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25 OCTOBER 2014

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Topic: Hatton/Mayweather Predictions
Spud Woollatt
Spud Woollatt (5 Posts) on Thu 6-Dec-2007:

Who do you think will win the fight?

Spud (21 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

Really want Hatton to win - but I think Mayweather is a truly exceptional talent - so, to be honest I think Mayweather possibly as early as the 4th round. This fight is all about who takes control early - it has to be - therein lies Hatton's chance.

roberto1 (20 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

My heart tells me hatton my mind mayweather, i think that mayweather may be underestimating hatton, and if mayweather attempts to fight hatton off the ropes this could play into hattons hands however if mayweather commands the centre of the ring i feel it will be a bad night for hatton.

Lightsoot (2 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

If De La Hoya can push Mayweather close (I thought Oscar narrowly won) then I think its not beyond the realms of possibility that Hatton can go one better.

bobbyhu (2 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

i think hattons outworks mayweather , the guys like de la hoya and castillo were a little bit reluctant to come forward vs mayweather but ricky wont have that problem....mayweather doesnt like working at a pace , hatton does , i think hatton wins by 3-4 points

Spud Woollatt
Spud Woollatt (5 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

I think Hatton will be the busier of the boxers, it is in his make up to go full throttle.  But in all of his fights he gets caught, what will happen when he gets caught by a world class boxer like Mayweather?

drew (photo)
drew (photo) (6 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

want hatton to destroy him...but...i worry that mayweather, who throws a mean uppercut, might catch hatton on the way in.

i have noticed over the last few days that odds have shortened on mayweather winning it late on.  i got 50-1 in the 12th round, while it now stands at 28-1.

hoping for hatton in the 4th though.

jasonab (1 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

Having sleepless nights over this fight so put money on a Hatton DQ .

twosh (5 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

Floyd is an exceptional fighter,but both De La Hoya ,and Castillo exposed flaws in his armoury.When under pressure,Floyd fights on the run,and only throws single shots,i don't think this will be enough to keep Ricky off him.Had De La Hoya not run out of steam he would have won the fight,and in the first Castillo fight,i had Castillo a 4 round winner.To hard to pick at this point in time,so i'm going with my heart,Hatton TKO 10.

AlanVo (1 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

I'm going with Ricky. I think he'll be aggressive enough to get to Floyd and wear him down.

barryma (1 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

hatton looks in exceptional shape physically and mentally but i think mayweather will have all the answers

RobertVi (3 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

I think it's an easy fight for Ricky. He will win at least 9 of the 12 rounds. Mayweather will not be able to stand the heat and I think he may even retire on his stool at the end of the tenth.

RobertVi (3 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

I think Hatton will win easy on points. I think he will win at least 9 of the 12 rounds. Hatton really does have a chance of stopping him as well and Mayweather may retire on is stool at the end of the ninth or tenth.

kalbo (3 Posts) on Sat 8-Dec-2007:

I want Hatton to completely destroy ugly Floyd  :D

IMO, He can do it.  ODLH was competitive but wasn't focused throughout the fight.  Completely forgot about his jab in the last half of the fight and still had the chance to win it in the end.  When DLH was throwing, ugly Floyd looked liked he didn't know anything but to back up.  He didn't give Oscar the opportunity to hit him cleanly, and he didn't hit Oscar with anything meaningful either. 

Ugly Floyd will run for 12 rounds.  I'm hoping his scared butt will get caught.  Hatton eats him alive tonight.  :D

Spud (21 Posts) on Sat 8-Dec-2007:

Thought I would be changing my mind by now, but instead I am talking up my prediction even more in my head - Unfortunately nope should I say fortunately the last time I was like it was the Hatton/KT fight - said it would be over in 4 rounds.

Persuaded someone in the bookies today to cover his bet on PBF -

PBF - Round 4
PBF - Round 5
PBF - Round 6

The punter got some very attractive odds - in addition he put down some decent dough.

MarkAl (1 Posts) on Sat 8-Dec-2007:

final prediction! After deliberating for a week and watching footage of Mayweather,am i the only person out there who is not that impressed with Mayweather.Granted,i have only watched a few of his fights and these include the first Castillo fight which i thouht he lost and the VERY close fight with de la hoya.My only concern is that both of these fighters stood off to a certain degree and although both lost their fights would committing yourself in the way hatton does help or hinder him?.I go for a late stoppage by Hatton cica 11th roud.The very best of luck Ricky

JohnWh (1 Posts) on Sat 8-Dec-2007:

I quite fancy Ricky in nine, I saw a look in his eyes for tonights fight.

roberto1 (20 Posts) on Sun 9-Dec-2007:

as with Collazo Ricky seemed to struggle with truewelterweights

ReganCh (2 Posts) on Sun 9-Dec-2007:

Now that we know the real class of this division, we should take some time out to congratulate the classless, crude British "fan" who brought shame on themselves, Ricky Hatton and their country.  Ricky Hatton is a great fighter and a good man.  Only worse than his beating by Mayweather is the manner in which his followers conducted themselves in Las Vegas.  Of course, that was not unexpected by anyone familiar with low class, ignorant, English drunks.  Disgraceful!

ReganCh (2 Posts) on Mon 10-Dec-2007:

Hey, JOHN, did you "fancy" the look in Hatton's eye when he was lying on his back?

Rag Time
Rag Time (20 Posts) on Tue 21-Apr-2009:

I'd love to see a great fight, but I think Mayweather will win rather easily.


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