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24 NOVEMBER 2014

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Topic: Roman Greenburg
Spud (21 Posts) on Fri 7-Dec-2007:

I would like the management on here to answer some straight forward questions - I will keep everything boxing related.

I amongst many others am not happy with the progression of Roman Greenburg.  Unlike some I actually think he has talent but without being disrespectful in recent times he simply has not shown it - I put the onus of the blame firmly on the shoulders of the management of Greenburg.

I fully realise boxing is a business and because of this you have to protect your asset - but Greenburg is an intelligent man he will know when his opponents are mentioned to him that he will only have to train so hard and maybe just maybe he will be able to skip some sessions.

If Robert Waterman and Jim Evans severly tested Greenburg I remain convinced he would then be forced to show the talent people close to him believe he has.

On the other side of the coin - if the management put Greenburg in a test and he loses - taking the positive out of a negative perhaps that would be just the kick up the arse he needs.

I will say again - I feel I am in the minority - I honestly think Roman Greenburg is a talented boxer - but his performances in recent times look lack lustre and Roman seems to be merely going through the motions.

I realise this thread is not going to make me popular with the management on here but it has to be said.

Can anyone tell me what is firmly planned for Roman - put the hype to oneside and tell the boxing fans what really is going to happen to Roman.


roberto1 (20 Posts) on Sat 8-Dec-2007:

I think I am in a position to comment! I believe Roman has imense talent, the big fights are not being shunned by Roman in the last 2 year he has accepted numerous offers of matches against and including: Brian Minto, Vitali Klitschko, Darnell Holmes, Michael Grant and Joe Mesi unfortunately the fights have not materialised, then to compound matters for the last year Roman has been competing with a damaged right hand, 2 weeks ago the hand was operated on and Roman will not be back in the ring unrill March.

The plan is a warm up fight in March followed by a real test.

Roman may not be the best entertainer but he is a great boxer who has hardly lost a round against some credible opponents. 2008 will be his year and his opportunity to answer his critics but by the way he has a great many fans too.

Spud (21 Posts) on Sat 8-Dec-2007:

Thank you for replying Robert.

The problem I have, and a lot of fans would put it in a lot worse terms than me - is that so often you hear in boxing the promoters and the managers stating their fighters have accepted this and that - then the fight does not materialse.

Greenburg for whatever reason has become a focal point for what I believe in some quarters unnecessary abuse - but there are some fans who know their stuff who are also not happy with Roman.

I accept Jim Evans explanation that Roman in Heavyweight terms is a young lad and has to grow into the weight - but nonetheless I will give you an example when I saw Roman matched with Kendrick Releford in December 2005, whilst some may disagree I thought that was an excellent test - however I have been a tadge dissapointed since with the quality of opponent.

It is not often we get a chance to make comments to a fighters manager so I welcome your comments and fully appreciate if you feel I am coming across as negative.

I have had the pleasure of being in Roman's company on a number of occasions - he is a very intelligent bloke - but that intelligence I feel at times has trapped him into thinking he has been in easy fights thus the lack lustre performances.

I remain convinced the moment you test Roman he will have no choice but to get down to some good old fashioned work and that will be a good thing.

tarkanta (4 Posts) on Sat 8-Dec-2007:

here is my opinion and im sorry if it is going to upset you robert (i presume you are the robert waterman)

i have kept a close eye on the progress of greenburg, my biggest disappointment has been that he has not been tested against any credible british opposition, at least then we would know where the benchmark lies and roman will perhaps get some acclaim if he was to prove himself against a sprott or someone of similar ilk, and lets be honest robert, its a fight that would be easy for you to make, sprott is a gatekeeper for the european level fighters. so lets get it on please instead of plucking obscure foreign punch bags.

Gremlin (11 Posts) on Sat 8-Dec-2007:

For me there's one problem with Sprott (although I would like to see the fight) - which Sprott is going to turn up?!

He's very much like Danny Williams - they can both turn up in great condition and both train like potential champions, but they sometimes leave their brains in the changing rooms.

This makes fighting them a difficult prospect because you can't be certain what you're up against. A quality fighter should always get the better of his opponent, regardless of any mental inconsitencies they may have, but as Sprott proved against Audley Harrison, he has the power to take anyone out.

I think next year will be a big one for Greenberg, and a loss may actually be good for his career. I would love to see him challange some of the better fighters in the heavyweight division as I do think his speed and footwork can be very exciting.

I also think Greenberg tends to fight to the level of his opponent. He has had some impressive wins against guys the could have been very problematic, but not really impressed against guys he should have put away quickly.

It takes a good smak from his opponent sometimes for him to wake up!

I still think that narring injuries he will challange for the world title within the next couple of years and I would be suprised if he didn't win a veriosn or two of the belt before the end of his career, providing another Mike Tyson doesn't suddenly burst onto the scene.

Gremlin (11 Posts) on Sat 8-Dec-2007:

I also think the Greenberg is tacticly very good, and will settle for winning on points rather than try and knock a guy out all the time.

I do feel that occasionaly he will throw a series of combinations and be at a point where the opponent is there for the taking, then stand back and admire his handy work and let the opponent recover - he also is probably concious of the fact that while he's throwing his combinations he is vulnerable to a counter punch, which at this weight could be lights out.

I think a great fight for him in the next couple of years could be David Haye - they're a similar size, i.e. not big heavyweights, and have contrasting styles, but both with a bit of flamboyance!

roberto1 (20 Posts) on Sat 8-Dec-2007:

One point about size, Roman in good shape hovers around the 17 stone mark i feel that is substantially heavier than David Hay

roberto1 (20 Posts) on Sat 8-Dec-2007:

Sprott V Greenberg is a problematic fight to make they train with each other every day and are close friends furthermore they have the same coach Jim Evans.

So apart from not wanting to fight best friends which corner would JIm be in ?

Spud (21 Posts) on Sat 8-Dec-2007:


What about Audley Harrison?? Laughing

Sorry just being a bit mischevious!!!

nutrunner (1 Posts) on Mon 7-Sep-2009:

now that would be going backwards ,fraudly has got his hands full with the heavyweight challenge on oct 8th

gumbo (1 Posts) on Wed 14-Oct-2009:

The last fight that greenburg had I seen him in a night club 1 week before the fight, were he was seen to be drinking and smiking.
He hasnt been seen since
what a waste of time


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