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26 NOVEMBER 2014

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Should Hatton fight again on Wed 19-Aug-2009:

Below is not my post....but it is pt so well that i have to copy and paste it for all of you to see again.  Nice one Matto

Hatton was never an A-level fighter".....? What an absolute load of nonsense. I'd love to know you're criteria for becoming an "A-level" fighter then, Reevo.
Hatton beat an abundance of world level operators, including a then p4p top-three Kostya Tszyu, and only ever lost to current p4p number 1 fighter's, Mayweather and Pacquiao.
Hatton has been universally regarded as the best 140lber for 4 years and spent most of that time in the top 5 or 6 on many a p4p list.
Regardless of whether he should fight on or not, the guy cetainly deserves his credit - as a very good, world class A-level fighter who was only ever beaten by legends of the sport.

Should Hatton fight again on Wed 19-Aug-2009:

Bigal you twonk! You're one of those guys who thinks that only fights in america count. Hatton has lost it now, but in his prime he would have lasted alot longer than the 2nd round against pacquio. he has fought the best, and lost twice, once to mayweather, who is alot bigger anyway, and once to pacquio, probably the quickest puncher since Ali. The guy throws 2 punches at once for F's sake!
But because he isnt a "pugulist" and he's a bit rough and ready doesnt make him less skillfull. To have someone on the ropes for 30 seconds without the  ref calling break takes skill. he manouveres his body, he tricks opponents and refs into thinking its toe-to-toe when really he has his opponant exactly where he wants him.
How can anyone say that a 5/6 time world champ, who only lost to Hall of Famers, is average. Put it this way, he beat Maliniggi with ease, despite being old and past it. What does that say. It says that even way below his best he can beat the no1 contender in his weight division.

Should Hatton fight again on Fri 3-Jul-2009:
How can anyone say that Hatton isn't an A-level fighter???? Losing to Pacman and Mayweather doesnt make you a B-level fighter.

He's been at the top of the tree for 5 years. The belts and the respect he gets from the world's boxing media says it all!

However i do think he fought Mayweather and Pacman too late. He should've been hitting America a year or two earlier. By the time he fought Collazo it was the beginning of the end. Fans were callng for him to go to America ages ago and Ricky Hatton knew it too. THAT'S WHY HE LEFT WARREN!!! He couldnt get him any good fights. Instead he was left to knock out bums for a couple of years!

hatton was an under-rated performer. He was agressive so people took him as a brawler but the real fans (and media) know he was a classy fighter


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