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27 NOVEMBER 2014

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UK Boxing

Topic: "Showing respect"???
The Wolf
The Wolf (3 Posts) on Sun 23-Jan-2011:

British promoters are adopting a very annoying trend from the US.
Last night, before the Jamie McDonnell v Stephane Jamoye fight, the MC asked the audience to stand and "show respect" for the National Anthem - but it's a pity the person singing it couldn't do the same!!!!
Some silly bint, dressed most inappropriately in a t-shirt and leather jacket, treated us to her own "interpretation", as I guess she would call it, of the anthem - or as I prefer to say, she mutilated it, altering the tune and adding meaningless noises between the words!
To me, this was a disgrace, and almost an insult to our own country! As a person who served my country in the armed forces for 28 years, I feel quite strongly about according the National Anthem proper respect; it isn't meant to be "interpreted", or turned into a pop song, but is meant to be a mark of respect to our nation. If it's going to be sung at all at a sporting event, then it should be sung properly and accorded that respect.
Please, promoters - either hire a "classical" singer to do the job properly, or else just stick to playing the tune!
( For the record, I definitely don't agree with the ridiculously outdated words of the song itself; asking an imaginary being in the sky to "save" the Queen hardly belongs in the 21st Century! It's high time we replaced it with something more appropriate to the modern world, without the "God" part. But until someone does that, it's the anthem we have, and should still be respected. )

wardstar (55 Posts) on Sat 29-Jan-2011:

@ The Wolf

LMAO dude, how about "Tom Cruise save our inglorious queen" But on a serious note mate respect to all the soilders putting their lives on the line in the name of peace/war. Peace x

Marra (21 Posts) on Thu 14-Apr-2011:

always prefered Rule, Britannia myself.
but i'm with you on the pop culture that seems to want to change it into something its not, what next rap version..sad times indeed

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Sat 16-Apr-2011:

Well put Marra - Rule, Britannia fires me up... God save the Queen is outdated (one of the very oldest national Anthems and it shows).

Question for you Marra .... As quite well known past British fighter yourself.... What would you like to come into the ring to now ?

Marra (21 Posts) on Mon 18-Apr-2011:

Ha Ha Cestrian, your the ex pat in OZ aren't you ?
How is mundane shaping up over there ?

in answer to your question I think i would like to enter the ring to:

There may be trouble ahead,
But while there's moonlight and music and love and romance,
Let's face the music and dance.

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Tue 19-Apr-2011:

I am from the Uk mate... And I do miss the level of quality at domestic level that you mixed at.
Here in Oz the best world class fighters go largely unrecognized and handful of over the hill B grade fighters get a lot of the money and headlines while grinding out soft defenses against old men.
WBA have crazy rule that if you become Australian champ you automatically enter the top 10 rankings…. Then if you just defend against nobodies without losing you find yourself ranked number 2
Then comes the craziest WBA rule… If the WBA world champ wins another belt he becomes a “super champion” and the WBA number 2 contender becomes a “WBA world champ”. That’s how Mundine has won his belts but you ask the average man in the street over here and he thinks he has won 2 world titles !
Now compare that to the route you had to take Marra…
Mundine is now going for his 3rd weight world title…at light mid Ryan Rhoads would destroy in five.

MM007 (11 Posts) on Thu 21-Apr-2011:

Come on Cestrian. You've got it all wrong. Mundine claims to have won 3 world titles. You forgot the prestigious IBO title the judges handed to him for apparently beating Geale. LOL. If we are lucky Mundine might get his wish and fight for that WBA Jnr Middle title. We can watch Cotto destroy him for good.

Back to the point of anthems, I agree that they should just be sung as originally intended. I have heard the Aussie anthem turned into a pop song and that singer was GIRT by disapproval. 


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