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27 NOVEMBER 2014

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UK Boxing

ravelcarte (3 Posts) on Mon 17-Mar-2008:

Anyone got any thoughts?

Think it should be a straight forward KO in the 8th for Hatton, anyone heard what's likely to be on the undrcard?? 

Gremlin (11 Posts) on Mon 17-Mar-2008:

A good warmup fight for Ricky - should win comfortably. I would line up another opponent fairly quickly on the back of this and then another big fight towards the end of the year.

Would be great if the undercard was a british festival of boxing, maybe with Witter?!

ravelcarte (3 Posts) on Tue 18-Mar-2008:

Would be good to see Witter on the bill, but think hattons promotion company won't have him after his past comments.

If anyone heras any news on the undercard let us know...

MJones (3 Posts) on Sat 29-Mar-2008:

Should be a comfortable one for Hatton, although it will be interesting to see how confident he is in the ring.
He's normally very confident, but after being taken out the way he was by Mayweather I wounder whether he'll be hesitant in coming forward. If he gets caught, a couple of times, hi might lose his swagger, but let's hope not as there's one thing Ricky certainly is, and that's exciting!

gazzy3k (2 Posts) on Wed 2-Apr-2008:

I've heard that Gomez could be up againgst McDonagh also on the undercard , what a night that could be, much as i love  the hitman, the gomez v mcdonagh fight would be a real grudge match.

MJones (3 Posts) on Wed 2-Apr-2008:

That sounds like a great fight - Hatton should have a fairly straight forward fight, so it's good to see a decent fight on the card.

duranfan (3 Posts) on Fri 4-Apr-2008:

Just one comment FIGHT JUNIOR and stop your nonsense im sorry if Ricky wants to be the best at 140 then lets stop the arguments i respect Ricky but until he fights Junior then he can never allow himself to be consider a great at 140 .

gazzy3k (2 Posts) on Fri 4-Apr-2008:

Sorry but I don't see what Hatton has to gain from fighting Witter, except for a big pay day, which he really doesnt need, he aims to be the best in the world not the UK. Witter needs Hatton, Hatton doesnt need Witter.

duranfan (3 Posts) on Fri 4-Apr-2008:

I guess we are never gonna really find out if the Witter /Hatton thing will ever be sorted because when and if it ever happens one or the other will have been beaten badly or past their best so lets all agree to disagree Its sad because it would have been a great fight ,forget the money its about the same interest as say a Benn ,Eubank Watson etc I for one am a Witter fan but i do see it if they fought now as a very even fight and to me our sport as become too much about the Dollar /Pound we need more fights that are about ability and deserved chances than about hype and Alphabet soup

enlightenment (3 Posts) on Sat 5-Apr-2008:

This is a good warm up fight for Ricky. and one he should win comfotably over 12 or by late stoppage. But i wish he would stop calling himself the best at 140 cause he is NOT. beat the other champions like u did 2yr ago and unify which includes beating the current WBC champ@140 and the others then u can talk about being the best thing since slice bread at 140. In my opinion when junior finally sorts his management out and actually starts fighting the other champions himself, and stops waiting to ride on the RICKY HATTON HYPE MACHINE thats when he will start to get his respect, we ALL know he can proberly spark ricky in 3 rounds. But ricky is not stupid if we know that then so does he, fight. Juniors style is all wrong for ricky he would be walking on to counters all night, so i can't see it happening until maybe JUNIOR unifys and starts calling himself the best at 140!

wayno (1 Posts) on Sat 5-Apr-2008:

Hatton already breat and retired the dominant force at light welter.kostya.a wiiter fight would be a backward step,he would just out pressure him and break him.Floyd mayweather is just a boxing freak who is unbeatable so you can't really compare hatton's fight with him,plus at a heavier weight.

They will fight when witter beats a world class fighter and ownsa decent title.

hatton vs malignaggi after hatton beats lazcano.

deggy92 (3 Posts) on Sun 6-Apr-2008:

I wouldn't bet against Ricky fighting Witter eventually. Witter is pretty damn good but he's got a mouth on him and is pretty boring to watch. Though Witter is right to say it's a fight the Uk wants to see, I know I do!!
I think it all depends on how Rickys final lap of his career goes......if he brushes aside little known Lazcano (as he should) and his next fight is for a belt, and wins that, then I think he will defo fight Witter. Witter has THE belt and Hatton knows he could beat him. Witter has everything to gain, the money, the fame, the claim, the big fights, and most importantly Hattons scalp. You just know Witter wouldnt stop going on about beating Hatton if he did. Hatton has everything to lose, the money isn't important to him but I know if after all these years of name calling and ****ging off, i'd be gutted if i lost to Witter who is most certainly, a dangerous fighter. He could skip around the ring popping shots at Hatton for twelve rounds and do his best to dodge Ricky charging at him and win on points. We've seen him do that many times and he wouldn't think twice about doing it again im sure.
Basically, I think they will defo get it on if Rickys next few fights are decent and succesful, he just knows Witter can be a risky fight.
My prediction would be Ricky breaking him down in the later rounds (10th-11th) due to his sheer persistance, the amount of punches thrown and landed and Witter being not being able to run anymore. I think Ricky would have to take a lot of shots because when Witter is good, hes very accurate but how many times have we seen Ricky take shot after shot and just walk through them all, and probably off bigger punchers than Witter. He may have lost to Mayweather but he lost to the best who is probably at his peak who is a stunning tactition and a phenominal puncher. No shame in that!!
Im a huge Ricky fan, Living in the same town. it's hard not to be really, but I dont think Rickys being totally honest as to why he's not fought him yet.....

Squarepants (15 Posts) on Mon 7-Apr-2008:

i have to say hatton saying he won't fight witter cause of the mouth his given him, this is boxing its part of the sport muhammed ali wouldn;t have gotten a fight aganist anybody if that was the case. he should come straight out and admit it he's scared he has dodged witter for too long and this is another in a long line of poor excuses

Attritionist (1 Posts) on Thu 10-Apr-2008:

I agree that this fight against Lazcano is one that is put together to bring ricky back into the headlines. Lazcano is not a serious fighter anymore (well never really was) and its been a long while since his last fight. So Hatton fans dont go getting all excited by a hatton KO against Lazcano. 

 Before Hatton can go claiming to be the best in the world he first needs to prove he's the best in his island. I think a fight against Whitter is not in the best interest of his team and fans alike.

DBO (28 Posts) on Thu 10-Apr-2008:

Lazcano hasn't shown any weakness of beard up to this point. I think it's a clear for Hatton, but he has go the distance to win. Lazcano's biggest wins were over guys past their best: Johnston and Molina. He got schooled by Leija, but received a gift.

Squarepants (15 Posts) on Fri 11-Apr-2008:

you said Lazcano's career has been beating guys past there best, well so has Hatton!!! The Castillo he beat was a shell of a man and kostya tszyu weren#t that much better

I'd have more respect if he just admitted he was scared, You can't tell me a pauli magganilli fight is more appealing than an all british grudge fight aganist witter! Hatton has never made a defense let alone mandatory defense of a title (wbu and ibo doesn't count) and that is what truely makes a fighter defending your title and thats really selfish as he is not giving other fighters a chance i remember how much he whined when tszyu wasn't going to defend aganist him and now he refuses to fight the number 2 in his division in a no brainer of a fight as far as history in light welter goes this seriously effects his postion!

deggy92 (3 Posts) on Fri 11-Apr-2008:

The thing is....with regards to Kostya and Castillo, Hatton was made the underdog and Joe public said he would lose. He beats them and then there is none of the "f**kin hell well done Ricky", its, "the guy was a shell of his former self" or " he was past his best". That may be partially true but the people who say that are also the ones who should eat their words when Ricky's stopped them. Witter is a dangerous fight which Hatton will know. He may or may not be confident or beating Witter but it's still a big gamble because Witter is and can be, very good. I so want to see them get it on and I really do think he will too, if not for the money, then for Joe this year, Hatton to win by close points decision.

Blunderbuss (13 Posts) on Mon 14-Apr-2008:

The witter debate has been going on for years and there is only one reason why, because whitter keeps talking it up because he cant sell tickets on his own, thats because his fights are so poor and he needs hatton for a pay day and to get back in the usa's good books after his shameful performance against judah.

However you want to rate hatton is fine, i dont think hes career is totally convincing but its a lot more convincing than witters. Tszyu and castillio may in your opinion have been shot but then even shot they were twice the fighters that de marcus corley and harris were.

The only question here is hatton is now fighting in the multimillion pound pay out league and is looking to put world boxing stars on his resume so when he retires he can say he fought the best.  Does junior witter fit that bill.

Everyone knows the answer dont they.  When witter has gone out and done what a de la hoya has done or becomes a draw like malignaggi is then a fight will happen.  Just because someone keeps shouting doesnt mean they should get a shot it should be based on what they have to offer and witter has little or nothing im afraid.

Squarepants (15 Posts) on Tue 15-Apr-2008:

the reason the witter thing has gone on for so long is because Hatton has continued to duck him over the years!!! Look like it or not Hatton has to take care of business look over the years lennox took care of mason and bruno, benn watson eubank and collins all matched up joe c took care of robin reid and david starrie and more recently haye vs enzo and haye who was moving up to heavy after mormeck still took the fight because his pride new he had to take care of things back home before he moved up in the same way witter doesn't want this fight for a pay day he wants it for pride and because he is a champion who wants to prove his best unlike the hattons who are completely money orientated.

As for malignaggi you say he is a bigger draw and more deserving of a shot ok 1. a all british showdown with witter is a much bigger fight creating much more revenue 2. more deserving witter is a british commonweath european and wbc champion with one loss a 24 notice fight aganist zab judah two division champion who is no mug. whilst malignaggi is most famous for the fact he managed to with stand an almighty beating from miguel cotto. 

look i'm not saying witter will beat hatton i'm just saying hattons BS is not washing one bit. If he really is a champion he'll take on the best fighter in his divison and that is junior witter not the best paydays. 

Blunderbuss (13 Posts) on Fri 18-Apr-2008:

Just because you are a witter fan dont let that cloud your judgement.  Do you really think that hatton v witter would make more revenue in america, be shown on us tv or be a good fight??

If you do, i'll let you into a secret it wont!! yes it will be a big uk fight but moneywise or legacy wise it will mean nothing in world boxing circles, witter is not an attractive fighter

Whether you like it or not hatton is in a different league (i dont mean ability wise) at the moment to witter and fighting him would be a step back, thats not saying witter couldnt beat him or isnt a better boxer because hes a spoiler and ricky needs people to fight him. id probably favour witter at the moment if im honest. 

But hatton is always looking for career defining fights especially since he left frank warren behind and is coming to the end of his career. 

Malignaggi in a packed Garden or riccardo torres will both be better fights than against witter.  Rate him or not mailignaggi is a star in NY, been in a movie and had one made about him, whereas witter once went in the craven heffer in Bradford.  its chalk and cheese.

But saying that i wouldnt rule out de la hoya or mayweather again for hatton

witters been his own worse enemy in his desperation for a big fight with hatton continually ****ging him off so hatton will make him wait, lets face it british, european titles mean nothing on the world scene.  its like you or me calling witter out every week what would he gain by fighting us when we have nothing to offer, yeah i know hes a world champ but so are the other two

expect rickys last fight to be against witter if hes still got a belt,

benn and eubank waited to fight each other and they waited longer to fight collins but one thing none of them did was fight nunn rickys already one up on them in that respect after he fought mayweather

Squarepants (15 Posts) on Fri 25-Apr-2008:

I'm not a Witter fan at all i'm a boxing fan and your love of hatton is clouding your judgement. i don't care about how much revenue it makes in America you seem to miss the point hatton is a boxer and should be fighting the best fighter not the best paycheck but  and no way is magglinani a big revenue fight on the whole than Witter that fight would be massive here.

you seem to be really blind when your talking about legacy, if hatton never fights witter that will hurt his legacy a hell of a lot more than if he don't fight paulie!!!! and you can not argue with that one

is hatton in another league?? he went up to the premier league aganist mayweather and got knocked out so does that mean he shouldn't get a rematch or get to fight the likes of mosely cotto e.t.c of course it doesn't. David haye could have easily have walked away from an enzo fight as he was moving up a weight and was in a different league too but being a true londoner he knew he had to take of business with enzo in what was a very very risky fight

Lol!! i can't argue with the frank warren bit !! however paulie magganlini is not a career defining fight is it!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on you keep going on about paydays and revenues then legacy well hattons going to have to decide which means more to him because fighting a guy whose sole career highlight was lasting 12 rounds with miguel cotto is not legacy making

hang on u british and euro titles don't mean anything on the world scene well a. they do b. what about junior witters wbc title you telling me thats nothing........

nah neither of them thought nunn nigel benn only took a volountary defense aganist gerald mcclennan!!!!!

look im not a witter fan in fact i watched the hatton mayweather fight for the first time since the night the other day and agree hatton was not allowed to fight cause of cortez and probably deserves a rematch however thats not till next year in the mean time he needs to clean up first

Aiden (11 Posts) on Fri 25-Apr-2008:

Thought id weigh in with my two cents on this one. I agree with Squarepants. This is a fight that has to happen, the public are begging for it. You cant have a conversation about Hatton without Witters name cropping up.
Witters' fought enough tough opponents in the form of Harris, N'Dou, Judah, Kotelnik, Corely to deserve to talk the way he does about Hatton. Hattons legacy will be damaged if this fight never happens, people will always remember that he ducked Witter.
I think that Witter has his number but would love to be proved wrong. If Hatton claims to be the peoples champ he should give the people the fight they want to see

grendal (1 Posts) on Sun 27-Apr-2008:

Craig McEwan, 10 (6)- 0, a Scottish boxer based in Hollywood and trained by Freddy Roach, is on the undercard. This will be his first pro fight in Britain and his opponent is likely to be British.

Squarepants (15 Posts) on Wed 30-Apr-2008:

i think blunderbuss has realised hatton is indeed chickening out aganist witter judging by his silence!!!

Blunderbuss (13 Posts) on Fri 2-May-2008:

lol No silence just havent been on the board didnt think there was any point repeating what id already said

and im no hatton fan probably the opposite i do recognise that he does put on a show, having seen witter live i know hes awful to watch

so who really wants to see this fight? a few people in england who listen to witters hype thats all, not fighting witter wont make one bit of difference to hattons legacy im sorry no matter what you think a rematch with mayweather, v de la hoya or malignaggi at the garden will all be bigger fights worldwide

whereas fighting hatton would be witters pinnacle, regarding witter he has fought a few tough opponents but thats it, perhaps he should concentrate on cleaning up the division first

as i hinted in my last post mailgnaggi probably doesnt in boxing credentials have more on the table than witter, the difference is that mailgnaggi will fill the garden and the fight will be massive for american tv and as a boxing event

hatton lost against mayweather but hes not going to step out of that level to drop down is he

its irrelevant either way now as hatton wont rush into giving witter a fight because of all the stuff he says its probably a game to him now watching witter sweat, in all honest they should have fought years ago but their management both ducked it

do you really think at the end of his career if someone says to him oh ricky you ducked witter to fight de la hoya, mayweather, cotto or a sell out match at the garden hes going to feel embarrassed about it

come on honestly do you?, like ive said if you really want to see this fight i suspect you will have to wait till hattons last fight

but i wouldnt get excited about it the fight will probably be a damp squib

Squarepants (15 Posts) on Thu 8-May-2008:

sorry i had you down as man city/hatton "boxing fan" i apologise

fighting paulie and lazano won't help his legacy either (although he is allowed a lzano fight to get back into the swing of things) but he is not fighting de la hoya or mayweather for another couple of fights and should take care of buisness, a witter fight in britain would be massive and i think he should want it as a career goal fighting in wembley in front of 100,000. though i totally understand him wanting to fight at MSG

mailgnaggi won't  fill the garden hatton will, but again so what about american tv he should be thinking about british pride and fight witter.

in fairness hatton went up the level and lost and has dropped back to witters level otherwise he'd be fighting cotto, de la hoya , moseley juan diaz e.t.c. not paulie and lazano

have to agree with u this fight should have happened years ago and it is probably too late now and will not happen unless hatton loses and even then i can't see it happenening and your right the fight will almost defintely be a damp squib.

no i honestly   don't think its a career ruiner not fighting witter i just think it will be a cloud that hangs over him. besides i have a feeling witters going to lose saturday night anyway.

personally i think hattons career has hit a bit of a brick wall as in there are no major players at his weight, theres some decent lightweights but are not moving up (probably because of hatton) and welterweight is definately been proved not a good idea for him so i think the question really is where does ricky go from here in his quest for greatness?

Blunderbuss (13 Posts) on Mon 12-May-2008:

Good prediction im sorry to say witter was his usual dull self and bradley just gave him some of his own medicine

if he puts that sort of work rate in against hatton he would be easily beaten so id stick to fighting at a much lower level if i was him

laczano is a thankyou for him allowing ricky to fight mayweather its nice to see a boxer keeping his word

as for malignaggi i think you totally underestimate his new york appeal, tim bradley brought his name up straight away as hes the biggest money at that weight

him and hatton would be a massive fight at the MSG

i dont think hattons career has stalled at all it had been stalling up to the fight with tsyzu and that when he got rid of warren, now hes going to have another 3 or so fights and pack in i expect

i think realistically the fight with witter is quite likely to happen now as de la hoya and mayweather will probably rematch and hatton will have to have another fight before either of them is available

so you may just get your wish but as i said before if will probably be another typical witter performance

cant see hatton being too bothered with anyone but malignaggi or torres at jw

nate campbell could move up i suppose but i bet hatton is looking more towards the winner of cotto v margarito as his final bow


BOMDOM (1 Posts) on Fri 23-May-2008:

TO: All the Hatton Nut huggers.
I am one of Juan Lazcano's sparring partners here in Sacramento (no bull****). If you guys think that this is an easy walk away tune-up fight for Hatton, you are badly mistaken. I think this is a terrible fight match-up for Hatton especially coming off of a loss. Juan is 3-4 inches taller, longer reach, naturally bigger, he definately hits harder than Mayweather and Hatton and is way more technical. Ricky is going to have to be very careful not to get hit with Juans big shots when he rushes in or it's night night Hatton comeback. Juan isn't a pitty pat slap and move speed boxer like Mayweather. Ricky cant afford to make the mistakes he did against floyd against Juan. Trust me. You will SEE. I am predicting Juan to knockout Hatton with quality power counterpunching and I'm expecting a late round upset stoppage before the 11th round. If the referee doesnt play a big role for Hatton, then guys, this will be an upset.

SeanFo (4 Posts) on Fri 23-May-2008:

Hatton is the natural Jr Welter... Lazcano may have the height advantage but he fought most of his career at lightweight. His biggest fight at Jr Welter was a loss to Harris. What makes you think he has the beating of Hatton? Cause he pasted your ass a few rounds?

Juan is a game fighter... he's tough but limited. He MIGHT punch harder than Mayweather but he's not got the accuracy.

Regarding Wittergate, Hatton stated this fight was for the fans and accepted a lower purse. Well the fans wanted Witter Vs Hatton not Lazcano. But to say Ricky is ducking Witter is a joke... he stepped up to Mayweather, nuff said.

Squarepants (15 Posts) on Wed 28-May-2008:

sorry about the delay bluderbuss.

well glad hatton never went down the road of i told u so when witter lost had some respect there for him. i missed the lazano fight but desturbed at the reports on paulie i think the best fight out there at the moment is bradley for hatton at the moment everything is positive about him the same cant be said for paulie and i think hatton will knock the crap out of bradley. with all the champions mandatorys out the way it should be a 4 way tornamount hatton v bradley and paulie vs koletik although i see it as a hatton koletik final and there wont be much money in that. i just would like to see hatton unify in the closing fights of his career as i think that will rubber stamp it!!!

Blunderbuss (13 Posts) on Thu 29-May-2008:

Hatton wont unify as the fights just arent big enough money makers, bradley has to make his name first, torres is a possibility

i think malignaggi will happen though for the reasons ive said before, he seems pretty certain it will as well

I see you are a bit of romantic where belts are concerned unfortunately that doesnt translate into good matches which is what ive been saying all along.  anyway lets hope whoever he fights they are entertaining, saturdays wasnt a bad fight

Squarepants (15 Posts) on Fri 30-May-2008:

yeah your right i am a romantic on the belts!! i just feel it would stamp his authority over the division plus with his powers on the wane i feel there three fights he could win!

yeah the moneys not there but what other options does he have? in an ideal world there are three fights i'd like to see him finish up on and all would be wicked fights and generate millions on millions

1st juan diaz ok he lost to campbell but him vs hatton would be a out and out war

2. manny paquiao providing they both win there next fights there is too much money on the table for the fight not to happen i'd like to see this one happen in the phillpines too and i reckon hatton does too

3. michael katadis ok not a big money fight as the other two but would be a big enough fight in aus and uk for this to happen. ok he lost to casamayor but his reputation actually went up

ok i know all 3 are lightweights but there his best options. one thing i can see happening and this will really annoy me is a battered and bruised and past it hatton getting smashed up by amir khan (warren has a great way of pickign the right fights at the right time for his fighters) and ruining his legacy saying that khan is an accident waiting to happen he is a chinless wonder and sooner or later he'll dump warren and fighting people with half a decent dig something warren has avoided and khan will be sparked.

Squarepants (15 Posts) on Fri 30-May-2008:

p.s. torres is a big possibilty your right but risk vs reward this fight will never happen. torres can punch!!!!


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