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23 NOVEMBER 2014

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I AM SICK OF THIS RUBBISH on Wed 30-Dec-2009:

I agree Pacman V Malianaggi will just be so oneside it will be a joke ! Hatton outboxed and beat Malianaggi up for 11 rounds and we all know what Pacman did to Hatton....

To be honest though I blame Mayweather..... The man wont fight without a advantage ! its always at his weight dragging big guys down weight drained to welter....ot a catch weight with little guys where he ignores the correct weight and pays a tiny fine for comming in heavy...

I knows blood test weaken Pacman and it take him a few days to recover so he is using that angle as he know Pac is happy up at welter.

Hatton-Cotto on Thu 17-Dec-2009:

You taking Freddie Roaches comments out of context to prove your own narrow minded point....

Freddie Roaches comments were intended as a dig at hattons trainner...who had digs at Freddy though out the build up.... Calling him a "joke coache" etc.

Post fight Freddie said he new hattons style better than he did and that he had the master plan to beat both Hatton and mayweather. He did say "he was not that good". But went on to say if Hatton had come to hime earlier in his career he would have improved him as a figher....

IT WAS A SLEDGE AY MAYWEATHER !! have based all your entire 9 posts on somthing you did not get PMSL... 

Might be time to apply for a passport for the first time and get and see the world and grow that narrow mind of yours.

Hey you and Mrs/Sister could visit Manchester !

Hatton-Cotto on Mon 23-Nov-2009:

how would you kow about what happens in England Bearcat ? You have never left the US... Hicks like you dont even own a passport. All six of your post you have made have been anti Hatton/UK..... with showing not a ounce of boxing knowledge....

I pity you and you dont even know why.

Kessler vs. Ward on Fri 20-Nov-2009:

Kessler will this one with a late stopage... or a very strong points win.

Hatton-Cotto on Wed 18-Nov-2009:

Emlightment... Two things...

1)Hattons chin is shot....

I wrote on this site on the 8-Oct-2008 that Hattons chin had been in decline since late 07 compared to his bullet proof peak against Tzyu :-

"That night Hatton walked through some massive shots that had no effect to get his own bombs off to grind down the legend to retire him on his stool forever."

"I stand by what I wrote 3 of Hattons last 5 fights have been worrying.... Please try and understand just how hard Tzyu bangs (just ask Zab Judah) and watch the Tzyu fight again then watch the following….

1) Collazo – He had more than “a few dodgy rounds” at the last 1/3 of the fight it were the worst rounds of his career as he was badly hurt and almost out on his feet from some big shots from a heavy punching big welter.

2) Mayweather to good and the ref did not help… but you claim was too big.. Ironically he has come up from a even lower weight but he just holds the weight better at welter than Hatton. FM has had a low KO rating up at this weight but seamed to hurt him again and again. The Ko at the end was a heavy one.

3) Juan Lazcano - This one is the most worrying –  A good little boxer but this guy was picked for his lack of power for a comeback fight… he does not bang… he has only stopped a handful of guys in his long carear. He tagged Hatton again and again and again and several times he was stunned and hurt. Please watch this and compare it to the Tzyu fight and you will see that his punch resistance has been declining in each fight starting with Collazo damage.Finger crossed his new trainer Mayeather Senior will bring out the much underestimated “Hatton the Boxer” that we have occasionally seen glimpses of every other fight. It should and make him harder to hit allow him to get some better combinations off rather than the 100mile an hour stuff for the crowds… That coupled with Malignaggi lack of power he should out work him and take him to a 12 round points win.  (I doubt he will stop him as Cotto could not shift him).I would like Hatton to hang them up like Lewis and hopefully Joe and retire with his belt. "

Hatton won all of the above fights other than FM but the warning signs were there for all to see when he got tagged he wobbled..... in the past he would just shrug them off and come tearing back with body punches...

Sadly Hatton did not hang em up after PM and boxed one best PVP fighters of all time and got KO very badly very early....

Some fighters punch resistance goes after taking some heavyshots and it never comes back, the poor conditioning between fights has also in my opinion had effect over time. Still Hatton fought anyone and can be proud of what he has done for the sport.

The guy made 8 million just under Frank Warren he has his family and friends and a future outside the ring why risk his health.

Your 2nd point :- a "championship fighter" ..... ???

(unless by this you mean that a championship fighter he was a 5 time 2 weight world champion !!  - Six if he had got the belt for boxing the ears of PM for the IBF !)

Hatton-Cotto on Mon 16-Nov-2009:

I hope Hatton does not get back in the ring. His chin is shot to bits.... His once great punch resistance has faded over the last 2 years with alarming effect. When our a all action take one to give one fighter then your finished.

As I said on here - Hatton should of got out on a win after he beat light punching Paulie for what should of been the IBF title.

Cotto would grind him down over 6-8 rounds and it would be another bad stopage.

I would like to see Cotto fight on though, I think he has more left in the tank. (he would have more left in the tank if his corner had got in out last night in the 9th... he did not even have a punchers chance)

Valuev vs. Haye on Thu 5-Nov-2009:

Haye to win on points - but I recon he will have to WIN BIG ! and I mean Nearly all the rounds to get the nod in Germany against a Don King Fighter............

If he wins this fight by anything less than 4 points  I think he will get robbed !

The Super Six on Tue 3-Nov-2009:

Come on Johnboy Dirrel made this a messy fight with some real negative stuff.... Dont get me wrong I love watching defensive counter punchers. I dont expect him to stand infront of Froch and trade because he would give away his advantes but he was the one running and spoiling.

He only tried to compete in the later stages. His owner corner admit if he had dont that from the start he would have won the fight. As he he had much more luck in the later stages.

As I said World championshipt fights are nearly always fair in the UK. Unlike some other coutries I could mention or southern states for that matter....

The Super Six on Mon 19-Oct-2009:

What a great weekends boxing with the Super six !!


We just got 2 back to back fights that would have taken ages to come off knowing boxing politics


(Froch fighting No1 unbeaten contender..... and stay at home JT off the back of a last round Ko jumping in with the late round stoppage specialist AA in his backyard !!).


This must of hand some of these fighters’ handlers cringing when this draw was made but I think it’s great for boxing and has got everyone talking again.


I think a lot of fighters who are not in the Super Six will be on the outside looking in at the media/fan interest with green eyes. Fact is if you want headlines you have got to prove you’re the best at the weight not dance around been managed around hard fights through their whole careers like Sven Ottke for example was.


Fair play Marra for calling the late stoppage hope you had some cash on it mate. I thought JT might be in big trouble against such a solid late finisher. I cannot see many of the other fights he can win now of the SS as it looked a second back to back heavy KO and its will take its toll on his confidence and his whiskers.


Froch fight was a lot harder to call - a lot of people were writing off the Brit as his footwork is poor and his defence is not the best. He also tends to walk forward in straight lines and get picked off on the way in. That said he has got a great chin, solid engine, and can bang. So as Marra called if anyone is going to beat him they are going to know they have been in a fight at the end of it.


Froch now fights Kessler in a world unification fight.... Again.... Could you imagine how long that would take to arrange with the all the crappy politics !! Great for the fans and the sport ! I think this will prove a bridge to far for him as Kessler hold the same natural advantages as Froch (strength and chin) but he has a good defence and is underrated as a boxer.


Jonboy read your read up of the fights... Good stuff.. I think a chance for a Stinky hometown decision was never on the cards. World title fights in held in Britain are very nearly always fair. I just wish more top Americans make the trip across the pond. They will get a fair roll of the dice !

The Super Six on Thu 8-Oct-2009:

Great post Marra !

I think the super 6 is the best fighting the best. I think it will bring some much need interest back to the sport. To many champions been driven by $$ and not the desire to be the best at the weight.

World champions from one organisations dont even rank other world champions at the same weight.... somone tell me how thats good for the sport ?

No one will have a easy run to a world championship on this one with several world champs and ex world champs throwing their hat in the ring.

Kessler is my pic - I was luck enought to be ringside to see him in a great scrap with JC.

Great defense - great boxing and hand speed - and boy can he bang ! the most avoided fighter in years.... This super 6 will make him a world Star !

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