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27 NOVEMBER 2014

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Hatton-Cotto on Mon 17-May-2010:

hatton can be described simply, good LW who came up short against the two best boxers of his generation, nothing to be ashamed about.  best in europe by a long way for 5 or 6 years and only a few in the world who could beat him.  unfortunately his lifestyle meant he would burn out quick.  should have dumped warren and come to america a lot sooner.
froch is a good fighter who if he was busier would do a lot better doesnt throw enough leather to win fights but has a lot of power.


Calzaghe a cruiserweight no chance he was put on the floor in both his light heavyweight contests so that would be a step to far

light heavyweight at that stage of his career was the perfect weight for him.

for me its a waste of time getting to 46 and 0 when 3 fights on theres marcianos legacy to go for and the obvious 50 mark, its not like joe hadnt mentioned it, for me its another example of joe playing it safe as he did his whole career till the last year or so and taking the eubank fight out of the equation

not that i can really criticise anyone for dedicating their life to boxing but in terms of how people will remember him, Im afraid that anyone who isnt welsh will always have questions over his career

to say he was the man at l/h without facing tarver or dawson is wrong

his career was badly handled and im afraid that stigma will always be there which is a shame for joe who has been a great pro






As ive said before with joe his career has been a disappointment from a spectators point of view because he simply hasnt tested himself enough over the years.

Ok in recent years hes been taking the big fights, but its too little too late. his career after beating eubank for years, reid aside was shocking.

The real shame is that joe probably is the greatest super middleweight of all time but we have all been robbed of the chance to see him confirm it.

Im afraid thats boxing all over, far too many fighters making millions and not fighting their main rivals.

The fight will be where the money takes it

but dont underestimate the prices at wembley stadium or the lucrative corporate facilities they have there

ringside will still probably cost you a thousand pounds and there will be various pricing ranges down from there. 

revenue alone will probably match anything in vegas but the problem will come from PPV Im sure over here it might break records but in america?? they will need to get a decent undercard to sell it in america if they want to match mayweather v Oscar etc

as an event though wembley would be the best option so if they can make enough money im sure the promoters will do it

What next for Hatton? on Wed 22-Oct-2008:
CESTRIAN while i take on board what your saying i still think you are overreacting

collazo - if youve watched hatton you will know that he has often previously held on for the last rounds when hes had a lead or hes been tired, i have to say that it was probably the worst hes looked though no question but once again i will state that he was clearly the winner of the fight which was my only point

cant argue with you on mayweather other than to say hes been comfortable at that weight for some time when in condition and was physically too big no matter what weight hes come from

regarding JL i think you are going way over the top i dont think anyone can say hatton got hurt time and time again, JL was a very durable fighter and proved it against both castillo and harris

Im not saying hatton wont get beat by malignaggi and im not saying his punch resistance is not reduced all im saying is its nowhere near as bad as you are making out

id love to hear your comments on malignaggis performance against lovemore ndou in his last fight

What next for Hatton? on Wed 8-Oct-2008:
Obviously the fight could go either way for hatton and he is now just looking at a couple of big money fights to finish with

but all this talk about ricky against these other fighters is nonsense

mayweather was too big and classy for him (and everyone else by the way) as for the rest, he won all the other fights

he might not have looked great but he won enough rounds to win every time, he beat lazcano on points easily even though it was a bit of a brawl, collazo was closer but a couple of dodgy rounds later on wasnt enough to overhaul hattons lead

if you ever watched hatton hes always been hit when fighting and expect the same against mailgnaggi, a battered face and enough punches thrown to win the fight on points is my guess

What next for Hatton? on Mon 23-Jun-2008:
Its not a case of who he will fight as it will be malignaggi

because of this a fight with de la hoya wouldnt be possible due to time, although i think as many have said he will be too big for hatton

i think the pacman fight will happen after malignaggi and ricky will probably bow out then

Hatton wont unify as the fights just arent big enough money makers, bradley has to make his name first, torres is a possibility

i think malignaggi will happen though for the reasons ive said before, he seems pretty certain it will as well

I see you are a bit of romantic where belts are concerned unfortunately that doesnt translate into good matches which is what ive been saying all along.  anyway lets hope whoever he fights they are entertaining, saturdays wasnt a bad fight

Good prediction im sorry to say witter was his usual dull self and bradley just gave him some of his own medicine

if he puts that sort of work rate in against hatton he would be easily beaten so id stick to fighting at a much lower level if i was him

laczano is a thankyou for him allowing ricky to fight mayweather its nice to see a boxer keeping his word

as for malignaggi i think you totally underestimate his new york appeal, tim bradley brought his name up straight away as hes the biggest money at that weight

him and hatton would be a massive fight at the MSG

i dont think hattons career has stalled at all it had been stalling up to the fight with tsyzu and that when he got rid of warren, now hes going to have another 3 or so fights and pack in i expect

i think realistically the fight with witter is quite likely to happen now as de la hoya and mayweather will probably rematch and hatton will have to have another fight before either of them is available

so you may just get your wish but as i said before if will probably be another typical witter performance

cant see hatton being too bothered with anyone but malignaggi or torres at jw

nate campbell could move up i suppose but i bet hatton is looking more towards the winner of cotto v margarito as his final bow


lol No silence just havent been on the board didnt think there was any point repeating what id already said

and im no hatton fan probably the opposite i do recognise that he does put on a show, having seen witter live i know hes awful to watch

so who really wants to see this fight? a few people in england who listen to witters hype thats all, not fighting witter wont make one bit of difference to hattons legacy im sorry no matter what you think a rematch with mayweather, v de la hoya or malignaggi at the garden will all be bigger fights worldwide

whereas fighting hatton would be witters pinnacle, regarding witter he has fought a few tough opponents but thats it, perhaps he should concentrate on cleaning up the division first

as i hinted in my last post mailgnaggi probably doesnt in boxing credentials have more on the table than witter, the difference is that mailgnaggi will fill the garden and the fight will be massive for american tv and as a boxing event

hatton lost against mayweather but hes not going to step out of that level to drop down is he

its irrelevant either way now as hatton wont rush into giving witter a fight because of all the stuff he says its probably a game to him now watching witter sweat, in all honest they should have fought years ago but their management both ducked it

do you really think at the end of his career if someone says to him oh ricky you ducked witter to fight de la hoya, mayweather, cotto or a sell out match at the garden hes going to feel embarrassed about it

come on honestly do you?, like ive said if you really want to see this fight i suspect you will have to wait till hattons last fight

but i wouldnt get excited about it the fight will probably be a damp squib

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