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27 NOVEMBER 2014

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Haye V Ruiz on Tue 13-Apr-2010:

Tua is not ranked in the top ten by the Big 3. So why would he have to get passed him ?

I am a Tua fan but he has not beaten a good fighter in years... I do think he is back on track now but he has got to fight a top ten fighter. A good bit of match making (somone who like to trade and not a slick boxer with high work rate) and he would be straight back in there.

Haye V Ruiz on Fri 9-Apr-2010:

Luke/Marra you both make good points. I think 16, 16,2 stone perhaps in a year or so is where he will peak.

I know Lenox Lewis was a bigger guy but its intresting to here him in a interview a few months after fighting Vitali - He said if he was to have a rematch he would of come in lighter so he was quicker and more mobile. I think your both right Haye will never match him in size so he needs to play to his strength which is moving like a light heavy.

Vitali has got a great chin but even his can be stung - I only watched the fight the other day - Corry sanders V Vitali (its up on youtube) first 3 rounds Sanders wobbled the big guy. Sander came in over a stone heavier than when he smashed Wlad and look out of shape and just could not keep it going, but I think there is the blue print to cause him some problems.

On another note what do people think of Haye getting out after 4 more fights ??

That would make him a young 30/31. I am always on here banging on at fighters to go when they have gone on to long but thats very young for a heavy and in my opinion he will just be reaching his peak.

Haye V Ruiz on Wed 7-Apr-2010:

Marra - you sound like a bloke who can call a fight.... A man who knows his boxing !

How do you think Haye will fair against the K' brothers.... Do you think he will continue to grow bigger that 16stone ??

Hatton-Cotto on Sun 4-Apr-2010:

Just think how many banjo's and checked shirts you can buy for 30 million Bearcat. Your wife/sister would be so impressed as you sit on your porch whittling under the stars.... I hear the swamp gass gives a kind of green glow.

Haye V Ruiz on Thu 1-Apr-2010:

My money is on Haye to do a job Early !

Ode to Joe on Thu 1-Apr-2010:

BJE - joe beat 8  world champions and became a 2 weight world champ. Not many people fancied the job against him during his decade of rule at SM the other two fighters who held version of the belts during most of this time were German.... and they wanted f*ck all to do with him !!

It show what a total jocky you are in your camp little post when you point out he avoided the mighty Pavlik.... and then point out Bhop was no challenge because he was to old....

I can only take from this you dont know these two have fought (after fighting Joe)  and Bhop knocked the sh*t out of him for
12 rounds.....

So what would Joe have done to walk forward at one pace in straight line Pavlik ?

Hatton-Cotto on Wed 17-Feb-2010:

I have worked out who you are Bearcat..... !!

You refuse to acknowledge Hatton as world class despite the fact he is a 5 time 2 weights world champion. (6 times if the IBF would of handed over the belt for beating he handed out Paulie)

2) Your bitter....Like your passed your best

3) You keep making white jibes against him....

Are you Junior Witter !!!???

Haye V Ruiz on Thu 11-Feb-2010:

Ruiz is the number one contender for the WBA... Haye has to fight him the belt get taken off him....

Haye V Ruiz on Fri 5-Feb-2010:

I am going to stick my kneck out on this one.....

I see Haye comming in a few pounds more this time as he grows slowly into the weight without effecting his speed. I think he will have more power than we have seen before closer to a 16 stone full blood heavy. (and still growing)

I see him not going sh*t or bust like he did as a kid again CarlT' but he will be looking to drop some massive bombs very early on and send a message around the world by blowing him away very early.

I know Ruiz has got a good chin but Tua caught him cold and I recon Haye will test his chin in the first 2/3 rounds.

If he does not get him out of there I think he will take a breather and settle down and try and grind him out in the mid late rounds. I agree with other post, if Ruiz is still there in the 10+ rounds he will be a threat down the homestraight.

However...... I go back to my early prediction he gets caught cold early in round 1/2 and gets smashed. I think a lot of people forget the moment when a tiny Roy J rattled Ruiz in the first round to the point where it put him off comming in close for the whole fight. Haye bangs a dam sight harder. Should be great fight !!

I AM SICK OF THIS RUBBISH on Sat 2-Jan-2010:

Bellowthebelt - Welcome to secondsout message boards.

Please explain to me how Pacman has managed to use steriods to move up through the weights and dominate when he has had to perform dozens of random urine test and 3 blood test for every fight....??

Urine test show up all performance enhancing drugs and he would have no idea when the boards were going to request the test.... So how is he doing it ??

Pacman is good for the sport..... dont thow mud at his name when you are not sure of the facts.

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