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27 NOVEMBER 2014

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is calzaghe too cocky? on Sun 16-Nov-2008:
i wouldnt say that joe looks crap when he drops his hands but to me, he looked a bit of a dick doing it and took a few punches he didnt need to take.  BUT!, he was just playing roy jones at his own game, everything joe did is exactly what roy used to do so i see it as fair enough, joes skilled enough to get out of a situation if roy jones had clocked him while hes showboating, which he did a few times so why not play around in the ring and give roy jones a taste of his own medicine?
just dont do it again please joe if you do decide to have "one more fight"...............

The thing is....with regards to Kostya and Castillo, Hatton was made the underdog and Joe public said he would lose. He beats them and then there is none of the "f**kin hell well done Ricky", its, "the guy was a shell of his former self" or " he was past his best". That may be partially true but the people who say that are also the ones who should eat their words when Ricky's stopped them. Witter is a dangerous fight which Hatton will know. He may or may not be confident or beating Witter but it's still a big gamble because Witter is and can be, very good. I so want to see them get it on and I really do think he will too, if not for the money, then for Joe this year, Hatton to win by close points decision.

I wouldn't bet against Ricky fighting Witter eventually. Witter is pretty damn good but he's got a mouth on him and is pretty boring to watch. Though Witter is right to say it's a fight the Uk wants to see, I know I do!!
I think it all depends on how Rickys final lap of his career goes......if he brushes aside little known Lazcano (as he should) and his next fight is for a belt, and wins that, then I think he will defo fight Witter. Witter has THE belt and Hatton knows he could beat him. Witter has everything to gain, the money, the fame, the claim, the big fights, and most importantly Hattons scalp. You just know Witter wouldnt stop going on about beating Hatton if he did. Hatton has everything to lose, the money isn't important to him but I know if after all these years of name calling and ****ging off, i'd be gutted if i lost to Witter who is most certainly, a dangerous fighter. He could skip around the ring popping shots at Hatton for twelve rounds and do his best to dodge Ricky charging at him and win on points. We've seen him do that many times and he wouldn't think twice about doing it again im sure.
Basically, I think they will defo get it on if Rickys next few fights are decent and succesful, he just knows Witter can be a risky fight.
My prediction would be Ricky breaking him down in the later rounds (10th-11th) due to his sheer persistance, the amount of punches thrown and landed and Witter being not being able to run anymore. I think Ricky would have to take a lot of shots because when Witter is good, hes very accurate but how many times have we seen Ricky take shot after shot and just walk through them all, and probably off bigger punchers than Witter. He may have lost to Mayweather but he lost to the best who is probably at his peak who is a stunning tactition and a phenominal puncher. No shame in that!!
Im a huge Ricky fan, Living in the same town. it's hard not to be really, but I dont think Rickys being totally honest as to why he's not fought him yet.....


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