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20 OCTOBER 2014

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Maywheather vs. Marquez on Mon 21-Sep-2009:

Vicmoe, the same thing I heard when Floyd fought against De la Hoya, nevertheless Floyd beat him
I cannot ****ing understand why for years and years just the whole world is spending time critizing Mayweather for a multitude or reasons.
Juts bull****, garbage.
Floyd hasn t ducked anybody, he doesnt fear anybody, he retired 2 years ago because he was really BORED,.nobody can stand at his level, he has been moving up 5 class divisions during his amazing career by schooling and dominating just about anybody who was put in front of him.
Just a couple of bad nights in his career maybe the first fight against Castillo (but he beat him greatly in the second fight), well, he is human, can we allow him 1 or 2 so-so performances during a 10-15 years old career ??
Mayweather is the best and just about anybody spitting at him, I cannot understand really what is wrong with these folk,...
He has come back to shut everybody'smouth, next targets are Pac-Man (the only man who has a chance to beat him, I mean just a chance) and why not...
middleweight belt !! and at 34 or 35 he will retire unbeaten with 6 belts in 6 class divisions and his critics will need to take a needle and saw their mouth forever.
Floyd might not be the best fighter ever, but he has arguably the best defense, counter-attack, footwork and speed of all time.


My friend,I am not back tracking, I am trying to make myself understood.

If i am disappointed about  Calzaghe retirement is because I would have been happy to see him taking the light-heavy, cruise and maybe heavyweight belts.

Why ? Coz I admire him and I am not ok with him just being regarded as you say "one of the best of the best super middleweight champ ever" .

That s not enough for him.

I would like to have seen him regarded the best european fighter ever (you can look for my Ask the Editor past question few months ago).

the SAME disappointment to have seen my "hero" Floyd Mayweather going unbeaten into retirement...

Who is gonna regard Calzaghe the best european fighter ever ?

Who is gonna put Floyd amongst the best 5 or 10 fighters ever in all categories ?

Very few experts, and do you know why ?

Well, coz they should have foght more before retiring... maybe they didn t have the ambition some of their fans have for them...

Regarding other fighters,....ok that is a secondary issue...we can disagree , there is nothing bad on it, we don t have to agree on everything and maybe you are right i am overestimating Dawson, but the main issue is Calzaghe legacy and I am bothered coz i was enjoying seeing him kicking the asses of his opponents and I think he could have kicked asses of stronger opponents if he kept fighting.

I hope we can close the discussion friendly without insulting.  Opinions are opinions and fortunatelly we are not all thinking the same...there is room to disagree and discuss.

May Joe enjoy his retirement and his money...

But if he comes back and become lightweight and cruiseweight champion  I would be happy,maybe beating David Haye in UK too ! Why not ?

Wouldn t you love to see Calzaghe beating Haye in UK ?


Hey son of a  ****, watch what you write ok ?

This is a forum and anybody can express his opinion. You don t need to offend.


Let me say again my humble opinion ok ?:

Calzaghe has been an AMAZING champion, but what i said his curriculum cannot be compared to the greatest curricula of gretest p4p of all times.

If he really has any interest of being regarded best european fighter EVER in ALL categories ,maybe he should have dropped his super middleweight belt before and go up to show he is great enough to take lightheavy and cruisebelt and maybe heavyweight belts.


If i say like that coz I really regard him as potentially the bst european fighter ever , i am showing more respect for Calzaghe than yourself and I am disappointed that he hasn t the opportunity to show us how great he could have been in other weight categories.


Supermiddleweight hasn t offered ANY valuable fighter to stand at his level, that s why i feel Joe has WASTED times to fight guys who had no minimal chance to stand against him.


I watched more than 25 fights of Joe, so I can say something even if i am not from Wales.

I said the same thing in the past for Floyd Mayweather, I would love to see him regarded the best p4p ever, but if he wants to be regarded the rwal best, he has to complete his curriculum by beating Marquez,Pacquiao (or Hatton again) and maybe beating Abraham and become middleweight champ. If he manages to do that, he will be N.1 ever .


The fighters i respect more are the fighters where I would see more great fights,...can you get me know ?

I think i regard Calzaghe better than you do, and I am not satisfied to have him regarded just as supermiddleweight fighter ever, I want more from him .


Is that ok now ?



I don t agree at all.

Calzaghe 46 fights , 45 of them against NOBODIES,GHOSTS and CLOWNS.

The only great one was Bernard Hopkins, at 43 yo, after a controversial split decision.

Calzaghe is the greatest super middleweight ever, yes, i said that and i am sure about that, but i think you didn t read my post or maybe my or your english is not good enough.

i Said THAT Calzaghe curriculum is TOO POOR to being considered the best european fighter ever , it is a pity coz I feel he was good enough to be the considered the best european fighter in all times all categories.

That is mean I have great great consideration of him...but let' s have a look at curricula like guys like Leonard,Duran,Manny Pacquiao,Whitaker,etc etc..


their curricula are FULL of incredible and epic fights in many different categories...


Calzaghe has wasted 95% of his career fighting opponenents who weren t good enough to be sparring partners.


Don t be ridicolous ! Jeff Lacy, ?? Who is him ? I would ko myself.

I said Chad Dawson coz it would have been a great opportunity for Calzaghe to catch the light-heavyweight belt and than move on to fight on cruise or heavyweight. Why not ?


James Toney could become heavyweight champ starting from middleweight, why Calzaghe is not able to jump a bloody single category ??


And you tell me he has nothing to prove ?? He has just proven to be an almost unbeatable super-middleweight , that s it, that s far to prove he has been the best european fighter ever.


Read my post more carefully and maybe you will catch what i really meant to say


HITMAN V's PACMAN on Mon 9-Mar-2009:
I also see Hatton slightly favorite, but FORTUNATELY we cannot really say for sure, i say fortunately coz I dont  want to miss the suprise this open and fantastic fight could give to us.
That s one of the most awaited fights in my life, I would have loved to be in Las Vegas ,but I will be in fron on my TV with a great dosis of enthusiasm.
I like both fighters but -sorry for the Englishmen- I would love to see Pacquiao suprising us again and win this match, because I would like to see later this year a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.
I would love to see Mayweather coming out from retirement and beat Pacquiao (or Hatton again),  the beat JM Marquez (who called him out) and than snatch the middleweight crown by beating Abraham.
After that, Pretty Boy would be regarded as the best of all times, as the closest to perfection fighter in history.
Hatton has never been in crisis, he has always been a tremendous fighter, he just lost against the best of best: that s it ,but if he beats Manny, he will have a second chance.
But I am with Pretty Boy, sorry. I want to see him regarded as the best fighter ever.

You also make me laugh a lot.
Kessler is nothing more than a discrete fighter, in matter of historical fighter is a NOBODY.
Dawson is an unbeaten light heavyweight champion who would be dangerous for Calzaghe, because his weight too. Who said Dawson lost that match ?
An idiot or an incompetent or a blind man for sure !

You also missed a point in my post: that s because I am sure Calzaghe is an amazing fighter and he deserves all credit, he should have fought more big fights to prove it.
I think I know Calzaghe quite well, since I have watched at least 25 of his fights !
That s why I would be happy to see he kicking the asses of even bigger fighters like Dawson , because I would like to see him regarded as the best European fighter ever.

Do you understand my point now ?
In an eventual Calzaghe-Dawson I would give Calzaghe 60% chance of winning.
Dawson is dangerous because he is very fast hand and very heavy hand at the same time, which is rare for a light heavyweight.

I am disappointed about Calzaghe announcement of retirement.
I don t think he has proven everything...
Of course he is a terrific fighter and arguably he could have been regarded the best european fighter ever IF he would have had in his curriculum something better than a split decision against a 43 years old Hopkins (coming from a lower weight class) , victory against the ghost of the once Roy Jones and before the best opponent he had faced was Michael Kessler, which is a discrete fighter but I am afraid he is 1 million miles away to be a all time star of boxing.
So what we have in Calzaghe's curriculum to state he is one of the best fighters ever or the best european fighter ever ?
Very little indeed, but he could have really been ...that s makes me disappointed.
Calzaghe should have faced Chad Dawson,,,that was a real test, taking a young and promising champion , beat him convincly and taking th light-heavy title...
Just one fight...But he gave up...
I really wonder if Calzaghe would have beaten Dawson....I am not really sure, very possible, but not sure...and now we will never know that and Joe will not be regarded as the best european fighter...
Joe, if you read my text,....come back ! and fight Dawson ! Just 1 more fight and that s it ...all your last cristics will dissipate for sure.

Calzaghe's next opponent? on Sun 15-Jun-2008:
Ok guys sorry maybe I have exaggerated little bit, but I am very disappointed Calzaghe is sooo scared of a guy lighter than him like Pavlik.

Leonard was not scared after 5 years without fighting to face Hagler, at that time by far the best fighter in the world and much heavier than him and after that, even with the risk of getting blind, go up further and kot a lightweight champ.

If you dare to compare Calzaghe with Leonard I would say it is like compare a quark (part of the atom) with the whole universe.

Calzaghe is just little bit better than Sven Ottke.

Calzaghe's next opponent? on Sun 15-Jun-2008:
your comment about 44 fights unbeaten MEANS NOTHING.

There are DOZENS of horrible fighters unbeaten, Sven Ottke has finished its long years carreer unbetaten, nevertheless I think my uncle would ko him in 30 seconds.

What is the point of being unbetaten having fought against 42 chickens, 1 average fighter (Kessler) and one very old man (Hopkins)with split decision ?

Calzaghe curriculum SUCKS, just compare Calzaghe curriculum with the ebst fighters like Leonard, Duran, Robinson, etc...

Latest news: Calzaghe rejects fight with Pavlik, because (his words) " It is a too easy fight, it is obvious I will beat him easily".

I translate " Please, no ,no, no, don t give me this guy, please, I am afraid, I will kill me, please give Roy Jones, but wait few more months, until I will be little bit older, now he is still too dangerous and strong.  Tarver ? Noo, too strong,too young.
Dawson ? Oh my God, please spare me the hospital !  Glen Johnson ? Well, If I survive 12 rounds I will have to arrange with the referees..."

That s Calzaghe, I can smell when He **** in his pants when his manager asked him about fighting with Pavlik.

Shame on him ! He is nobody !

Look at Leonard, 6 world classes titles, after 5 years of inactivity he came back to fight Hagler.,and than he KOT the lightweight champ Lalonde.
Please, how you DARE to compare "**** in the pants" Calzaghe with these champions ??

No way ever ....

Calzaghe's next opponent? on Fri 9-May-2008:
Sorry I meant 44 chickens not 34.
It is true in the past 10 years there was nobody good in the supermiddle weight, fine, that s not Calzaghe fault if he has had no opponenents, but in this case he should have moved to USA 5 years ago and fight 5 years at high level in the lightheavy weight.
He waited until to be 36 to face a 43 years old...
too little too late...

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