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26 NOVEMBER 2014

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Maywheather vs. Marquez on Fri 25-Sep-2009:

Cruiser weight ??? What the hell you going on about ??? These boy fight at welter !!

Even in todays age where the weigh-ins have been moved forward for health reasons, when they rehydrate afterwards they only go up 8/9lb at most. Can anyone say that Floyd looked like David Haye last week ??? NO !

However for the record Floyd only fights the best fighters at a weight that suits him. Hatton had to move up, Pacman will have have to and he wont meet Sugar up at light middle or even a catch weight.... he will have to weight drain down to Floyds. That said  he is the man to beat so why should he !

FURY Vs McDermott (Robbery) on Tue 15-Sep-2009:

Just hope lessons are learned and more than 3 judges are used for English title upwards.
More judges = harder to fix fights.
Boxers have such a quick amount time to make there money and get out and I feel for McDermott who had a big chunk of his future earnings robbed from him, because lets be clear on this.... the outcome of this fight could not of been a error of judgement.

FURY Vs McDermott (Robbery) on Sat 12-Sep-2009:

A dark night for British boxing.....


Sorry to rain on your party but Lennox was born in West Ham, London (In UK) )

He moved over the water when he was 12 and took up boxing because the locals took the p*ss out of his accent... He moved back home the second he turned pro. He fought under the British Flag and he declared he had always considered himself British.....

glass jaw-granite chin on Mon 3-Aug-2009:

Mercer and Hagler Ali are 3 could calls mentioned....

3 other ones I have noticed mentioned Larry Holmes.... although there was no one even close to him to test him in his prime.

Waye “Pocket Rocket” McCulough had an amazing chin..... if that lad had a bit of power he would of been a great.

Last but by know means least the often over looked great.... The Body Snatcher Mike McCallum (he managed to go 12 with RJJ when he when he need a stannah stair lift to get into the ring.

I agree with other newer post about Lenox Lewis - He had a great chin - on both his stoppages he got up and had a agrgument to fight on !  Also nothing wrong with Tyson's chin he could take a great shot in his prime.

matty boy your spot on about mundine.... He is gun shy.... Blown away early in his career until his parking ticket was up ... since then he has got on his bike when it gets nasty..... He ran down to middlewieght rather than fight Kessler again even though he was in line for a world title shot !! PMSL.... and he calls himself the man. Anyway the joke fighter does not even deserve to share the same web page as these great fighters.

Should Hatton fight again on Wed 22-Jul-2009:

BigAl - You have show how ignorant you are as far as Hattons fight record, I am guessing you also think Joe and Lenox were overated also.... ?

Your wise words "Hatton is an average fighter who fought in England against measured opponents. When he crossed the big pond to step up in class he got demolished twice and embarrassed himself"

Hatton boxed the ears off Vince Philips (ex IBF champ) & Ben Tackie plus a good set of fighter who had fought for the world title or there abouts before becoming number 1 challenger - running into the great Kostya Tszyu for IBF belt.

After winning by grinding him down he then won the WBA by stopping Maussa and then moved up (CROSSING THE POND) and became a two weight world champion beating Lollazo.

Moved down and CROSSING THE POND  a few more times ! - beating Juan Urango for IBF belt and Castillo.

He also boxed the ears off world champion Paul Malignaggi (CROSSING THE POUND) stopping him late somthing Cotto could not manage ! To say he is average and not world class is a joke. You dont become a 2 weight 5/6 world champ if you are average... he got beat by 2 of the greatest pound for pounders of all time. Yes he is over the hill, yes his chin has gone but he was a great fighter in his prime.

Ps. If you watched a few episodes of south park you would rethink your name "BIGAL"


I have to say Tyson is 4/5 spots to low..... He would have hammered all in HIS PRIME appart from lewis

Holyfield was hurt and  nearly KO by smoking Burt Cooper around this time - I think a prime Tyson would have had to much power. I think later on Tyson went backwards because of all the well documented problems and Holyfield got bigger at the weight as time went on (hence the two great wins he scored against a faded Tyson)

Tyson would have smashed Bowe.... Bowe was chinny and he hand picked his championsip fights.... no real world champion put the WBC belt in the bin because he sh*t scared of fighting... no amount of smack talk can cover up the coward....

One name that would be a curve ball in this list would be Golota !!! Blessed with all the physical skills and size of a heavyweight great... but the brain of a mountain goat... the big man knocked the crap out of Bowe twice and effectively ended Bowe's career (in the 2nd fight Bowe's trunks band was up around he chin.... but dont get me started there !!) Golota would murder 60% of this list and he is not on it......

Should Hatton fight again on Wed 17-Jun-2009:

Well put Matto - Hatton was a 2 weight - 5 time world Champion...!!!

(thats without including the landslide win against Paul Malignaggi - Where he should have picked up the IBF belt)

How can he not be world class ??

Lots of world class fighter dont even pick up a belt let alone 5/6 at two weights !

Hatton got beat by two of the greatest pound for pound fighter of all time not just recent years...

If he had not had these fights then no one would be on here banging on like he was a club fighter.... Hatton took the fights where he new he was a big underdog because he has got balls.

The time to go was after beating Paul Malignaggi (as I said on here at the time). He fought on and got beat... Badly... he should go and enjoy his retirement and most switched on fight fans will respect him for what he has done.

Should Hatton fight again on Wed 13-May-2009:

Rumble - Hatton should not fight on - His chin has gone.... He made 8 million just under Warren and loads more since.....

I said month back on this website his chin was shot and he should get out after beating PM to bow out with a nice win for the fans but he did not.

He does not owe anything to his fans.... he fought with heart and got carried out on his sheild... He just cannot do it any more.

He fight on he looses his health! Take a look a Freddy Roach, Joe Fraizer and Ali its not how he looks and sounds now its in 20 years ! No one wants that for the little manc, he has done amazing for British boxing but lets move on and get behind new younger fighters that are fighting this Fri and let Hatton retire in peace with his family.

Top 10 1980s Middleweights on Wed 6-May-2009:

Great, Great list I dont think you put a foot wrong with your top 7. The Marvelous one wrecked everyone and has got to be a all time great.

Even though he came in late - Michael Nunn capture the title in 88 by sparking Frank Tate and was considered one of the PVP best.  He beat Kalambay and Iran Barkley back to back in 89 and held the title until he ran into James T in 91.

Even though it was a late show I would have to have him at least on my 80's list.

I would of loved to have seen him arrive 3/4 years earlier. Imagine the wars with Haggler and hearns in their primes Good fun ! (I think haggler would have walked through him in 7 though)

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