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24 NOVEMBER 2014

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UK Boxing

Topic: What next for Hatton?
AngusSm (9 Posts) on Tue 11-Dec-2007:

I think if he could entice Cotto down to light welterweight this could be a defining fight for Hatton. HE is a different fighter at 140lbs and the money involved could tempt Cotto. Otherwise, go after Witter first and when Cotto loses to PBF, he will have no bigger money fight than Hatton.

roberto1 (20 Posts) on Tue 11-Dec-2007:

I think a good fight in the USA would be Diaz and the obvious domestic clash would be Witter

JamesMa (8 Posts) on Wed 12-Dec-2007:

I can't see Cotto coming down to 140 he always struggled to make it and is much more comfortable at 147. With the potential superfights at that weight, he'll stay where he is i think

There are only 2 guys he should be loking at right now IMO. Malignnani the New Yorker who is massively popular at MSG, where Hatton wants to top the bill. He can't hit hard, but he's quick and skillful. Would be very exciting and lucrative fight, and Hatton will have much more chance of walking through his punches to get close and do some damage. Assuming he's still got something left he'll be too big, strong and relentless for the guy.

The other guy is Witter. That could be the finale in UK for Hatton to end on. Junior needs to do more to raise his profile in US to get HBO interested. He's a quality fighter with a hell of a dig, and could quite easily beat Hatton. Would be a tremendous scrap, but right now the risk doesn;t equal the reward for Ricky which is why he'll stay in Us for now.

AngusSm (9 Posts) on Wed 12-Dec-2007:

I would advise Hatton to steer clear of Witter, he has proved himself at that level and has nothing to gain by doing so again unless Witter had a higher global profile - also, as you said it's not beyond the realms of possibility for Witter to win. Malignaggi at MSG would be a brilliant fight for Hatton to return, I couldn't see him losing that and providing he was well conditioned I could see a late stoppage or points victory. As for Cotto, I think it would be a real shame if the matchup between the pair, which people have been asking for since a few years ago didn't happen. If PBF does retire, there are no real 'superfights' at welter and Cotto is only one inch bigger than Hatton - I think the money involved could see him drop down to 140 for a real superfight!

JamesMa (8 Posts) on Fri 14-Dec-2007:

Angus, good note
Witter has the WBC belt which the yanks rate above all others. A couple of wins against good US fighters and he will be a big factor in the division. In that situation, a fight makes perfect sense for Ricky.

Problem with Cotto is that he is a lot better at 147, and Ricky is a lot better at 140. Both camps know this. So who gives in and puts themselves at a massive disadvantage? Catch Weight of 142/143 possibly??!?

AngusSm (9 Posts) on Fri 14-Dec-2007:

James, before Hatton takes on Cotto I think it is inevitable that he is going to fight Malignaggi. While this is going on, hopefully Cotto will take on PBF, in which i can see no result other than another Mayweather win. This sets up a Hatton v Cotto clash perfectly, if Hatton can get Cotto to 140, great - if not then I wouldn't risk it. Catchweight may be a possiblity, but anything more than 142 hands the advantage to Cotto.

JamesMa (8 Posts) on Mon 17-Dec-2007:

Agreed. hatton will defintiely fight the New Yorker at MSG, which i think is an easier fight for Ricky than Junior is. Hatton should come thru it comfortably, with a lot more cash in the bank, some confidence and having fulfilled his ambition to headline at the Garden.

Witter taking apart Harris was very impressive, but he needs to do something equivalent again IN AMERICA if he's going to get himself in the mix with the big boys. It's all about what the US TV companies want.

If Mayweather continues, there is only one fight out there and that's Cotto (Mosley is the other possibility but got beat by Cotto last time out). I think like you that floyd will take him out comfortably, as you say setting up Hatton v Cotto.

It's a huge fight in every sense so you'd hope that theyd find a way to make it happen. I really can't see Hatton's team allowing him to go up to welter again, or Cotto's team taking him back down, so i think 143 or 144 catch weight is the most sensible option. What a fight that would be!

roberto1 (20 Posts) on Tue 18-Dec-2007:

Malinaggi is a very clever boxer and i am not sure it would be that easy especially in New York

ross mc
ross mc (1 Posts) on Thu 12-Jun-2008:

i think ricky should fight pauli

sheriyar (3 Posts) on Thu 12-Jun-2008:

ricky hatton would beat paulie m i dont consider it to be much of a contest paulie will not be able to live with hattons punching specially to the body

i want hatton pacquaio and pacman would win unanimous points win

i wanted witter to beat hatton but i guess witter has lost his speed which makes him an average boxer

Predatordog (6 Posts) on Mon 16-Jun-2008:

Hatton blew a lot of money and a golden opportunity by passing on a ODLH bout,  the too soon excuse it's just lame , the Malanagui fight should just be a sparring session for him , he should have taken DLH at his offer and fought like a man , I guess the real deal is that him and his people don't think they can handle DLH, they'reprobably right.......

SeanFo (4 Posts) on Mon 16-Jun-2008:

If Pavlik called out Hatton and he turned it down, would he be crazy?

DLH is too big... a good big man beats a good little man. Nothing wrong with that Hatton has 140 wrapped up. Maybe he could drop a weight after beating Paulie... even though the Pacman has said he'll step up to 140.

Robbobtc (3 Posts) on Sun 22-Jun-2008:

I think Hatton should stay away from Oscar & Mayweather (if he comes out of retirement). They are too big & just that bit too classy for him..although they will probably provide his biggest pay days! I think get Mallinaggi out of the way & then have his last top class fight against Pacman. Why not beat up Witter after that, just to shut him up!

Blunderbuss (13 Posts) on Mon 23-Jun-2008:

Its not a case of who he will fight as it will be malignaggi

because of this a fight with de la hoya wouldnt be possible due to time, although i think as many have said he will be too big for hatton

i think the pacman fight will happen after malignaggi and ricky will probably bow out then

faz (3 Posts) on Mon 14-Jul-2008:

kostya tszyu is talking about a comeback let there be a rematch

goh (1 Posts) on Tue 15-Jul-2008:

the only way forward now for hatton is to beat pauli mallinaggi and look to fight manny pacquiao.Hatton at this stage in his career does not need to be going over old ground with kostya.With mayweather announcing his retirement [again ] i dont see any other way forward i believe hatton has fared better against guys coming up the weights ie castillo rather than moving up a weight ie collazo so i dont think a de la hoya fight will ever happen.a fight v pacquiao would have everything and would be a massive fight worldwide and would be the ideal fight to go out with.

teddybears (4 Posts) on Sat 19-Jul-2008:

after he beats malinaggi the only fight out their for him is pacman as both are running out of options cotto an dela hoya are way too big for hatton mayweather is the same if he ever comes back ,and pacman has beat everybody at his weight and says 140lbs is well within his reach , that would be some fight 100,000 at wembly or old trafford to warriors fighthing toe to toe

robbiemagic (12 Posts) on Wed 23-Jul-2008:

I agree the fight we want to see is one that suits Hatton at his natural 140 weight - let MP make the weight up and see how he copes. The current brilliance of MP and the come forward style of both would make for a great dust up!
Forget Witter, Hatton doesnt need to give him the opportunity. Same response to DLH its a mismatch. And Mayweather?... He is just too big and too classy for Hatton.

robbiemagic (12 Posts) on Wed 23-Jul-2008:

Teddybears..... not sure Hatton would entertain fighting at Old Trafford somehow! Well not a pre arranged boxing match anyway! Get real.

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Thu 24-Jul-2008:

I am a big Hatton fan but..... I am sad to say he is just not the fighter he was!

His punch resistance and his ability to slip and avoid punches have been in decline for two years. His well published lifestyle and fighting style mean he has more miles on the clock than he should have for a fighter of his age.  If you look at 3 of his last 5 fight he has been in trouble.

Luis Collazo up at Welterweight - he took a hell of a beating by the bigger man and managed to scrape a win.

Floyd Mayweather - Not a big puncher up at Welter hurt him several times before stopping him.

Juan Lazcano - This one is the most worrying...Back down at his lower weight he was hand picked for a return fight because of his lack of power.... Cheered on to victory by his hometown and ringside footballers and Celebes who don’t have a clue about boxing, the fact that Juan was able to tag Hatton at will and hurt him several times was overlooked…..

Thankfully either through some clever matchmaking or luck his next fight is against Malignaggi. He also lacks power but will no doubt have his moments in the fight where he can trouble the once cast iron Manc who walk through Kostya.
 I just hope he quits after he regains the light welter belt instead of taking that “one last fight” against a proposed Pacquiao, although the rumoured splits with his long term trainer don’t bode well.  I fear he won’t do a Lewis and stop at the top, fight on and will get broken up and stopped mid rounds badly.

zzSNAKEzz (2 Posts) on Tue 5-Aug-2008:

hatton camp i remember were almost pushing cotto out of 140 i,  i also remember telling friends , that hattons style , and he was allowed to get away with to much in uk, would hurt him here in the states , hattons choices are to lure zab judah into 140, cotto cant make it, i dont even think he can make 147 right now , did you saw how cut he was and skinny , and how bloded he was on the fight, anyhow,hatton  have a good fight if he fight at 140 with vivian harris - demetrius hopnkings- holt? by the way holt won the belt via headbut tko even ricardo torres dont forget steve forbes still can make 140, he can still make some money if he gets busy and start making fights happen , he got a chance to win all of them , hope he just dosent wait for a big money fights and we have to add him to the list of figths that didnt happen peace

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Tue 12-Aug-2008:

vagabond686 (4 Posts) on Sun 7-Sep-2008:

Floyd Mayweather Sr could bring some badly needed defense into the Malinaggi fight, but the outcome is still up in the air for Hatton. He is no longer the fireplug that manhandled the great Kostya Tszyu into crying uncle. Malinaggi took the best of what Cotto could dish out at 140, so I do not think this incarnation of Hatton can knock him out. That being said I can see Hatton winning a close controversial mauling brauling decision over the slick but not powerful Paulie. After that I hope he retires with another belt for the trophy case, still at the top of his division.

wardstar (55 Posts) on Mon 15-Sep-2008:

Hatton vs Malignaggi - I think an upsets on the cards girls, the blueprint on how to beat Hatton was shown by mayweather, dont get involved to much in the first half of the fight and let Hatton shoot his load, then in the second half of the fight apply abit more pressure and wait for a tiring Hatton to lunge in and catch him with a counter or three. I dont think Malignaggi is in the same league as Mayweather but has great movement, speed and a pretty good chin, he lacks power but if he hits Hatton enough times he could force Hatton into making some mistakes and ultimatley win the fight. Prediction Malignaggi by decision.

Blunderbuss (13 Posts) on Wed 8-Oct-2008:

Obviously the fight could go either way for hatton and he is now just looking at a couple of big money fights to finish with

but all this talk about ricky against these other fighters is nonsense

mayweather was too big and classy for him (and everyone else by the way) as for the rest, he won all the other fights

he might not have looked great but he won enough rounds to win every time, he beat lazcano on points easily even though it was a bit of a brawl, collazo was closer but a couple of dodgy rounds later on wasnt enough to overhaul hattons lead

if you ever watched hatton hes always been hit when fighting and expect the same against mailgnaggi, a battered face and enough punches thrown to win the fight on points is my guess

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Wed 8-Oct-2008:

Blunderbuss - I here what your saying but I am not having it. I am a huge Hatton fan, when I lived in Oz I would tell anyone who would listen that this young cast iron whirl wind boxer/puncher fighter from Manchester would wipe the floor with their mighty but weathered Tzyu. The locals at the time scoffed but I was proved right. That night Hatton walked through some massive shots that had no effect to get his own bombs off to grind down the legend to retire him on his stool forever.

I stand by what I wrote 3 of Hattons last 5 fights have been worrying.... Please try and understand just how hard Tzyu bangs (just ask Zab JudahWink) and watch the Tzyu fight again then watch the following….
1) Collazo – He had more than “a few dodgy rounds” at the last 1/3 of the fight it were the worst rounds of his career as he was badly hurt and almost out on his feet from some big shots from a heavy punching big welter.
2) Mayweather to good and the ref did not help… but you claim was too big.. Ironically he has come up from a even lower weight but he just holds the weight better at welter than Hatton. FM has had a low KO rating up at this weight but seamed to hurt him again and again. The Ko at the end was a heavy one.
3) Juan Lazcano - This one is the most worrying –  A good little boxer but this guy was picked for his lack of power for a comeback fight… he does not bang… he has only stopped a handful of guys in his long carear. He tagged Hatton again and again and again and several times he was stunned and hurt. Please watch this and compare it to the Tzyu fight and you will see that his punch resistance has been declining in each fight starting with Collazo damage.Finger crossed his new trainer Mayeather Senior will bring out the much underestimated “Hatton the Boxer” that we have occasionally seen glimpses of every other fight. It should and make him harder to hit allow him to get some better combinations off rather than the 100mile an hour stuff for the crowds… That coupled with Malignaggi lack of power he should out work him and take him to a 12 round points win.  (I doubt he will stop him as Cotto could not shift him).I would like Hatton to hang them up like Lewis and hopefully Joe and retire with his belt.

wardstar (55 Posts) on Sat 11-Oct-2008:

I hear what your saying and agree with most of it, Ricky Hatton is a real nice guy and like yourself picked him to beat Tzyu when no one else did. I also agree that his punch resistance is declining alarmingly, but i believe this is more to do with having to shift the excess weight has finally caught up with him and believe his body can no longer cope with what he puts it through and stay strong. I think this fight with Malignagi could be his last and really hope he goes out on a win, but iv got an awful feeling that he's gonna lose, i think Malignagi is gonna raise his game and shock the hell out of a few people, i believe he may even KO an exausted Hatton, i hope i'm wrong i really do, so come on Ricky prove me wrong then retire da champ.

Blunderbuss (13 Posts) on Wed 22-Oct-2008:

CESTRIAN while i take on board what your saying i still think you are overreacting

collazo - if youve watched hatton you will know that he has often previously held on for the last rounds when hes had a lead or hes been tired, i have to say that it was probably the worst hes looked though no question but once again i will state that he was clearly the winner of the fight which was my only point

cant argue with you on mayweather other than to say hes been comfortable at that weight for some time when in condition and was physically too big no matter what weight hes come from

regarding JL i think you are going way over the top i dont think anyone can say hatton got hurt time and time again, JL was a very durable fighter and proved it against both castillo and harris

Im not saying hatton wont get beat by malignaggi and im not saying his punch resistance is not reduced all im saying is its nowhere near as bad as you are making out

id love to hear your comments on malignaggis performance against lovemore ndou in his last fight

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Thu 23-Oct-2008:

Blunderbuss - One of the great things about boxing is the interpretation of the fights between fans and pundits and their reading of the game…. I think we just read two of the fights below differently (JL & Collazo)
I agree Hatton deserved to have his hand raised in both but I watched the fights again and in Collazo fight he rocked to his boots in the final few rounds. In the JL fight I agree he was in not in anyway near, as much trouble but I noticed a few chinks in his punch resistance for someone who is known for having a cast iron chin.
As boxing fan who like to have the odd punt you try and read how a fighter performs for future fights, more so when it’s a comeback fight off the back of his first loss. I am not saying he was badly hurt but he was stunned a few times.

My thought on Malignaggis v Lovemore Ndou…. I think it’s a hard fight to read and even harder to try and take anything from for future fights. Ndou is a great little boxer banger tough as teak & has given all the big names a good fight but has generally been beaten by the best.

Ndou did what we new he would fought for 12 hard rounds and threw the harder shots. Malignaggis made hard work of out boxing him but shaded it. I think the trouble is because of the broken hand injury we cannot gage him against such a average performance.

With the addition of his new training camp, its hard to predict which Hatton we will get in the coming weeks. I am a great believer in Hatton the boxer… I honestly think with his ability he need not have taken a lot of the shots he has over the years in name of exciting fans and giving us great tear ups. He has given us some great fights though.


I think that’s what makes the upcoming fight such an interesting one… a Hatton possibly on the slide or perhaps in transition to a more cautious boxer against a World Champ on his own turf who looked lacklustre in his last performance but had a good reason to be. Hard one to call but I think boxing Hatton surprises a few people with his style and shades a close decision.

DeuceBigelow (5 Posts) on Mon 3-Nov-2008:

There is no way Paulie will knock out Hatton. Hatton is slowing down and his punch resistance may be in decline. He is too big and still has too much in the tank for Paulie. Remember Paulie has been in a few 'wars' now and add to this his lesser fire power and susceptability to injury and you'll see a Hatton victory.

Cestrian (82 Posts) on Sun 23-Nov-2008:

In my last post I wrote -

" think that’s what makes the upcoming fight such an interesting one… a Hatton possibly on the slide or perhaps in transition to a more cautious boxer against a World Champ on his own turf who looked lacklustre in his last performance but had a good reason to be. Hard one to call but I think boxing Hatton surprises a few people with his style and shades a close decision."

I was so pleased to see Hatton using his much underestimated boxing skills, and they will only improve with FM. At his age and this level he cannot afford to do the 100 mile an hour stuff for the fans. Shipping 3 to get one body shot off, he managed it when he was younger but in recent fights his his lack of head movement and defense have left him easy too tag. Those heavy shots were also having more effect...

Well it looks like he is adapting his style enabling him to fight on longer. When he can box this well why fight with his face ??  Good luck Champ.

easy (2 Posts) on Thu 27-Nov-2008:

I'd love to see Hatton fight Juan Diaz...there's been rumor of Marquez wantting to duke it out with Hatton...then there's Pac,if he  lives past the DL-Chicken fight...
Margarito,Cotto,DL-Chicken r too heavy and couldn'd never get back down to 140,and Hatton already said he'issn't fighting at 147 again.
Hatton Diaz is a fight i'd like to see.

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