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28 NOVEMBER 2014

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David Haye on Tue 17-Aug-2010:

I actually think it'd be cool to have a major boxing star come out as'd help shatter the stereotype of them as being knuckle-scrapers.I always thought Oscar De La Hoya was gay.
As for Toney,always entertaining but not surprising! He's just as trashy as Haye in the talking department...hell,even less classy than B-Hop,and that's saying something!

David Haye on Tue 17-Aug-2010: really do have a problem with the British. At least you're honest about your xenophobia I need to try and dress it up as actual boxing analysis. I think they've had plenty of brave fighters...Nigel Benn springs to mind for example.
If the British are cowards,then we're well and truly screwed...they're the only ones who take our side in anything.
Asked around in work today by the way,and no-one..I repeat,no-one, knew who the hell I was talking about when I mentioned the Klitschkos.

David Haye on Sun 15-Aug-2010:

Bearcat,you post some good stuff, but this personal issue with Britain is really uncalled for. Where you coming out with this stuff when Lennox Lewis was champ?
Everyone has a tendency to support their America really any different? And while we're on that subject,glancing at the top ten heavyweights,I'd say the Brits have more to look forward to than we have. We have fatty Arreola.
Don't get me wrong...the Hayes rants are getting tiresome,especially as they're not backed up.
As for Haye not being known in the US, I bet you any money that Joe Public doesn't know who the Klitschkos are either.
They would if they were American.


And sticking with the rating of Foreman at number 4 (the point of my original post, not so much the rating of Tyson)...I'd have rated Holmes above him.
Larry Holmes ran Holyfield a lot closer than Foreman did, he also came close to beating McCall, and he completely outclassed your number 5 in this list, Ray Mercer. Foreman was taking a beating from Moorer before landing a dream punch in the 10th, and was also outboxed by Tommy Morrison.I don't think his performances at world class were anywhere as good as Larry's in this period.


And now that we're being asked for specifics,I also love this line from the original article, titled "Greatest Heavweights of the 1990s:
"Spanning 13 years of what was arguably the division's second most talent deep period (eclipsed only by the Golden Age of Ali-Frazier-Foreman), the 1990s were far from perfect."
Yes,you read that correctly, the author states that this ranking of the 90s decade actually covers 13 years...why the extra three years?
Specifically, if you're going beyond the 1990s to include an extra three years, why is it 2000-2002,rather than 1987-1989 that are included?
I suspect that it's to focus on the best of Lewis and exclude the best of Tyson....hence we have a 1990s list where the 2002 Lewis win over Tyson is factored in, but Tysons win over Holmes is blasted for being out of the date range..even though Lewis was also a pro in the late 80s.
How about just doing a straight rating based on 1990 thru 1999?

Offline really can't cope with people disagreeing with your opinions, can you?
As for making direct comparisons and arguments in the same era, here it is,based on common opponents :
Foreman v Savarese : Foreman wpts 10
Tyson v Savarese : Tyson KO1
Foreman v Stewart : Foreman wpts 10
Tyson v Stewart : Tyson KO1
Foreman v Holyfield : Lpts12
Tyson v Holyfield : L by KO 11, L by disq 3
Other than that, I'd say they're much of a muchness....which is why I don't think Foreman belongs at number 4.


How come Mike "China Chin" Moorer is rated above even this version of Tyson?
And for that matter, the only impressive win in this era by George Foreman is also over "China Chin" did that land him at number 4? Seriously, can anyone show me articles or opinions from that period where George Foreman was rated that highly in the 90s? We all loved to see his achievement of winning the title, but was he really the fourth best? A strong argument can be made that he didn't deserve the wins over Stewart and Savarese (both crushed in a round by the post-prime Tyson of this era) or Axel Schultz.
Tyson seems to be assessed more harshly (and thoroughly) in this list than George, in my opinion. Granted, Foreman was further past his prime, but that's entirely the's purely his performances in this era that should be assessed for what they were.


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