seen anything like it before in a world title fight

Did Buddy Mcgirt have money on a 11th round TKO for Hatton????

The Kaiser
The Kaiser (2 Posts) on Mon 24-Nov-2008:

I admit that I was fairly shocked when McGirt pulled Malinaggi out of the fight, but I think I understand why he did it.

1.Paulie had no chance of winning the fight, not even a punchers chance (as he seems to have the dig of a 12 year old girl).

2. Paulie wasn't competitive in the fight, he was purely in survival mode from the second round onwards...... his best tactic was ducking under Hatton's armpit inside.

3. Paulie wasn't fighting to instruction; McGirt was telling him to fight on the outside and to work the jab, in and out etc etc, but Paulie did none of this after he felt Hatton's power in the first round.

4. It was becoming a bit of an embarrasment. Paulie had come into the fight talking a good game and McGirt and DiBella seemed to have genuine confidence in their fighter having the style to beat Hatton. He ended up being nothing more than a spoiler, using his speed and tricks to avoid taking too much punishment. But at the same time landing absolutely nothing.

In summary; I think that McGirt had seen enough. Paulie had no chance of winning, he was getting tagged with slightly more regularity so McGirt wanted to save him from further punishment, and McGirt was sick of seeing his fighter go out every round in survival mode and not fight to any sort of instruction.

Gambles (12 Posts) on Mon 24-Nov-2008:

u kno what its a classic case of the trainer being bigger than the fighter.. That would have never happened with a super star of the sport. Like Oscar or Roy Jones Juniour...

Like i said Pavlik was gettinjg his ass wooped against B Hop, but the towel coming in... Please

U got to look at past fights and allot of them not even world title fights... even allot of Roy Jones fights where the opponents were not even competitive in title fights have gone on.

I hear he werent following instructions, but how many fighters loosing fights APPARENTLY are???

So if your fighter aint doing as he is told and aint getting hurt u stop the fight??? Never heard of it and dont wanna see it happen again... Rubbish

robbiemagic (12 Posts) on Mon 24-Nov-2008:

I agree with all the comments to some degree. Unusual for the towel to come in at that stage in a fight - lets not forget it wasnt the refs decision so you are never gonna get consistency. However in another way i agree that there was nothing left in the fight apart from a fairly dangerous knockout - Malignaggi offered nothing throughout the fight (and his record does not indicate he would have scored a ko in the later rounds, even if he had dominated which he hadnt) and got caught with some lovely shots from Hatton, who under Mayweather tutilage has finally started to move his head and improve his footwork. I was impressed with Hatton and surprised at how poor Malignaggi was.

j25wales (4 Posts) on Mon 24-Nov-2008:

i agree was strange that the towel came in.BUT kelly pavlik has the punch to knock some one out late as does roy jones thats why the towel never came in for them.paulie couldnt crush a fly if he swatted it.BUT they could have left the fight go on the only thing paulie was dissapointed with was i goes as a stoppage on rec.wernt worth 15 quid either

DeuceBigelow (5 Posts) on Tue 25-Nov-2008:

I wasn't particularly suprised.

1) Paulie would quite possibly fight to the death, he is so brave! So he needs protecting.

2) There was no way Paulie could realistically win

3) Paulie wasn't responding to McGirt's requests

Ricky was sensational, I am thrilled that he has silenced the naysayers who seem to jump ship as soon as a boxer puts in a bad performance.

Gambles (12 Posts) on Tue 25-Nov-2008:

I agree with allot of what has been said.. Like Paulie was never gonna score a knockout or win for that matter in the last round...

But when you look at it from a fighters point of view, we are fighters, dats why we do this sport. And no fighter wants his corner to do that in a world title fight.. In the 11th round...

Just felt like Buddy bullied Paulie that night because he is young and isint bringing in  big money... If it was someone else out there (a superstar in the sport) that fight would have went on....

History has showed or even recent fights. That big fights dont get down like that...

Woods V Jones
Tarver V Woods
Calzaghe V Lacy
Calzaghe V Jones
Hopkins V Pavlik
Jones V Trnidad
Even Danny Williams fought wid a dislocated arm against Mark Potter
Lennox V Tyson

The List goes on, pleanty to pick from...

easy (2 Posts) on Thu 27-Nov-2008:

*Paulie wouldn't fight..the most aggression i saw from Mallinggi was when he pushed Mcgirt after the fight..if he didn't want it to be stopped,he should've stopped holding and fought.


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