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24 NOVEMBER 2014

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"Showing respect"??? on Tue 19-Apr-2011:

I am from the Uk mate... And I do miss the level of quality at domestic level that you mixed at.
Here in Oz the best world class fighters go largely unrecognized and handful of over the hill B grade fighters get a lot of the money and headlines while grinding out soft defenses against old men.
WBA have crazy rule that if you become Australian champ you automatically enter the top 10 rankings…. Then if you just defend against nobodies without losing you find yourself ranked number 2
Then comes the craziest WBA rule… If the WBA world champ wins another belt he becomes a “super champion” and the WBA number 2 contender becomes a “WBA world champ”. That’s how Mundine has won his belts but you ask the average man in the street over here and he thinks he has won 2 world titles !
Now compare that to the route you had to take Marra…
Mundine is now going for his 3rd weight world title…at light mid Ryan Rhoads would destroy in five.

"Showing respect"??? on Sat 16-Apr-2011:

Well put Marra - Rule, Britannia fires me up... God save the Queen is outdated (one of the very oldest national Anthems and it shows).

Question for you Marra .... As quite well known past British fighter yourself.... What would you like to come into the ring to now ?

David Haye on Fri 18-Mar-2011:

I know what you mean M007 about Haye to 2 rounds to get going against Fraudly.

I have watched the fight a couple of times and I think that was because Fraudly is normaly a counter puncher but he did not want to throw punches first and leave gaps in his defense for Haye to spring into. The Ko was started by Fraudly trying to start throwing leather.

I think Wlad will look to get that great jab going from round 1 so I expect to see Haye unload from the off.

How do you think Solis will go on Sat ?? I think it will give us a good indication on how Haye will go. (that if he gets passed him)

Solis looks in great shape - I just wonder if he has the power to ko him. I see this going the distance with Vlad getting the nod (perhaps with a little of bit of help from his friends) )

David Haye on Fri 18-Mar-2011:

Fair enough MM007. I think I would just like to see him at the Ruiz weight 15stone 5 (give or take a lb) rather than the Audley weight which was 14 stone 10lb or something.

Its only 3/4 a stone I think he will retain his speed but bang a bit harder. I dont hink he is planning to go the distance so he will be paced for 7/8 round of power punching. I know he is a improved fighter but if you watch Wlads losses you will see he can be got to if you have fast hand like Sanders.

I think Wlad will be bombed out early - Vitali will be a great fight and his chin will be the difference.

Vitali has been hurt in his prime - Watch round 1 against Sanders on youtube. He was rocked to his boots. Haye bangs just as hard - 2 years ago I would say Vitali but now I think you can flip a coin the second fight.

David Haye on Thu 10-Mar-2011:

I am intrested to hear what people think on what weight Haye will come in at ?

Do you think he will come in light 14stone 10 built for speed....

Or do we think he will come in heavy (for Haye) at 15 stone 10 + built for power ??

Given the shockining judges in Germany (just ask anyone who fought Sven Ottke over there if they got a fair deal.... Byron Mitchell, Robin Reid, etc etc)

Its very sad but if this goes 12 then Haye will lose the fight regardless of what he does ! I see him comming in at 15stone 6lb + to get his guy out of there.

David Haye on Tue 8-Mar-2011:

I have a strong feeling Wlad will pull out with a "injury" nudge nudge wink wink..... and Haye will fight Vitali instead. Wlad is made for Haye - Haye will knock him cold in 3-4 rounds.

Vitali can weather the storm..... come on strong and either stop haye on win on points with the help of the German judges. Haye has to stop him he wont get anything over there if it goes 12 ! Everyone knows that !

 If they do pull this switch stunt then it will damage boxing for good !

David Haye on Mon 15-Nov-2010:

Me old Mate Marra - Again you tell it how it is ! Nothing like world class live fight.... I do miss the big fights here in Sydney, I am stuck watching Mundane knock out powder puffs. I am Glad to hear you and the boys kept your cash in your pocket for this one. It was never going to be a Joe V Kessler

Fraudly thought he could hang on for 7 rounds and do what Carl Thompson did and come to the party after Haye was blowing. Two problems with that.....

1) Haye was kid when he punched himself out back then and he is far more conditioned complete fighter. Fighting at a more mature pace.

2) Carl Thompson was a warrior with a good chin with near supernatural powers of recovery and was only too happy to have a war... Dragging the young Hay into the trenches.....Saturday night Haye was never going to punch himself out against Fraudly cowering and backtracking with a high guard. He was expending no gas at all stalking him ready to unload.

Fraudly had one chance... A punchers chance, to come out blazing round 1, like he did against Williams 2nd fight and sprott 1 st fight....!

In those two fight he won one with a great stopage and an got countered and sparked in the second. The point is he rolled the dice and was threat in both fights because he was using his size and power. If he had done that on Sat he would of very likely got counter and stopped however he would of had a small chance and he would of made a fight of it for the fans. He could of slumped off into retirement knowing he never made it but he gave it a go. Now he will be rembered as a joke.

I will be intrested to hear what everyone thinks we learned from Haye on Sat ? Is he Ready for a pair of Kilts ? Did he look better at his new skinny 15 stone ? or do we want him up at 16 stone or even heavier ? Will the brothers be worried at the new smaller Haye ?

David Haye on Fri 12-Nov-2010:

Haye comes in at 15 stone !!

A little light if you ask me ! I dont understand why he has come in so light when he would have still had the speed advantage at his last weight for Ruiz (close to 16 stone). I would like to have seen him grow in his weight if anything - this should be preperation for fighting kilt brothers and he needs to be around and above that 16 stone mark....

I just hope he blow Fraudly out nice and early because.... 1) when your 3 stone lighter you dont take a punch as well. 2) If Audly uses his weight in clinches and leans on him on the ropes then its going to drain haye.

Still think he will smash him.... But a shrinking heavyweight is going to please Wlad and Vitali. We all know a good Big guy will always beat a good little guy... ! He needs to be growing !

That said Frauldy is not that good... If you watch him labour in the Sprott fights (even before he did his shoulder in the 2nd) you will see where Haye will murder him.


Great thread guys - Some valid comments.

I think Pacman & Freddie will look at the fight the other night and see round 2 as a blue print for how he "could win" Ko early although I think he will also look at it and see how he could also lose it over the 12.

Pac wont tire like Mosley but FM works fighters out and ajusts his boxing... Like its been said on here Pacman does not look his best against pure boxers.

I do think Pacman is faster than Mosley and will catch FM early, and ask more questions than the other night. Its not the power of the punches its the ones you dont see comming you cannot ride or brace yourself for that do most of the damage. I can see a stopage inside 5 rounds.... although..... That could be my Heart/Head like Marra said.

The Path Of Khan! on Fri 23-Apr-2010:

DEL G - What retire ??? WTF he is a baby !! at 22 -  if he loses (and he wont) he still can improve and kick on.  What kind of advice is that ???

Have you ever.... Ever.... Ever heard of a 22 year old world champ getting beat and hanging up his gloves, say well f*ck that thats me done I will not top that... nothing more to prove.... ??? (while having the worlds best trainer molding you into a better fighter)

NO ! total b*llox ! If he loses he will be back but improved because he wont take a bad ko from PM.

What if pacman had retired when he lost in his mid/late 20's ??? He would not be the fighter he is now !...Total b*llox he will beat him.... and if he dont he will learn. Judge him as a fighter in 4 year.... not now when he is learning not on the fringe of retirement.

He will be a 2/3 weight wrold champ and be the tommy hearns (massive ko but brittle chin) of this weight for a few years ! I for one look forward to it.

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