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23 NOVEMBER 2014

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I agree with allot of what has been said.. Like Paulie was never gonna score a knockout or win for that matter in the last round...

But when you look at it from a fighters point of view, we are fighters, dats why we do this sport. And no fighter wants his corner to do that in a world title fight.. In the 11th round...

Just felt like Buddy bullied Paulie that night because he is young and isint bringing in  big money... If it was someone else out there (a superstar in the sport) that fight would have went on....

History has showed or even recent fights. That big fights dont get down like that...

Woods V Jones
Tarver V Woods
Calzaghe V Lacy
Calzaghe V Jones
Hopkins V Pavlik
Jones V Trnidad
Even Danny Williams fought wid a dislocated arm against Mark Potter
Lennox V Tyson

The List goes on, pleanty to pick from...

u kno what its a classic case of the trainer being bigger than the fighter.. That would have never happened with a super star of the sport. Like Oscar or Roy Jones Juniour...

Like i said Pavlik was gettinjg his ass wooped against B Hop, but the towel coming in... Please

U got to look at past fights and allot of them not even world title fights... even allot of Roy Jones fights where the opponents were not even competitive in title fights have gone on.

I hear he werent following instructions, but how many fighters loosing fights APPARENTLY are???

So if your fighter aint doing as he is told and aint getting hurt u stop the fight??? Never heard of it and dont wanna see it happen again... Rubbish

I couldnt belive what I was seeing at the weekend with Paulie V Ricky fight...

Maybe I missed something out there, but why did Buddy Mcgirt stop that fight...

I feel sory for Paulie having a TKO loss on his record... He got rocked in the 2nd round and was loosing clearly but hey... He wasnt exactly getting beaten up.. He was just loosing... This is a guy who fought on wid a broken jaw in the Cotto fight and was down a couple of times and was tough enough to hear the bell...

Over the past weeks, we have seen Roy Jones take a beating with a bad cut over 12 rounds. Pavlik take a beating over 12 rounds and both of those guys took some heavy shots..
Neither of those fights got stopped and I was watching them feeling sory for these guys...

However Paulie I didnt feel sory for, alright he was loosing but not getting beat up!!!

I've never seen anything like it before in a world title fight

Did Buddy Mcgirt have money on a 11th round TKO for Hatton????

true true...

That was a one sided beating and a sad sight to watch Roy Jones getting beaten up like that..
Besides the first round, the fight wasnt even competitive..
Great performance from Joe. Hope he gives us the opportunity to watch him at work for one last time..

Who u guys think he should fight next if he was to?

Agreed should be a great fight..

We will haveto pick up the debate after the fight for sure...

Ha well one of the two of us will be saying I told u so i guess..

Some good points there... Kessler is a good fighter, but i wouldnt go that far as Chad Dawson looked pretty hot the other day, and looks like a big light heavyweight..

Dunno about Joe's punching power, he even had 2 push this fight back due to another hand injury. He was a puncher a few years ago before all the unfortunate hand trouble and seems to try and protect them in fights by cuffing and slapping. The Joe of old would have stopped Lacy in five rounds. Instead he took over a thousand punches and was still there after 12 rounds.

Against RJJ he will need 2 sit on his shots more and realy crack hard 2 make RJJ feel uncomfortable. Like Glencofe and Tarver did, throw big bombs in while he backs up. I dont believe Joe has the power 2 do this at light heavy as he wasnt capable of it in his last few fights.


I see what you are saying about JC workrate.. However I have looked closely at RJ last couple of fights and believe he still has way too much in the tank for JC.
Major factor in this fight is timing. RJ has had plenty of time now to allow his body to adjust back 2 12.7 stone after coming down from heavyweight, shedding all that weight quickly and getting wiped out by Glen Johnson and Tarver.
A prime recent example of this is what happened 2 Chris Byrd recently at light heavyweight. Coming down from heavyweight making weight, feeling obviously week (dunno what he was thinking) and getting wooped by some unknown light heavyweight.

Roy's body has recovered now and he rekons he walks around just over the light heavy limit. This is going to be a major factor in this fight as he is no longer struggling to make weight.

I think the main thing that is going to allow RJ to win this fight, is the major fact that JC is too easy to hit, especially with straight right hands. RJ favourite shot. I aint missing this one, but only can see one winner. Pressure, JC will get picked off wid sharp counters. Stand and box... well there is only one winner. Unfortunately for JC he doesnt hit hard enough to hurt RJ so RJ can realy even take more chances than usual in this fight

Realy cant see why everyone rekons Calzaghe beats Roy Jones... Roy Jones is gonna be too big for Calzaghe, hit with too much authority and accuracy and give Calzaghe fits in this match.
He just knows too much and has enough of a punch output to win this fight....

Calzaghe's next opponent? on Mon 19-May-2008:
Yea good fight, Cintron started off well jabbing and kinda outboxing Margarito. But there was a sense of enevitability about it as Cintron began to slow and Margarito's toughness began to break his heart. Took his best shots and just ground him down.... and took him out... One tough ass Mexican that Margarito

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