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28 NOVEMBER 2014

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Topic: David Haye's Prospects at Heavyweight
vagabond686 (4 Posts) on Sun 7-Sep-2008:

Eventhought as of the time of this post David Haye doesn't have an opponent lined up for his heavyweight coming out party, he injects some badly needed life into the division. How do you think Haye will do at heavyweight against the top guys? Will he become an all time great? Also, from a technical standpoint, will Hayes habit of keeping his left hand low with squared shoulders come back to bite him now that he will be facing heavyweights?

Chef (7 Posts) on Mon 8-Sep-2008:

Haye could do very well initially - he hits like a heavy and has learnt to keep his guard up and take his time since the Thompson loss.

He will struggle against s heavy with a good jab, but so few even throw a decent jab (Klitschko's and Valuev?) that he'll probably be OK against most of them.

He needs to focus on a game plan for each one he meets, as he's unlikely to be able to go out and just blast them out of the ring. The best mindset for me would be to imagine a re-match with Thompson - take your time and watch out for the counter.

If he does this he'll challange for a version of the title - could be a great last minute replacement, particularly if the opponent has been training for a large heavy!

ice cool
ice cool (1 Posts) on Tue 9-Sep-2008:

Hi to everyone. my own veiw is that haye could dominate the heavyweights easily. I meen come on ruiz against valuev just shows how poor the heavy weight division is. All he needs to do is keep the chin down and his power will do the rest and he's not scared to put fighters to sleep.

wardstar (55 Posts) on Mon 15-Sep-2008:

Whats happenin folks, just gonna give u my views on David Hay, firstly i totally agree he gives some much needed charisma and life into a bankrupt and boring heavyweight division.
I think if given the chance he would blowout Wladimir Klitchko suprisingly easily by KO (ala Alexander Gurov, ouch!)
Vitali would be a completley different matter (on past form anyway) as he has much better stamina , endurance and heart so i wouldnt be suprised if the elder Klichko wore him down and stopped him late, but Vitali may not be the same force he was so we'll have to wait and see what happens with him and Sam Peter.
As for the giant Valuev i believe people are underestimating him slightly due to his lack of a massive punch and athletisism (apoligies for spelling!) i believe valuev has a great jab and is suprisingly mobile for a big man and has decent endurance and given the size and weight advantage i believe he would give Hay problems.
Then theres Samuel Peter who admittedley i havnt seen much of so i cant really comment on him until i see him fight Vitali Klitchko.
Finally Ruslan Chagev, i believe he would give Hay one serious headache, as Hay preffers tall standup type boxers who let him load up (Maccarinelli & Gurov) and not short stocky strong types who stay on him and push him (Thompson, Frogmelli & Mormeck) Chagev would be all over Hay from the off, Chagev has decent speed, power and movement and is very effective on the inside, he is as strong as an ox and i believe he would totally outhustle Hay and stop him late on in a great fight. But that said hay has got one thing that could change a fight in the blink of an eye, la "Haymaker" and i dont care who you are if David Hay lands flush, the fat lady sings, simple as that, so whatever happens i'm behind David Hay all the way cos its gonna be a rollercoaster ride. As for the rest of the divisions prospects, Povetkin, Arriola ect... only time will tell. Peace

wardstar (55 Posts) on Mon 15-Sep-2008:

Sorry about the spelling of Hay i meant Haye! Lol

robbiemagic (12 Posts) on Thu 25-Sep-2008:

I agree with the above - its about time we saw some lighter fitter guys in the heavyweight division (lets face it it hasnt been the same since tyson blew it and he was a blown up cruiser).
My only hesitancy with Haye (a la Khan) is whether he can mix it when he is on the end of a big jab that wears him down - he is not the most patient of fighters - and these big guys have jabs that do hurt more!
Having said all of that I would back him to blow most away with his movement and power, he has a knockout punch that no man on the planet could live with however big.
He needs to prepare himself for some frustration though and if he does that and is patient he will dominate, get bored then frop back down a weight! And set himself up to be a successful promoter all at the same time - dont blow it dave! no pressure!

TROUTLORD (3 Posts) on Fri 26-Sep-2008:


wardstar (55 Posts) on Sun 28-Sep-2008:

Troutlord, you cant put muscles on a chin! Wlad Klitchko for all his offensive power, great jab and huge muscular frame is missing one thing - The ability to take a dig and stay upright. I believe Haye would walk through him to KO him early. Vitali is a totaly different matter. I believe (if he is still what he was) he would weather an early onslought by Haye and grind out a late stoppage over Haye in a great fight. Thats the point im making about Haye, weather he wins or loses hes gonna do it in style, and thats what the heavyweights need right now, some much needed excitment, cos right now, i couldnt handle seeing another Klitchko-Thomson, chess boxing match. But having said that i do believe David Haye will be a legitimate heavyweight champion just as Lennox Lewis was, he'll probly lose a few in the process, and like Lewis he will always have his doubters. Only time will tell but make no mistake it will be exciting all the way. Cant wait for the Barret fight (thats my point again hes fighting a fringe contender but the fight is gonna be exciting for the fans, people want to tune in to see what happens!). Although Barret is never gonna be a champion himself he should put up a descent FIGHT and make it interesting. Peace

wardstar (55 Posts) on Sun 28-Sep-2008:

As for Haye's chin i believe it will stand up when it has to. I believe the Thomson KO was more down to conditioning than him being chinny (hopefully a lesson learned!) and Moremeck can bang with the best.

Russ_J (2 Posts) on Tue 7-Oct-2008:

David Haye was a mediocre cruiserweight who had a hard time against even very small cruisers (e.g. Mormeck). When he meets a real heavy with even a modicum of talent he'll get smoked. He's just too small, frail, and psychologically fragile.

It's hard for me to understand why the boxing media is hyping him so heavily, he's an average fighter with an off-putting personality.

He doesn't have anywhere near the talent and ability of big heavies like the Klitschkos and he certainly lacks their innate star-power.

wardstar (55 Posts) on Tue 7-Oct-2008:

David Haye was a medeocre cruiserweight - That statement is laughable (you must be a comedien!!) He was the linear champion (the man who beat the men). Granted the early carear loss to Thomson dosnt look good, but the way he came back to demolish the best the division had to offer was pretty impresive. He may be small by heavyweight standards but i believe he hs the skill and the will to more than compete with the current crop. I believe that he will be a lagitimate heavyweight champion reguardless of his size (or lack of it). Only time will tell so lets see what happens.

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Tue 7-Oct-2008:

Haye cleaned up cruiser in 2 years and will be a force at heavyweight!


Point 1) Haye was a huge cruiserweight - much bigger the Evander Holyfield (Back then cruiserweight division weight was 190lb). Haye has to boil himself down to even make the new 200lb limit to make fights. He walks around between fights at 16stone!


Point2) Klitscko has been knocked out twice by smaller guys than Haye, who had a bit of speed and can bang. HE HAS NO CHIN OR DEFENSE!! Following these defeats he has become a much more cautious fighter. Content to just paw out the jab for 12 rounds even against slow light punchers…


Haye can now fight at what is natural weight - I expect he will come in around 16.5 (and he will get bigger as he get older) as not to affect his speed. He will be able to catch Klitschko almost at will. In short he is the worst kind of fighter for Wladimir Klitschko to face and he will take his head of in 3/4 rounds.....


I suspect the real fight will be a grudge match the year after with his brother Vitali. He was able to take full blooded shots from Lewis and fire back and it would make for a good fight.

DBO (28 Posts) on Tue 14-Oct-2008:

Haye should be working on HW fight number two with all the talking that's been going on. Monte Barrett is a far cry from facing a legit top HW as Haye promised, but it should be a quickie KO for Haye and get him to where we all want to see him. I think he gets stopped by Wlad easily, but want to see the fight happen.

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Tue 14-Oct-2008:

Not sure I agree with you - Monte Barrett can bang - he just Ko Tye Fields in 1 round live on national TV.  He has been a bit of gatekeeper for the top 10 at Heavy for some time, that said it would have nice to seen him in with a big name but know one wanted the fight.

I have a feeling he may be frozen out of it for a few years while the big names avoid him as the Kiltscho Brother make rubber stamp defenses for piles of £££ while never fighting each other.....(its going to be shocking for boxing)

I think the best fight for Haye after Monte would be a fight with Samuel Peters.... Haye would look even better than Klitschko at slaping around the lumbering heap. This would get him a top 3/4 ranking straight away. Downside he is a Don king fighter and King does not let you smash his guys without getting a option on your future fights...

agasante (1 Posts) on Tue 14-Oct-2008:

I find the David Haye scenario very interesting. I have watched him since the begining, and you have to admire the fact that a) he doesn't hang around i.e. wants the next challenge, b)he does learn from his mistakes (Carl Thompson .. what a fight). In watching him against Maccarinelli, he  caught Big Mac with some flush shots but did not knock him spark out, so I don't know whether Haye will have a true hayemaker (tyson style) at heavyweight or if it will be a quick number of concussive shots that will get the job done. Only time will tell with his next fight with Barrett whom I have not seen fight. Will the chin stand upto the heavier punches? Well I suppose you have to be in the position to get it, and to be fair Haye is very mobile, so if he can keep a high degree of mobility, the issue of being 'properly tagged' may not come up.
So we shall see, but I for one will pay money to watch the fights. 

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Fri 17-Oct-2008:

Haye V Wladimir Klistscho Jun 09 !

Haye Ko inside 5 !!! I will put my house on it !! He is made for him !! Slow, predictable with glass whiskers !! perfect...

Lukerich24 (16 Posts) on Sun 19-Oct-2008:

He will beat any of them except Vitali. When he went up Vitali was retired and I think Haye could have confidently said he would beat any heavy weigh, Chagaev would be very entertaining to watch against Haye IMO would be a great fight with Haye getting the late stoppage.

deano71 (2 Posts) on Sat 25-Oct-2008:

the haymaker will clean up the heavyweight division.vitali is the only one who will give him problems,but hayes speed and movement will give him the edge.sam peter was terrible against vitali,if you stand in front of the big fella he'll smash you to bits.haye's not gonna do that believe me,you aint seen nothing yet!!!!!

Claus Holmen
Claus Holmen (1 Posts) on Mon 27-Oct-2008:

He may bring something to the heavywieght divison.
But the talk about him landing haymakers, knocking out opponents at heavyweight makes me wonder how a boxer like Lasse Johansen could last 8 rounds against the next heavyweight sensation and someone called Fragomeni lasted 9 rounds ?
He was sensationel knocking out Gurov in the first. But Gurov had a habit of getting knocked out early.
The Marc Mormeck KO was sensational. But Haye went down in the 4th !!!!
Haye talks a good fight. He has talked his way in to the heavyweight elite. But he has not proven himself as a heavyweight.
Based on the Thompson loss - I will say that his mouth is bigger than his heavýweight potential and I see him more as a pretender than a contender.
For the sake of boxing I hope I´m wrong !

michaelhe (1 Posts) on Tue 28-Oct-2008:

Monte Barrett is a good fighter and has every chance of stopping Haye, I cant think of a better introduction to the heavyweight division.

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Mon 3-Nov-2008:

Haye could have more power at heavy than a weight drained CW. He has a massive frame that he had to boil down to make the weight.

As he said he would he has given himself a good six month to put the weight on - I have him comming in close to 15.5 - 16 stone for the MB fight. I expect him to get bigger slowly over the next 12 months finishing a 16.5 stone heavy as not to effect his speed.

His extra weight should help him take a shot better (and he is going to need it no matter how quick he is)

I think he will be the most mobile and fastest of the heavy weights but will still be a lot smaller than the giants of the devision.

If he he tears up a few of the big guys and takes a belt before running into trouble we as fans win as it shakes up the bad devision that is pulling the sport down.

I think if given time he could mature into what we have been looking for a real champion for the flagship devision. One thing about Haye, He is frightened of no man and will fight the best not just take the rubber stamp fights for ££. Now thats got to be a good thing isnt it ....?

DeuceBigelow (5 Posts) on Thu 6-Nov-2008:

I admire Haye's approach to moving up in weight, he has said that he'll duck nobody and has accepted that if he cannot get past Monte Barrett then he may as well quit.
Athletic and powerful Haye will be a handful for many of the 'Top Ten' ranked heavyweights. I do wonder if he'll fall short aginst some of the larger fighters with huge height and reach advantages, particularly when there is still a question mark over his ability to take and absorb shots from the big guns.

DeuceBigelow (5 Posts) on Thu 6-Nov-2008:

In addition Haye is one of the rare boxers who clearly recognises that Boxing as a sport has become a business and part of the entertainment industry.
He wants to put on a good show, to thrill the audience, provide excitement and add value for money. These are things that seem to alluded the likes of Wlad.

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Fri 14-Nov-2008:

Haye weighs in at ....15 stone 4lbs, two pounds less than he did against Tomasz Bonin !!  Bit light if you ask me. Should be ok for Sat as 2G is only a stone bigger.

I understand he wanted to retain his speed but he has had 10 months to put the size on so I did think he would be a bit bigger. I think Lenox Lewis had it bang on when he said he needs to take his time beofre taking on the big guys...  His body needs another 10 months to put at least the same on again.....He is still going to be small though.

The big lads in the devision at near 18 stone !! Any talk about fighting the Kilt' brothers in the next 3/4 months are crazy. He needs to take his time.


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