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23 NOVEMBER 2014

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Boring Fighters on Tue 7-Apr-2009:

Hi all


I just wanted to post and ask if anyone else gets annoyed about this...

  I'll start with what riled me up.  A while ago I was watching Vitali fight and Jim Watt (Sigh) actualy said he doesnt like watching his fights because this is entertainment.  No Jim, it isnt.  Its a sport.  In a sport you have a set of rules and a goal, thats it.  He has no obligation to take risks to be exciting, none.  Profesional wrestluing did not used to be predetermined.  It became so (one of the reasons anyway) as it was seen as boring, so the fighters got to making things realy exciting without getting hurt.  Surley we dont want that right?

  Lets just say we invent a fight time machine and a very boring fighter who holds and negates his opponents as apoosed to imposing himself beats ali, Frazier and Luis by spoiling.  then he would be the BETTER FIGHTER, simple as that.

  What frustrates me specificaly about the Klitchkos is if people where watching there fights from say 50 years ago they would say they where technical, now they are boring.  I dont find it boring because they land often and throw often.  They dont overly hold or run, they take the centre of the ring and wear you down and then, when there is absalutly no risk left, they finish you.  Whats wrong with that?

Another reason I dont like the tag 'boring fighter' is partialy due to my love of fighting.  I like that people of different physical atributes can win in different ways.  Ali didnt have a big punch, so he used his fantastic foot work and acuracy to his advantage.  Joe Luis did NOT have quick feet so stringing huge combinations is not what he did, he stalked opponents and looked for his devestating power punches.

  Now lets take, say, Sven Ottka.  He wasnt fast, nor was he strong.  He didnt have great reactions and he didnt have the steam to preasure a fighter, so he Picked up a tight defense and a coutnering style that worked.  Sven was not an exciting fighter, but that doenst make him less worthy than others does it?  What would we have preffered?  he tried to fight diffrently and lost a lot, retired early and had to do some other job?  Thats not fair, he has the capabuility to win fights and end up rich!  A lot of fighters a LOT better equipped that him didnt make anything of themselves as fighters because they COULD NOT do what he did to win.  I dont like track and field and so I diont watch it.  It is all about the preperation and the physicality.  You cant go in there with someone who is faster that you over 100 meters and beat tehm over 100 meters.

Finaly I would like to just say that I understand that a lot of people just dont like fighters because they are boring, and in turn do not respect them any less, they just done enjoy watching them.  I do, but some dont, thats fine.  'Boreing' fighters suffer Financialy for tehre style by being less popular but there are some people who openly disrespect fighters (Jimm Watt for one, as long as they are not British and he didnt pick them that is...) or feel they are somhow less worthy due to there style.  Without these fighters I wouldnt like watching boxing as much...



Hi All

  I am a British fight fan and have never been a fan of Joe.  The reason is less to do with his fighting and more his attitude.  He has always beleived he is one of, if not THE best fighters who ever lived and has constently complained and critisised great fighters throughout his careeer for not fighting somone who only every fights in his back yard and was unwilling to take a chance by fighting abroad or moving out of super middle, which, wheather we like it or not, is a catch weight.

  Being the king of a catchweight and crying that someone like RJJ in his prime wont move weights and lose a good 1mil plus in fight mony over fighting someone well known in America to face a dangerous southpaw... Well of course not, no one would.

  I blame his managment mostly.  I think they have filled his head with silly ideas.  If he REALY wanted to fight RJJ he would have gone out to america and fought a few decent fighters, not greats, bit good fighters and moved to light heavy or Midle, where there are a LOT more decent fighters.  From there he would have built a name for himslef and put himslef in a position to challange a very top fighter.  As it was they kept him in England and enjoyed him ticking over with wins and keeping the cash rolling in.  Pretty much like what happend to Hatton, where his managment realy did not have the kind of confidence they did with a Prince Naseem and so kept him at home winning.  Hatton made the move while he was young enough, Joe didnt.


  Let me just finish with a couple of pointers.  I think Joe was on the way to somthing big until Robin Read very very very nearly beat him.  There was only a couple of rounds in it and after that there was a lull in opponents as confidence in him at the very top may have faded, just a theory.

A good exaple of joe swallowing his own BS is with Sven Ottka.  He actualy said that Ottka doesnt count as a champion because he wouldnt come out of Germany to fight Him in Britan... Erm Joe, think about what you just said there...   It wasnt worth doing it on nuetral ground, and his managment didnt want to go to Germany, fair enough. end of.


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