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22 APRIL 2018


ATE: Abraham-Miranda Preview, Pavlik Or Jones For Calzaghe, Pound 4 Pound List, Retired ‘Money’, Cotto-Margarito And More

'King' Arthur Abraham:
'King' Arthur Abraham:

In this week’s edition of Ask The Editor (ATE), we preview this weekend’s Arthur Abraham-Edison Miranda rematch and debate who should Joe Calzaghe be fighting next, Kelly Pavlik or Roy Jones Jr? The current pound for pound ratings get a look over, we ask again if Floyd Mayweather Jr is really retired, we test the water of Cotto-Margarito and much more.

Name : Ronny Wilson
Country : USA
Your Question :
I can’t wait. This is what boxing is about. Abraham-Miranda 2! You have got to give credit to both guys for taking the fight. So called elite boxers take note. Take the toughest fights out there. How does the team see this weekend’s rematch going?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: I agree, fair play to both for taking the fight. Both have something to prove in this fight. Abraham that he can win away from home without the comfort of a ’home decision’ and Miranda because he thinks he was robbed last time and will want to put the record straight now. I think if Miranda can keep his head, fight his fight, then he can win on points in a very close battle. I’m really looking forward to this one

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Ronny, you’re right,…Abraham-Miranda II should an excellent rematch. I like Abraham by decision in another grueling fight.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: I love this fight because I don’t know who will win for sure. You never know how a boxer is going to handle having his jaw broken. Some never recover. Abraham has had wins since the last Miranda fight, but Edison is going to test his jaw again, for sure. I can scenarios where both men can win. It’s just a damn good fight on paper.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: Fighting with a broken jaw from the fourth round on, as Abraham did in the first fight, would put anyone off their game. He looked like he had a football in his mouth for goodness sakes and did splendidly to tough it out. I thought the fight should have been stopped and the overall officiating was woeful. Healthy, though, I think the German is the better all-round fighter and he should box his way to a decision victory. This will be an interesting fight – especially with it being at a heavier catchweight.

Name : James Hill
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
First of all congrats to Kelly Pavlik on beating Gary Lockett, but lets be fair, we all knew how that was going to end, no disrespect to Lockett. I’ve just read that Joe Calzaghe has said he wont be fighting Pavlik anytime soon, instead concentrating on Roy Jones Jr. I think all real fight fans would rather see him fight Pavlik, but after all Joe’s time in boxing and his achievements, I think he deserves a payday against what most would probably see as a lesser threat. Eventually Pavlik looks like he will be moving up to super middleweight, where there are many fights for him, and I’m just surprised nobody (at least not that I’ve heard) has suggested a possible future bout between Pavlik and Kessler. What do you guys think about that one? I think it would be an extremely good fight, possibly by the time it is a realistic fight to make, we will see undisputed middleweight champ against undisputed super middle champ in Kessler, who I’m sure will dominate the division. Add to the mix the likes of Miranda, Taylor etc, super middleweight could be a hotly contested division in the coming years.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: James, I too think Joe has earned a massive payday and to a certain degree do feel Jones Jr would be easier than facing a teak tough Pavlik. But I have to say I thought Joe struggled more than I expected against Hopkins. And at times Joe found it very tough in there. Based on that, don’t assume a victory over even a past his best Jones is a given. Pavlik vs. Kessler, what a fight, come on HBO, could be ‘Fight of the Year’.

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: James, there’s already talk that if Kessler gets by Dimitri Sartison this weekend for the vacant WBA 168 lbs title, that Pavlik may move up and challenge the Dane later this year. I would pick Pavlik to beat Kessler if it happens.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Roy Jones Jr is good money for lesser risk for than facing Pavlik for Calzaghe. In many years time people will look back in the record books and say, “That Calzaghe must have been won hell of a boxer. He beat Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr.” Yes, but lets never forget that both were way past their best at the time. As for Pavlik-Kessler, I’m tipping Pavlik right now. I was terribly disappointed with Kessler’s performance against Calzaghe. The ‘Viking’, also after ducking Edison Miranda, needs some impressive wins to regain the momentum and reputation he once had.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: You’re right, James. Pavlik would be a much tougher fight for Calzaghe but the big, big money is in a Jones fight with much less risk. Pavlik against Kessler would be a magnificent contest. The American is going to run out of real options at 160lbs pretty quick, so that fight makes perfect sense.

Name : Thor Wallbridge
Country : Australia
Your Question :
It is with great dismay that I have read that Joe Calzaghe believes he is a class above Kelly Pavlik and is better served by fighting Roy Jones Jr. Could you please outline why Pavlik is the better opponent for Joe at this time? Surely Mr Calzaghe must realise how this statement makes him appear to fight fans.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Thor, I can only assume Joe and his camp feel a fight with Jones is more winnable and more lucrative and maybe that is true. But for me and fight fans, Joe vs. Kelly Pavlik is the fight. Pavlik is a very dangerous hungry individual inside the ring and maybe Joe also thinks that as well. One thing is for sure, I would not like to run into Kelly Pavlik after a few beers on a Friday night.

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Thor, I really don’t have a problem with Calzaghe cashing in on a Roy Jones Jr. PPV date. Calzaghe is 36 years old and deserves to optimize his paydays at this point. Let’s see if Calzaghe beats Jones and Pavlik continues to win. I’m sure Calzaghe-Pavlik still might happen in the next two years.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Yes, I would have loved to see Calzaghe-Pavlik too. That would have been the icing on the cake. Calzaghe’s decision is what it is. People are going to say how great Calzaghe is/was, but beating a green Jeff Lacy, a disappointing Mikkel Kessler and past their prime Bernard Hopkins, Chris Eubank and Roy Jones Jr doesn’t make you a legend in my book.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: I can’t blame Calzaghe. If he was a little younger and had a couple of years left I’m sure he would fight Pavlik. This, though, will probably be his last fight and he wants to make moolah now, therefore a fight with a name like Jones Jr is perfect for a last big dollar hurrah. His remarks about Pavlik is fighter-speak for ‘I won’t make as much dough.’ Make no mistake – Pavlik is a much, much tougher opponent than Jones.

Name : Oskar Arnason
Country : Iceland
Your Question :
Got a few questions for the team:
1. How do you see these mythical match-ups go: Pavlik vs. Monzon & Pavlik vs. Hagler. All in their prime?
2. I for one don’t like Joe Calzaghe’s pursuit of Roy Jones Jr when he could fight Pavlik next. He’s basically going for a safer fight when he should be cementing his legacy in the States. Do you give RJJ any chance of upsetting the Welshman? I don’t. What’s the point then?
3. I’m picking Cotto over Margarito. I thing he’s just too fast and crafty for the T Tornado. What’s your prediction on that fight?
4. How do you rate Edwin Valero’s chances against Pacquiao or JMM at this point? And how much would you pay to see it?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Put us on the spot why don’t you, Oscar?
1. Pavlik nicks it against Monzon. Hagler cuts up Pavlik for a stoppage. One thought. I don’t think we have seen Pavlik in his prime yet.
2. Yes I do, if the same Joe turns up for Roy that fought Bernard Hopkins. I believe Bernard’s 43 year-old legs finally caught up with him late in that fight. Having said that Hopkins is a hell of a fighter and has many a good fight left in him.

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Oskar, it appears as if Pavlik is really the “goods”. I’m not ready to pick him to beat Monzon or Hagler yet, but that could change. I think Calzaghe-Jones Jr. is a pick ‘em fight, so I say, “Let’s see what happens and then pursue Pavlik”. I’m with you - favoring Cotto to beat Margarito. It’s hard for me to gauge Valero based on his competition so far, but he can certainly punch, which can’t be learned. Right now, I would have to make the Venezuelan an underdog going into fights against ‘Pac Man’ and Marquez.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: 1. If Pavlik can be knocked down by Taylor, Monzon and Hagler would also find a way to do it and they wouldn’t let him off the hook. 2. No. 3. Cotto W.12. 4. They are both a step up for Valero, but I’d still PPV US$50.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: 1. Yikes! I’m going to go with Monzon and Hagler by stoppage. 2. Roy Jones will not beat Joe Calzaghe. This fight is taking place a bunch of years too late for the American. 3. I’m picking Margarito for the upset….just. 4. I would pick Pacquiao and JMM over Valero. I would reluctantly pay $49.99 and not a penny more.

Name : Mo Butt
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
With the retirement of Floyd Mayweather Jr, how do you guys see the current P4P top ten? Here’s mine:
1. Manny Pacquiao
2. Joe Calzaghe
3. Juan Manuel Marquez
4. Israel Vazquez
5. Miguel Cotto
6. Kelly Pavlik
7. David Haye
8. Ricky Hatton
9. Bernard Hopkins
10. Winky Wright

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Mo, you know your stuff…a very well constructed PFP list! I might throw in Paul Williams, Joan Guzman or Ivan Calderon somewhere, but it’s hard to argue with your top ten.

1. Manny Pacquiao
2. Juan Manuel Marquez
3. Joe Calzaghe
4. Bernard Hopkins
5. Israel Vazquez
6. Miguel Cotto
7. Kelly Pavlik
8. Rafael Marquez
9. Ricky Hatton
10. Cristian Mijares

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: I HATE lbs for lbs lists, Mo. Here’s mine, though. Not too sure how David Haye squeezed his way up to 7th on yours, lbs for lbs puncher, maybe?
1. Manny Pacquiao
2. Joe Calzaghe
3. Juan Manuel Marquez
4. Kelly Pavlik
5. Israel Vazquez
6. Miguel Cotto
7. Rafael Marquez
8. Christian Mijares
9. Chris John
10. Ricky Hatton

Name : Luca Biason
Country : China
Your Question :
On Mayweather’s retirement, well if this is what he truly feels then best of luck to PBF (his personal bank account should help too!) I personally wish he had taken a couple of fights more, the ones we well and truly want to see, that is. His overall skills are indisputably amazing, but I would have liked to see him not against washed-ups like Gatti, De La Hoya and to a certain extent, Judah or what proved to be overmatched opponents Baldomir and Hatton. No disrespect intended as you could argue that it was exactly because of his amazing skills that they looked overmatched. The true tests of Floyd’s all-time greatness lie ahead, Cotto on top of everyone else, and I am a tad sorry that he chose not to take them. Unless all this is the usual commercial operation we have grown used to witnessing on a more or less regular basis. In any case, most heartfelt thanks to Floyd and all the best. Next please!

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Luca, I’m going to bet against Mayweather staying retired. If the “Cotto Machine” keeps rolling, Mayweather will get the itch to come back and derail him, and believe it or not, if it happens in the next 18 months, I think Mayweather wins comfortably on points.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: The only real challenge out there for Floyd Mayweather Jr now is Miguel Cotto, if he defeats Antonio Margarito. I think there is still a good chance Mayweather will fight again.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: With a mega money fight with Oscar now scrapped, it’s clear that Floyd is not doing this for monetary gain later on. A very winnable fight with Hatton in a footie stadium in England might get his juices flowing for next year, however. We’ll have to wait and see.

Name : Will Black
Country : China
Your Question :
Hi guys, quite a weekend of boxing! I was surprised that so many writers chose Quintana over Williams in the rematch, but I was also surprised by the early KO as I never really considered the ‘Punisher’ a big puncher. I did think he would win by late KO or easy decision as I think he’s a class above Carlos. So keeping in the division, I’m starting to wonder: Is Cotto going to handle Margarito? Cotto is by far my favourite fighter these days, and I would’ve taken all bets on him a week ago, by now I’m starting to have doubts. What do you think, and how do you rate Paul Williams after his destruction of Quintana? Is he that good?

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Will, I like Cotto too based on the fact that he hasn’t backed down from any challenges so far. It will be interesting to see how the Puerto Rican fares against the taller Margarito, which will lend some insight as to how he will do against another tall welterweight like Williams, who I think is an imposing threat to any welter following that first round KO of Quintana.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: I’m not convinced about Margarito. The Williams fight was not one of his best performances. I like Cotto on points. As for Williams, maybe he just had an off night. Maybe the weight in the first fight worried him. Whatever it was, there is no better way to win your world title back then with a first round knockout!

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: You’ve got to hand it to Williams. That’s how to win back a title. I keep waiting for Cotto to get into the type of trouble that he’ll not be able to fight his way out of. It hasn’t happened yet but I think Margarito, with his volume and power, could catch him somewhere in the middle rounds and hand the Puerto Rican his first loss.

Name : Leon Profi
Country : Germany
Your Question :
My question is whether you know if Vitali Klitschko is going to comeback against Samuel Peter this year or not? Vitali hasn’t given any public interview on that topic after loosing the mayoral elections in Kiev recently.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Hi Leon. As far I know Vitali is far from ready and was told he is carrying a little too much weight. Personally, I think he has been out of the ring for far to long and at 37 will surely struggle.

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Leon, I don’t think there’s a scheduled date yet, but as far as I know Peter versus V. Klitschko is indeed going to happen sometime later this year…assuming the Klitschko can remain healthy through a whole training camp.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: As far as I’m aware the fight is going to take place this fall. Why? Beats me.

Name : Sean “Big C” Castle
Country : Australia
Your Question :
What is going on with Robbie Peden. Is he finished?

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Former IBF junior lightweight world champion Robbie Peden lost to Ranee Ganoy by 8th round knockout in Brisbane on 9th March 2007. At the time, Peden had hoped to take out Ganoy before considering moving up a division to take on Lovemore Ndou or fellow Queenslander Michael Katsidis. It didn’t work out that way and Peden later retired and has not fought since.

Name : Jamie Ellison
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
What do you think of the decision to strip Kevin McIntyre of his British welterweight title when he was legitimately injured? Personally I think it’s a bit harsh, he had beaten a very good champion in Kevin Anderson and bested him in the rematch, not to mention the fact that he only fought 4 months ago! Surely he deserves better than this? Danny Williams hasn’t defended the British heavyweight title since he won it 15 months ago, despite being injury free, and has, correctly, not been stripped. Why strip Kevin of the belt he has worked so hard for? He looks likely to be installed as mandatory challenger to whomever wins out of Brook and Jones, but as he will now be challenger he will have to take the short end of the money as well as be viewed as the challenger by the judges, which is probably worth a round or two on the cards. Do you think the Board were right to strip him?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS:Jamie, in an ideal world Kevin would not be stripped. As I understand it Kevin has pulled out injured twice from title defences. With that mind the Board of Control wanted to keep title moving so matched Kell Brook with Barrie Jones. As you may know Brook beat Jones last week and he must defend against Kevin next. Is it right Kevin gets stripped?No. But I can understand the board’s decision. In any case Kevin still gets to fight for the title again and as long as he gets a 50/50 split of the purse, fine. Its got to be better than the board hoing down the road of interim titles isn’t it?

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Jamie, as long as McIntyre is guaranteed mandatory status for the winner of Brooks-Jones, I think he needs to just stay focused in training and not worry about being stripped. If he truly believes he’s the British champion, he’ll be more likely to fight that way and be inspired to prove it when he gets his next shot.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Yes, the stripping while McIntyre is injured only four months from his last fight appears harsh.

Name : Steve Foster Sr
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Why do u have Stephen Foster Jr ranked in the feathers when is last three fights have been at super featherweight, the last one being against Alex Arthur in what was a very close shave for Mr Arthur and hoping for the rematch very soon after Jr deals with Femi Fehintola for the English title, it could even be Kevin Mitchell for his titles? Before Arthur, Frank Warren has promised these fights for Jr. Steve Sr here banging the drum for Jr as no one else seems to be.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Very nice to hear from you, Steve and I hope all is well. I’ll ask our UK correspondent Wayne Bartlett to answer this question directly for you as he updates the rankings every weekend. As you say, Steve weighed 129 1/2lbs against Arthur, 132 against Codet and 129 3/4 against Borov.

Name : Sean “Big C” Castle
Country : Australia
Your Question :
I’ve watched an Aussie goer called Johnny Cotterill Jr a few times - he seems quite willing (especially his fight vs. Allan Luxford) - how do you rate him?

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Pound for pound, junior welterweight Johnny Cotterill Jr 22-5 (10) is one of the most consistently exciting boxers in Australian boxing. His battle with Luxford in November 2003 on the Central Coast of NSW was a classic brawl. Win or lose, Cotterill gives the fans their monies worth.

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