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29 NOVEMBER 2014

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Topic: Hopkins v haye
jamhop (1 Posts) on Fri 4-Dec-2009:


Hopkins obviously has something driving him to box well into his
forties. His achievements in the middleweight division in the 90's have
not been enough for him.  He has developed a "how to box at world class level in
your mid forties" style, and it's definitely a very effective one.
Younger boxers are finding their youthful energy and enthusiasm are
easily deflected by Hopkins' wily ring craft. Just ask Kelly Pavlik..

I have heard him say during the Calzhage build up, “ if I am an old
man then why can't any of these younger boxers retire me?” He
lost to Calzhage, but by a very small margin. Knowing he could still
handle a boxer of Calzhage's work rate, probably gave him a further

Recently Hopkins has announced that he wants to retire as heavy weight
champion, by beating the newly crowned David Haye. At least now Hopkins
has revealed a real goal, making it easier to understand why he still
wants to box into his 46th year.

The immediate thoughts are that Haye has too much speed and power. Its
one thing containing Kelly Pavlk at middle weight, but Haye at heavy
weight is a different kettle. Maybe when Hopkins watched David Haye box
he saw enough flaws to exploit, that the idea of challenging him for the
heavyweight title wasn't as mad as people initially thought. And lets
face it David Haye has his fair share of defensive flaws. He relies on
his power too much, and looks defensively disorganized after he throws
power shots. Leaving him vulnerable to a skilful counter puncher.

If you look at the key points for Haye: speed, power, weight and after
the Valuev fight, the Haye camp proved they could devise a winning strategy, and
Haye could stick with the plan.
The questions a fight like this will ask of Haye are: can he stop the
frustration building if he finds it hard to land a shot, and will he
organize his defense better?
For Hopkins on the other hand this fight will ask more of him. Can he
absorb Hayes hitting power? Will his own punches have the same effect?
Can he cope with Hayes speed? Can he think of a realistic strategy to
neutralize Haye as he has done at the lower weight
The only reason Haye would take this fight would be for a substantial
pay day. I can see no other reason for him to take this one. From his position it is a loose loose situation. If he wins, he'd be expected to win. If he loses it would be
a very embarrassing defeat, one that he would never live down. John Ruiz
said he retired out of embarrassment when Roy Jones beat him.

For Hopkins this fight would hopefully be the conclusion to his
prolonged career, regardless of the result. And what a way to go out if
he beats Haye.
And if he loses? No great shakes either. This is the right move for him,
and I hope he gets the fight. One big counter punch on Hayes suspect
chin and Hopkins gets the mother of all retirement presents.

Hopkins obviously thinks his legacy needs one more big achievement.
Doubt he will get it. But it will be fun watching him try.

wardstar (55 Posts) on Sat 5-Dec-2009:

I hope Hopkins vs. Haye can & will be made

Johnboy (58 Posts) on Sat 5-Dec-2009:

I don't.
Think about it. Bernard Hopkins has been at least equal to or greater in size than everyone he has fought in recent years. The last guy he fought with a reputation as a knockout puncher was Kelly Pavlik, who was smaller.
David Haye will be younger, faster, bigger, stronger, harder-hitting, able to soak up much of what Hopkins can dish out, and all he has to do is make Hopkins work every minute of every round to win. With all those advantages, Haye can do that if he chooses to. Hopkins loses that fight 95 times out of 100.
In not getting his revenge on Jones, Hopkins probably wants to outdo him by winning a heavyweight crown from someone more worthy than John Ruiz. The thing is I can't see him winning this one, and it would be terrible to see B-Hop go out on a bad loss. Now is a good time for him to retire. What mountains are there to climb that can be climbed?

Lukerich24 (16 Posts) on Sat 5-Dec-2009:

I strongly dislike Hopkins. He is a boring dirty fighted with a big mouth. He has some good wins but he is nowhere near as good as he believes. Haye would easily beat him, I think it would be an early stoppage.

His low blows/faking injury tactics against JC just irritated me, had he not been cheating through most of the fight he would have been completely dominated, then the self pitying loser still had the audacity to claim he was robbed. Jermain Taylor has beated him twice for crying out loud.

I think the only fight left for him is Paul Williams, only because I want to see Williams prove he can beat a "big name". I think that fight would go a similar way to the Calzaghe fight though, Williams would clearly win but Hopkins would play hard done by, and his dilluded fans would buy into it.


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