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21 NOVEMBER 2014

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Iain Weaver - Open Letter To The British Boxing Board Of Control


Specific attention: Mr. Robert Smith and Mr. Charles Giles.



Dear Mr. Smith and Mr. Giles


As you are fully aware my application for a British Boxing Board of Control licenses was refused, due to a small congenital arachnoid cyst, even though you had letters from Mr. Adrian Williams - Professor of Neurology, Mr. David Beale – eminent Neuro-Radiologist, Mr. Jack Phillips – Consultant Neurosurgeon and Mr. Paul L Grundy – Consultant Neurosurgeon stating that this type of cyst is not unusual and that in their opinion I am fit to box.


Besides my own request being refused, I am aware that you have also refused two further boxers, who had applied around the same time as myself for the same, or similar, reasons.


Today I learned that one of those you had refused to license, Robbie Turley, has now been granted a license by yourself, following his team initiating legal proceedings against the BBBofC.  


I find this highly hypocritical of the BBBofC, who refused to license myself even though you had received written statements from the Neurology specialists named above, each stating that they see no reason why I should not be licensed to box professionally, especially in light of the amount of international boxing contests for Team GB I undertook as an amateur.


In addition to the above issue I am disgusted that Mr. Smith and the BBBofC deliberately made misleading statements about myself, in a statement with regard to the case between the BBBofC and Mr. Bruce Baker, for a hearing that takes place in Cardiff today – 19th November 2013.


In that statement Mr. Smith states “As far as Iain Weaver is concerned the British Boxing Board of Control refused to grant him a license on medical grounds in that he has a large arachnoid cyst on his brain of a type known to be associated with increased risk of bleeding following trauma.”


This action clearly shows the contrived and highly malicious intentions of Mr. Smith and the BBBofC, as the statements from the Neurology specialists named earlier clearly show:


Mr. Williams stated “Iain has no neurological symptoms whatsoever. In particular, he has no headaches, dizziness or impairment of function of his limbs or vision.


I would not think there is any significant risk here, the cysts always worry people, but are really quite common incidental finding in the general population. If there is an increased risk of haemorrhage after a head injury it is extremely small, and in the vast majority of these cases these incidental findings cause no trouble clinically. I therefore do not think that there is any reason to stop him proceeding with his boxing career.”


Professor Phillips stated, “Having reviewed the scans and the correspondence in the case of Iain Weaver it is my opinion that there is not a neurosurgical impediment to his continuation with his boxing career. The MRI findings demonstrate a small middle fossa arachnoid cyst which has not undergone any adverse events in all his previous boxing events. I do not see a neurosurgical justification for preventing Iain Weaver from returning to his boxing activities.”


Mr. Grundy stated, “I reviewed this 22 year old right handed boxer, who has been boxing seriously since he was a child. He has had one hundred and fifteen bouts and spars regularly. He has never had a problem with headaches, blackouts, seizures, numbness, weakness or any neurological whatsoever at any stage. He is otherwise completely fit and well. An MRI scan of his brain has shown an incidental finding.


I have shown him the MRI scan today, which shows a small anterior middle fossa arachnoid cyst, which is very typical location of this benign, congenital, anomaly. There is no other major abnormality in the brain and there is no significant mass effect from the arachnoid cyst. The arachnoid cyst itself requires no intervention.


Arachnoid cysts are of course relatively common, benign, congenital, anomalies and in the vast majority of patients these never become symptomatic however, there have been a number of reports of haemorrhage into a cyst or sub-dural haematoma resulting from bleeding from cortical draining veins. This has been reported in arachnoid cysts of varying sizes. However, the reported incidence of haemorrhage for arachnoid cysts is exceptionally small, probably a fraction of a percentage of all cysts.


I have explained to Iain that I believe the risk of him developing a haemorrhage relating to this arachnoid cyst if he continues boxing is exceptionally low, but is obviously not as low as it would be in the absence of an arachnoid cyst. He has boxed for a significant amount of time, without any problems. He has a full understanding of the issues involved and is keen to continue boxing and on that basis I would support his application.”


As the above statements clearly show that the cyst is small and is not prone to bleeding I believe this shows the contrived and highly malicious actions by Mr. Smith in making that statement to support the BBBofC case against Mr. Bruce Baker and also to deliberately and maliciously discredit Mr. Gianluca Di Caro, Vice President of the Malta Boxing Commission, who licensed myself after studying the reports etc.


On this matter Mr. Di Caro and the Malta Boxing Commission were not the first to agree to license me, the Spanish federation had agreed to do so but subsequently reneged, following undue pressure from Mr. Smith and Mr. Giles of the BBBofC via the European Boxing Union.


Since receiving a professional license from the Malta Boxing Commission I have also had my applications accepted by Nevada State (USA), California State (USA) and Mexico and have fought professionally four times, twice at York Hall in London on German Boxing Association sanctioned shows, once in California, USA, and once in Spain. In each case I won, twice on points, one KO and one TKO stoppage.


I am not alone in my disgust of the hypocrisy and malicious actions by the British Boxing Board of Control, not just in your dealings with regard to my application and subsequent licensing by the Malta Boxing Commission, but also that by your recent action of licensing Mr. Turley, clearly shows that you had no good reason to refuse his license in the first place, otherwise surely you would have been confident of your position in court.


Whilst I do not expect a response from yourself, with regard to the reviewing of my BBBofC  license application,  I feel that the BBBofC members, the boxing world and the general public deserve some sort of explanation from yourself, preferably a truthful one and not deliberately misleading like the statement I have highlighted in this letter.


Yours sincerely





Iain Weaver

Forum layout on Sat 21-May-2011:

June 4th - Championship Boxing at York Hall - Barrett-Munika
Olivia Goodwin has made the historic announcement that her first professional boxing event, SEARCH AND DESTROY, is set to take place at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 4th June 2011. What makes this such an historic moment is that Olivia, who is just twenty years old, becomes the UK’s youngest person ever to promote a professional boxing event by a country mile, the youngest previously was some eleven years her senior. Olivia’s plans for her first event belies her tender years, it’s clear she has excellent negotiating skills and a cool head, as she has secured not one but two title fights to co-headline her maiden show as well as putting together a substantial quality undercard. Co-headlining the show are International Masters Lightweight Champion Ryan ‘Mr Attitude’ Barrett, who will be defending his crown for the first time against former Kenyan Super Featherweight Champion Geoffrey ‘The Tiger’ Munika, and former Super Middleweight supremo Toks Owoh, who was originally due to face Tony Conquest for the British Masters Cruiserweight title until Tony damaged his hand in training, against a yet to be named opponent. The massive 16 bout card features TKO team mates Beckton based Dutch Cruiserweight sensation Mitchell Balker, who gets a stern test against Welsh hardman Hari Miles, Carshalton Light Welterweight Danny ‘Cassius ‘ Connor, who faces former WBF Intercontinental title challenger James Todd, Chelsea based Iraqi Heavyweight Ali Adams, Thamesmead Light Middleweight Nathan Weise, Islington Welterweight Brett O’Callaghan and Plumstead Light Middleweight Sam Standing, all against yet to be named opponents. Amongst the stars taking part on 4th June are Luton’s Michael ‘The Real Chunky’ Devine, who takes on Trowbridge’s ‘Dirty’ Dan Carr in a four round Lightweight contest, the sensational Woolwich based Albanian Super Middleweight Eder Kurti, Brentwood Middleweight Kris Agyei-Dua and Minster Kent’s popular Light Heavyweight Dan ‘Woody’ Woodgate. Making their professional debuts at the ‘Search & Destroy’ event are Lightweight Billy Lavelle, who is sure to be tested hard by the experienced Sid Razak, former unbeaten unlicensed fighter Mark ‘PeeWee’ Adams, who will face Louis Byrne. As well as Finchley based Polish Lightweight Marcin Marczak, Middleweights William Cayzer and Diego Burton, who face yet to be named opponents. Tickets, priced £35 (Standard seated) and £50 (Ringside) for the Search and Destroy event are available on-line now at, in person at The TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA or from any boxer appearing on the show. For further information call: 07960 850645

Australian Boxing on Tue 5-Apr-2011:

Morby-Cadman II & Williams-Couzens headline Graham Earl's Maythe York Hall show
Graham Earl’s superb ‘Capital Punishment’ event in January was headlined by Paul Morby’s Southern Area Super Middleweight title defense against Daniel ‘The Slick’ Cadman, which was a closely fought affair, so much so that after ten hard fought rounds the Referee raised both protagonists hands aloft and declared the bout a draw.

As such it comes as no surprise that for his May 7th show Graham has Morby-Cadman II co-headlining. It’s also seems apt Graham chose to name the event ‘Redemption Day’, as most ringside on the night, including myself, felt that Cadman had done just enough to wrestle the belt from Morby’s grip. 

The ‘Redemption Day’ title also sits well for co-headliner, which sees Streatham’s Leon ‘Solid’ Williams defend his Southern Area Cruiserweight Crown for the fist time, against Titchfield’s Danny Couzens.

Back in February Williams suffered his first stoppage, in a non-championship battle with Blackpool based Slovakian Richard Turba, and is sure to be looking to redeem himself and keep his 2011 British title aspirations on track.

The main support for the double title header sees the welcome return of former English title challenger Michael Grant, who has just signed a promotional deal with Graham Earl’s promotional business.

Now competing in the Lightweight division Grant will be looking to impress, after his year long sabbatical from the sport, as he has stated his intention to get straight back on the championship trail.

Former American Basketball star Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Oshunrinde will be hoping that his return to York Hall will be more satisfying than his previous outing there.

Oshunrinde was clearly robbed of his first win on British soil by the fight being declared a technical draw following the fight being stopped, in the first round, due to a serious cut over his opponent’s, Jahmaine Smyle, right eye.

The cut to Smyle’s eye, as well as a serious swelling below the right eye,  was caused by the many solid and highly accurate jabs and punches Oshunrinde landed throughout the short encounter, however referee Ken Curtis bought into play the new technical draw rule rather than presenting Oshunrinde with the deserved stoppage victory.

Graham also has his exciting Light Welterweight Terry Holmes out for his third professional bout, against a yet to be named opponent.  Holmes has proved to be nothing short of sensational on his two previous outings and Graham has big expectations for the nineteen year old from Stevenage.

Making their professional debuts at ‘Redemption Day’ are Belfast’s Mark Ginley and former Armed Services boxer Sam Standing will be joining his TKO Boxing Gym team mates Williams, Grant and Oshunrinde on the show.

Tickets for the Graham Earl Promoted ‘Redemption Day’ event at the York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Saturday  7th May 2011 are now on sale and priced £35 (Unreserved) or £60 (Ringside).

For tickets call: 07960 850645, book on-line at or call in person at The TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA.

Good luck guys on Tue 25-Aug-2009:

Wednesday 30th September ‘09 Is Judgement Day For London’s Boxing Bankers

No, I’m not predicting yet another crisis within the banking and financial services industry, well I hope I’m not. This particular Judgement Day, which will be held at the recently opened Cable Club London on the 30th September ‘09, is in fact a rather interesting, or should that be intriguing, White Collar Boxing event being organised by Rooney’s Boxing Gym.

What makes ‘Judgement Day’ different from other White Collar Boxing shows isn’t that this event is a truly international affair, having already attracted weekend warriors from Brazil, Israel and Australia sign up to take part, or that it has an all female bout on the card or even that Great Britain’s most successful Olympic coach ever, Terry Edwards MBE, is training some of those taking part, any of which, under normal circumstances, would be a headline attraction. The main reason ‘Judgement Day’ will go down in the annuls of history is that it will be the very first White Collar event to feature a Mixed Martial Arts White Collar bout.

Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro, publicist for Rooney’s Boxing Gym, spoke about the upcoming ‘Judgement Day’ event and what prompted the decision to include Mixed Martial Arts, “We are all very excited to be showcasing ‘Judgement Day’ White Collar event at the superb Cable Club, on the 30th September, as it is without doubt one of the finest venues in London. We envisage this to be just the first of many events we will be holding at this first class facility.

What can I say. We expected to have a good response from those wishing to participate in this event as White Collar Boxing has become so popular. However, even we were surprised that we received so many requests from people all around the world. We could have made the event just from those, but have decided to limit  the international element for this event though, to just Tal (Israel), Plinio (Brazil) and Nathan (Australia), as we are planning to hold a UK versus The Rest Of The World White Collar Boxing event in the very near future.

It’s already a well known fact that Rooney’s Boxing Gym is a firm supporter of Womens Boxing. So as you can imagine we are particularly pleased to be featuring an all female bout as part of the Judgement Day event.

On the subject of Women’s Boxing, we applaud the IOC for their recent decision to include Women’s Boxing at the 2012 Olympics right here in London. With Womens Boxing starting to really take off in the UK we feel that the British Womens Boxing Squad are likely to add to the Team GB medal cache.

Talking of the Olympics. We are exceptionally proud that Great Britain’s most successful Olympic boxing coach, Terry Edwards MBE, is on board and will be heading up all future White Collar Boxing coaching here at Rooney’s Boxing Gym. We are expecting that the quality of the boxing at ‘Judgement Day’ will be of a very high standard as Terry has already been working with some of those taking part on the 30th September.

We are all rather excited to be the first to include Mixed Martial Arts in a WCB event. I have to say though it wasn’t originally our intention but his all came about after the BanDogs MMA organisation started training out of Rooney’s Boxing Gym. Word started to get around the City that we were doing Mixed Martial Arts training. Not long after, when the posters went up in the gym for Judgement Day, some of the City boys that were training  at the gym asked if we would include Mixed Martial Arts at the event. We sat and thought about it, and after the BanDogs boys said the K1 class could safely be done in a boxing ring, we decided to include one, maybe two exhibition bouts in the show.

‘Judgement Day’ will not only be one seriously great all action show but will also be the standard that all future White Collar Boxing events will be judged.”

White Collar Boxing originated in New York in 1988, when attorney Dr. Richard Novak and Dr. David Lawrence, who held a Phd. in English,  took part in the very first White Collar Boxing bout. After the contest the two Gentlemen went to dinner to celebrate the birth of a new sport.

White Collar Boxing was introduced to Great Britain some fifteen years later, in 2003, by the very same promoter of the historic ‘Judgement Day’ event, since then White Collar Boxing has been the fastest growing corporate contact sport in the world.

Judgement Day, at the Cable Club, on the 30th September will consist of eight 3 x 2 minute round Male White Collar Boxing bouts, one 3 x 2 minute round Female White Collar Boxing and either one or two 3 x 2 minute round K1 Mixed Martial Arts.

Judgement Day will be held at the Cable Club, Bermondsey Street Tunnel, London SE1 3JW on Wednesday 30th September 2009. Doors open at 7.00pm.

Tickets are priced £30.00 (unreserved) and £50.00 (V.I.P.) and are available from Rooney’s Boxing Gym, 895/896 Holyrood Street, London SE1 2EL  or call 020 7403 6113

Good luck guys on Mon 13-Jul-2009:
Former Team GB Head Coach Terry Edwards MBE To Take Up New Post At Rooney’s Boxing Gym In London.



Irish boxing coach and manager John Rooney Jnr. has recruited Terry Edwards MBE, as Director of Coaching and Boxing Development, for his new London based boxing and fitness gym - Rooney’s Boxing Gym - close to the famous landmarks Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast.


Terry, who has insisted that he will still undertake full time coaching duties, will head up a first class coaching team that includes John Rooney Jnr., former Gleason’s Gym New York and Supreme Team Coach Barry Robinson, who is best known as the star of the Million Boxing Style video series, Ben Day, Karol (Carl) Ozimkowski and Darren Hamilton.

In addition to coaching Terry will also be developing world class training programmes for Amateur and Professional boxers as well as specific courses for White Collar Boxers and those just wishing to use the pugilistic arts as a way of getting healthier and fitter.


On the announcement of his new position Terry briefly said "After a period of time to reflect on my future having received numerous offers from different organisations and countries I have decided to take up the offer of John Rooney as the Director of Coaching and Boxing Development at the London based Rooney’s Boxing Gym.


I look forward with excitement and optimism to the new challenges the position will provide in the future.


With the combined expertise of John, a well respected and knowledgeable professional trainer and my expertise in the amateur field, I am sure we will forge an excellent partnership going forward.


Rooney’s Gym provides excellent facilities and welcomes all in the boxing fraternity with a friendly atmosphere. Rooney’s Gym can be counted as the premier boxing gym not only in London but also in the World."


Terry Edwards is without doubt British amateur boxing's greatest and most successful coach of all time. Terry started his stellar England and Team GB career in 1986 as London region coach, he was promoted to Senior National coach in 2001, Performance Director in 2005 and in 2007 became Great Britain Head Coach.


Over the years Terry has guided the cream of British professional boxing, such household names as current Super Middleweight World Champion Carl 'The Cobra' Froch, undisputed Cruiserweight World Champion David 'Hayemaker' Haye and Lightweight World Champion Amir Khan, through their amateur careers.


During his reign as England and Great Britain coach Terry has taken his illustrious charges to three Olympic games, five World Championships, five European Championships and three Commonwealth Games.


His first class coaching and leadership skills netted five Olympic medals, Gold for Audley Harrison (Sydney 2000) and James DeGale (Beijing 2008), Silver for Amir Khan (Athens 2004) and Bronze for David Price and Tony Jeffries (Beijing 2008) as well as a World Title for Frankie Gavin. Terry also guided Bantamweight Luke Campbell to being Great Britain’s first European Champion last year.


In 2004 Terry was voted UK’s sports coach of the year and four years later, after masterminding Great Britain's most successful Olympic Games campaign since 1956, was deservedly awarded the MBE in the New Years Honours list 2008 for his services to sport. Whilst not quite the same cachet as being awarded an MBE he also received a special award from the boxing sports writers in 2008.


John Rooney Jnr., who also manages British Featherweight Champion Martin Lindsay, spoke briefly of Terry and the new gym before flying to Bulgaria where he plans to create a state of art Boxing Camp for Professional, Amateur and White Collar Boxers. "The plan basically is for the gym to be the main Boxing Gym in London, if not the UK.


We’re really proud that Terry Edwards’ is coming on board as he brings a wealth of world class coaching experience. He coached the British team for the last three Olympics and during that time established himself as the most successful British coach ever. Terry is the best coach around and Rooney’s will be the best boxing gym because of it.


There’s a real buzz around the gym, everyone seems to like it. It’s not just the members or staff, Frank Maloney came over to have a look around, he liked the place and wants to use it, We’ll be doing a lot of work with Frank."


Rooney’s Boxing Gym, located on Holyrood Street, London SE1 in the building that formerly housed Gleason’s Gym London, has been completely renovated and features two full size boxing rings, a bank of heavy, reflex and speed bags. It also has a fully equipped weights room and exercise suite. Not wishing to restrict the facilities to just boxers the gym also features an MMA, Dance, Yoga and Exercise room and Mr Rooney is currently in the process of adding a Steam Room, a Sports Massage Centre and a second Exercise Suite to compliment the already excellent facilities available.



Britain’s ‘Golden Girl’ Knocked Out...By The American Embassy In London

English Super Bantamweight boxer, Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston, who is due to be on the under card of Brian Cohen’s WBC Americas Title Fight in South Philadelphia on 9th May, suffered a further setback in her professional boxing career when the American Embassy in London refused her visa application.

After regularly traveling back and forth to America to train for over two years, on the visa waiver system, with no problems as well as having contacted the London Consular by e.mail to verify which visa she should apply for, Marianne had expected her visa application to be a formality.

Marianne is expecting further repercussions from her failure to secure a visa, as her contract with sports clothing and equipment manufacturer, Pugilist Urban Garments, is reliant on her being in America as part of the promotion of their P.U.G. Athletic brand into the $50 Billion American Sporting goods market in 2009.

Both Marianne’s contracts with Team ‘USS’Cunningham, who represent and train her in America, and the May 9th event promoters, ABBCorp, Inc. and Bionic Bull Enterprises, are also on the basis of her securing the visa. Her not being able to make the 9th May fight is particularly worrying for Marianne as Donna Cohen, of ABBCorp, Inc. and Bionic Bull Enterprises, had made an offer of a twelve fight contract between May 2009 and Dec 2010.

Marianne, a protégé of legendary Heavyweight boxing champion of the World Smokin’ Joe Frazier and former IBF Cruiserweight World Champion, Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham, spoke of her feelings during her daily training session at Gleason’s Gym near Tower Bridge in London. “I can’t believe that they refused my visa again. I originally applied in March so I could return to Philadelphia to resume training with Steve (‘USS’ Cunningham) and Shar’ron (Baker) in preparation for my anticipated pro-debut.

The guy that interviewed me at the Embassy in March said he was refusing my application because I don’t have adequate socioeconomic ties with the UK, not much family here or a job, and as such doesn’t feel I would return here. He also said my boxing is just a “hobby”. I found that unbelievably insulting. I’m English born and bred, London is my home and always will be. It’s not my fault I only have two close family members still living and Boxing is my job, I can get plenty of fights in America. I am aware that the chances of getting many fights here in the UK is very slim as there just aren’t many female pro-fighters here.

As for my not returning to the UK, I have been going to America for the past couple of years to train, firstly at Joe’s (Smokin’ Joe Frazier) and then at Shuler’s (The James Shuler Memorial Gym) on the visa waiver system, I’ve never abused it, I always returned within the 90 days. If I was going to stay illegally surely I would have done it then, not after going to the trouble of applying for a visa.

Yes, I accept I’m an amateur by definition as I have yet to have my pro-debut fight, but I am a professional in reality. Boxing is my life and now it is the way I make a living. They don’t realise how hard I train. It’s not a hobby, I run between 3 and 17 miles in the morning, then spend between 4 and 5 hours in the afternoon training at the gym.

I reapplied for my visa after P.U.G. renewed my sponsorship and I had been e.mailed the contract to fight on May 9th. These were already being discussed, but had not been sorted, before my first application so I didn’t mention them. I supplied the contracts from P.U.G. and the promoter but the guy who interviewed me the second time said I have just changed my story and the refusal still stands. It makes me wonder if they don’t believe that a woman could make a career of being a professional boxer.

I’m flabbergasted, I have been waiting so long for my professional debut, I was supposed to debut last May but Frazier’s closed down and I was left without a gym, trainers or management. Then in August, as I was preparing for a fight in New Jersey, I burst my Achilles tendon. I was on the Casino Battle Royale card for January this year, I’d even made my appointment for a visa interview back then, but as the whole event got canceled I put the interview back to March so I could get back in time for Steve’s fight (Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham - Tomasz Adamek’s IBF Cruiserweight World Championship bout on December 11th ‘08),  now this happens. It feels like I’ll never actually get to fight.

I’m not going to give up though, I’m still training hard just in case we can get this sorted and I can get to fight. ”

Marianne’s professional debut was due to be on the under card of Philadelphia’s Brian Cohen WBC Americas Light Heavyweight title fight on May 9th 2009 at the South Philadelphia High School. Marianne’s bout would have been one of three female bouts on the ten fight card. Promoter Donna Cohen is a big supporter of Women’s boxing and every event she promotes includes at least one female match-up.

For tickets and further details for the event at South Philadelphia High School please contact:

Donna Cohen
ABBCorp, Inc. & Bionic Bull Enterprise
Tel: 215 755 8155

Fight Hype are doing an year end awards voted for by fans of boxing, Cunningham vs Adamek is listed on two catagories - Fight of the Year and Round of the year.

To help with our campaign for a rematch it would be great if the fight won one (or both) of these so please vote.

To vote go to

Don’t forget to visit and sign the petition

Happy Holidays

If you watched last week’s epic IBF cruiserweight title fight between Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham and Tomasz ‘Goral’ Adamek and thought it was a candidate for ‘Fight Of The Year’ please lobby any of the websites that are currently compiling their lists. As this can help us in our quest for a rematch.

In fact has just put up their list of nominees and have a comments section. Please go on there and encourage them to select Cunningham vs. Adamek as we are in the process of lobbying the television networks and promoters to make Cunningham vs. Adamek II happen and any accolade helps us in our quest.

For further information on our campaign please see our brand new website - - which is already on-line although still in development

Steve 'USS' Cunningham on AFB Radio 11am ET















  <> VS.jpg

fighting marine.jpgcontender_picture.jpg

"I Can't Believe I Have to Wait 24 Hours to Punch this Guy in the Face"- Jon






Auction to Support Cancer Awareness Featuring Autographed Shirt & Boxing Gloves

Boxing fans this is a one and only chance for you to support Cancer Awareness and win an autographed T-Shirt signed by many of the great boxers featured and in attendance at the Shamrocks and Dreams Event in Philly on October 4, 2008. The shirt has been signed in person by Hall of Famer Jeff Chandler, Former Heavyweight Champ Tim Witherspoon and his son Tim Witherspoon Jr. (who just got his first victory), IBF Cruiserweight Champion Steve Cunningham, Former World Junior Middleweight Champion Kassim 'The Dream' Ouma, Current NABA Light Heavyweight Champ Yusaf Mack, Irish Boxing Up and Coming Stars Paul Hyland, Simon 'Slick Fighting Irish' O'Donnell, Patrick Hyland.

This pink cancer support t-shirt has a special meaning and it's a symbol of the Courageous efforts of Philadelphia Boxer Jamaal Davis, who is doing what ever it takes to highlight the importance of cancer awareness, Davis is a young middleweight from Philadelphia who lost his wife Patrilla, who passed away at the age of 25 last December after battling breast cancer for years. Davis who was decked out in pink for Cancer Awareness Month, fought a four round bout on the October 4th Shamrocks and Dreams Event in honor and memory of his wife. Davis and his kind hearted trainer Sharron Baker have also autographed this shirt. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to The American Cancer Society in memory of Patrilla Davis.

Steve Cunningham current IBF Cruiserweight Champ who is preparing for his December 11th title defense against Tomasz 'Polish Warrior' Adamek at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Is also contributing to this great cause and supporting Davis his gym mate by giving the winner of this auction a chance to meet him and watch one of his training sessions at The James Shuler Memorial Gym.

Champion Steve Cunningham will also sign a pair of boxing gloves for the winning bidder.

Please help KO Cancer by bidding on this awesome boxing package all proceeds (100%) from this auction will be donated to The American Cancer Society. Winning bidder has the option to make a check payable to the American Cancer Society for the total of the winning bid.

Steve Cunningham and the winning bidder must agree on a mutual time for the meet and greet.

EBAY Auction Link


For more on the October 4th Shamrocks and Dreams Boxing Event and Jamaal Davis

For more on Steve Cunningham upcoming title defense -

For more on American Cancer Society

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