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17 NOVEMBER 2018


ATE: All Hail Pacquiao the Great, Ricky’s Future, Floyd Sr, Money Mayweather, Hatton-Khan, Boxing Wishes and More

Pacquiao hammers Hatton:
Pacquiao hammers Hatton:

In today’s edition of Ask The Editor (ATE), we review from all angles Manny Pacquiao’s stunning knockout win over Ricky Hatton and consider what the winner and loser should both do now. We look at the affect trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr had on Hatton, contemplate Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr’s return to boxing, suggest a Hatton-Khan fight, grant some boxing wishes and much more.

Name : Viel Mervic Nuestro
Country : Philippines
Your Question :
Three words. Not Only two rounds?, but All-Time Great. No one ever predicted Pacquiao to annihilate the Hitman with ease in under three rounds, with the exception of Freddie Roach. If a Hitman should be a sharpshooter, then Manny is the Hitman in this fight as Ricky Hatton had no answers to everything the Pac-Man precisely threw. What big advantages were you talking about? What Ricky would be too strong for Manny were you talking about? That’s why it’s hard to predict a fight, and as Pacquiao said, “only God knows”, and also, it’s hard for the ones who predicted wrong (I feel very good right now!). Anyway, what a spectacle! We’ve just seen the first ever boxer to win four lineal championships in four weight classes. Up next? Floyd Mayweather Jr announced he came back right? You guessed it. If Floyd wins (as the odds would show in the future and I will bet my money on it) against Marquez, then the only fight out there is between the former and the current P4P kings. What do you think will happen if the two ever fought?

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Viel, I agree Pac-Man was totally awesome against Hatton and should Mayweather beat Marquez (no gimme), I predict Pacquiao will be the first man to beat Floyd.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: You have every reason to be proud of your boxer Viel. Pacquiao was awesome against Hatton. A lot of critics have given Hatton a hard time, but I prefer to simply praise Pacquiao. He is the best boxer in the world today and he destroyed Hatton, who has been a good world champion. Pacquiao is a great. If Pacquiao vs. Mayweather happens, I’ll be tipping the Pac-Man to win.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: That was a breathtaking performance from Manny Pacquiao at the weekend, Viel. Who would have thought that Ricky Hatton could be brutalized like that and disposed of in two rounds? It was as close to a perfect performance as you can get in this sport. Now, you’re right, Pacquiao versus the winner of Mayweather and Marquez is the top fight that fans want to see. They are much different opponents, though, Viel. You won’t see either Floyd or Juan Manuel run forward like a blind rhinoceros but, having said that, who can bet against Pacquiao now? He seems to be getting even better with every fight.

Name : Thomas Peak
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Hi guys, WOW, what a knockout that was by super Manny Pacquiao! Surely that is it for Hatton? I have watched every Hatton fight for at least the last 8 years and even remember his pro debut, who would have thought he would have had this fairytale ending? Winning world titles in two weights, conquering America and being a bigger star over there than Robbie Williams ever managed and then going out on his back like a champion is supposed to. Okay, that may be a slightly more glossy view of Hatton’s ending than even a Barrack Obama speech on the state of the economy, but he was a great champion, destroyed by one of the very, very best we have ever seen I think Hatton must retire and there is no better time to do it.

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Thomas, you’re probably right that Hatton should retire, but you know how it goes in boxing...most guys don’t walk away so easily.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: I can’t see Hatton retiring at 30. I’d be very surprised if he didn’t fight again. Hatton has been a good world champion. There is no shame in losing to greats like Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr. Ricky just couldn’t make the step up to the absolute highest level. But that doesn’t mean Hatton hasn’t given his fans one hell of an entertaining ride along the way.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: You’re right, Thomas. Hatton was a great champion and brought a lot to the sport but, if he cannot adapt his style at this stage of his career, then he really should retire. He showed glimpses of improvement against Paulie Malignaggi but, no matter how much he says that his boxing skills have evolved, Ricky Hatton’s heart and fighting instinct seems to take over more often than not and the top, top fighters will take advantage of that nine times out of ten. I have a feeling, however, that he’ll look back on that performance and will want to erase it as best he can by fighting on.

Name : James Linley
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Following the Hatton fight, I can honestly say I never saw that coming! Thought it would be a close fight with Manny having the edge and probably winning by TKO in 8-10 rounds. What I did find annoying is all of the talk about Hatton becoming No.1 P4P if he won. I don’t think even if he had KO’d Manny that he would be the No.1 fighter, that would then be J.M.Marquez. What do you think? Looking at the guys in the P4P lists, there are many who should be listed above Ricky (had he won). What do you think both he and Manny’s legacy’s are? I think Manny should go down as one of the true elite - alongside Armstrong, Robinson, Ali et-al. I believe that Ricky should be someway below that (of which there is no shame in) alongside fighters such as Terry Norris and Barry McGuigan, popular fighters who beat faded legends, but couldn’t sustain it against the very best, yet still make the IBHoF. Ricky should probably retire as where else can he go? Respect to Ricky for taking the fights he has, but sometimes it just isn’t meant to be.

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: James, it’s debateable what Hatton’s pound-for-pound status would have been had he beaten Pacquiao, but he certainly would have deserved consideration as the top guy, especially if Mayweather hadn’t announced his return. Ricky Hatton had a tremendous career. He ran into a buzz-saw last Saturday and an all-time great in Pacquiao.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: If Hatton had knocked out Pacquiao early, I would have considered moving him to the top spot, but it was not to be. Marquez is a clear No.2 behind Pacquiao now, but what to do with Floyd Mayweather Jr? Pacquiao is one of the greats of his era. His ability to move up through the weights and beat world champions has proved that. Hatton has been a good world champion. He just couldn’t make it to the very highest level.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: This is a terrific email, James and I could not agree with you more. Manny is definitely steamrolling his way to all time great status and he seems to get better each time he steps in the ring. Ricky has had a wonderful career and will always be recognized as one of the very best and most popular British fighters in recent memory but he’s just a notch or so below the crème de la crème and that’s ok.

Name : Alex Pacey
Country : Australia
Your Question :
I’m an Englishman living here in Australia and have just watched Hatton vs. Pacquiao. It’s on a Sunday lunchtime over here so I got all my mates over... barely had time to fire up the barbie and Manny has totally and utterly destroyed our boy.
The whole fight throws up so many issues and questions for me, maybe you guys can help me decipher a few of them.
1) So much for Hatton looking like the bigger man. I don’t care if he does put on the mentioned 14lbs between weigh-in and fight, Manny looked like the bigger, stronger guy. How does that guy look like such a monster at whatever weight he fights?
2) Hatton’s tactics. Hmmm... Billy Graham must be severely annoyed to have been fired so that Ricky could try new methods and progress under Mayweather Sr. If anything, Ricky looked to have gone backwards. He didn’t look like he knew what the hell to do. I know he got completely mugged, but is raising your hands to protect your chin against the rules these days? That brings me to my next point...
3) Mayweather Sr - great in between rounds advice – “see I told you to move your head”, gee thanks - best trainer in the world are you? How long will it be before he comes out and starts on about how Ricky never listened etc, etc? You can just hear it. I couldn’t help thinking that after the pasting he got in round 1, Ricky was missing Billy putting his arm round him and giving him some words of comfort rather than, “I told you so”.
4) Manny and Freddie - amazing, amazing team - I now finally believe there is a fighter who can beat Mayweather. I cannot recall him ever having had to deal with a problem quite like Manny before. Sure he’s a defensive genius, but against that kind of attack I’m not sure there’s a defence out there good enough. Manny’s taken it to another level recently in my mind at least.
Finally, I hope that Ricky retires now. He has been a great fighter and done great things for the sport globally. He’s clearly reached his level and painful as it to admit, that level is one half step short of the super elite guys.

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Alex, I’m not being lazy here, but I think all your comments are spot on from beginning to end...couldn’t have said it any better myself.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Well written Alex. Pacquiao seems to have found the right training mix to grow into the higher weight classes whilst retaining his speed and power. Boxing technique and correct tactics also play an important part in him appearing so dominant. I think the fight was over at the end of round 1. Ten seconds more and Hatton would not have made it into round 2. You can only applaud the work by Pacquiao and Roach. They seem perfectly suited. Bob Arum is right. Pacquiao looks better every fight because he goes back to the gym and learns more.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: 1. He is an intensely focused, dedicated athlete and always comes prepared. He is also a born puncher and he is taking that talent through the weight classes. 2. He looked terrible – no defense, stationary head, chin up, one-dimensional. Dreadful tactics and he paid a heavy price. 3. He still would have gotten pounded if Billy Graham had been in the corner. He just didn’t listen to Mayweather’s advice, didn’t execute his game plan and got knocked out in two rounds because of it. 4. Great team, but boxers like Marquez and Mayweather are masters of the sport of boxing and will present dangerous obstacles for Pac-Man to overcome.

Name : Daniel Thomas
Country : Australia
Your Question :
Hi guys. Like many people, I was surprised by Manny’s domination of Hatton on the weekend. I have read that there may have been disharmony between Ricky and Floyd Sr during the training camp for this fight. Can you report on any evidence of this prior to the fight and how their relationship may have affected Ricky’s concentration and performance on the day?

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Daniel, I also heard there was a rift between Floyd Sr. and Hatton, so I’m sure there’s some truth to it, but I don’t know any details. However, it didn’t matter...Hatton had no chance against Pacquiao. When fighter A is hitting fighter B with power punches he doesn’t see coming, fighter B isn’t going to last very long.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: The old saying, where there is smoke there is fire, appears to have been true. Mayweather Sr claims to be the best trainer in the world, but if he was turning up late for training sessions, as reported, then that is unprofessional and will naturally lead to conflict with other members of Team Hatton. It would not have mattered though. Pacquiao would still have found a way to win. He is that good.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: I think the disharmony that existed was between Mayweather Sr and assistant trainer Lee Beard. I’m sure that it didn’t help, but Ricky’s decision to abandon technique and attempt to bulldoze his way forward against the best fighter in the world was the reason for his shockingly early demise.

Name : Joe Sumner
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Hi guys! Amongst several thousand other emails no doubt [Editor’s Note: Holy cow! We received, hundreds of emails on Pacquiao-Hatton] I want to know what you think Hatton should do now? I can’t say I was overly surprised he lost, but the manner of the defeat leaves no option surely? Retirement! We’re thankful for all Ricky’s done for the UK boxing a time where we’ve had very little other successful exports. Now is the time to see if Kell Brook etc can step up to the mark. Hatton fought the best and never backed down from a challenge. Tszyu, Collazo, Castillo, Urango and Malignaggi were all very good wins. The fact is Ricky was a solid, dependable champion who lacked the skill not the heart, to join the legends of the sport. The two guys he lost to? Mayweather and Pac-Man? Just a step ahead, which is no shame in itself. Hatton just didn’t have the game plan to defeat these two. And surely these two should now fight if Mayweather defeats Marquez?

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Joe, it doesn’t figure that Hatton should fight again, but for every Marvin Hagler and Michael Spinks, there’s 100 boxers out there that keep on fighting well after they should have stopped, so maybe Hatton takes a couple of more fights. And, obviously if Mayweather gets by Marquez, it’s a foregone conclusion we get Pac-Man vs. Money.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Hatton is a competitor and even if he takes twelve months off, I suspect he will be back. At 30 years of age, he still has a couple of very good years ahead of him. Anyone for Hatton vs. Witter or Hatton vs. Khan?

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: It all depends, Joe. Hatton has come up way short against the two best fighters in the sport. If he wants to return I think he can do so successfully against the Timothy Bradley’s, Kendall Holt’s and Juan Urango’s - that level of fighter. He’s just not good enough to beat a pair of boxers that stood between him and genuine greatness. If the challenge of becoming the best of the rest is good enough then I think he can comeback and be successful. He’ll never get another shot at Pac or Mayweather, though.

Name : Ricardo Garcia
Country : USA
Your Question :
How can Floyd Mayweather Jr swear he’s the best ever if he has avoided fighters throughout his career? He didn’t want Cotto, Margarito (before we found out he was a cheater), he didn’t want Mosley until he thought Mosley was done. Doesn’t want Paul Williams. And now he wants to comeback against Marquez - a guy two divisions below his and he refuses to meet him at 140lbs. If he was so great and so much better than everyone, why is he not fighting Marquez at 140? He says he is a great, big man. Great sure, but certainly not brave. I know Marquez is smaller and older but I will be rooting for him. What are your thoughts on Mayweather insisting on the catch weight?

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Ricardo, I don’t know what the circumstances were with Mayweather not fighting Cotto, Margarito, Williams and Mosley, but he probably insisted on a catch weight versus Marquez because he knew he could and to give him the best advantage of winning before the fight even starts. Mayweather may have ducked some people, but he’s no dummy.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Boxing is a business and Mayweather wants as many advantages as he can. Most people can see that for what it is. I give credit for Marquez for still taking the fight. Let’s see what Mayweather has got and if he does beat Marquez, will he take the fight with Pacquiao?

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: Mayweather has always been careful throughout his career, Ricardo. He is choosing to meet a great fighter this time out, though, and I respect him for that. Marquez may or may not be able to climb up and down weight ladders as well as his nemesis Manny Pacquiao, but he is exceptionally gifted and is desperately hungry for a third match against Pac-Man. I’m expecting a close fight between Mayweather and Marquez in July and an extra three pounds shouldn’t rob us of a great contest.

Name : Barnaby Chesterman
Country : Italy
Your Question :
After Hatton’s defeat to Pacquiao, I just hope Amir Khan beats Kotelnik and then I think there’s one fight that would really make sense for everyone involved: Hatton vs. Khan in front of 60,000 people in Manchester for the WBA junior welterweight crown. Hatton’s chance to win one more title and go out in more fitting fashion and to show his appreciation to his fans, while for Khan a chance to cement himself as they star and generation of British boxing and having sparred with Pacquiao he may well fancy his chances against Hatton. I really hope they can get it on, any thoughts?

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: Barnaby, you’re the first person to mention a scenario that actually made sense for Hatton to fight one more time. I can see Hatton-Khan as a compelling match should Khan beat Kotelnik.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Well, with Freddie Roach in his corner, Khan will feel more comfortable that he will have the game plan to beat Hatton, but does have the strength and skills to do it? Great fight. I like it. Team Hatton vs. Frank Warren would be an interesting sideshow as well.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: Interesting proposal, Barnaby. It would certainly be a UK super fight with a great story in Britain and would easily sell tens of thousands of tickets. A way back for Hatton and a big step forward for Khan – let’s have it.

Name : William Wade
Country : Germany
Your Question :
As a humble God-fearing man, I have a prayer list for the next 12 months concerning the global boxing calendar. If you were God (big ask, I know!), which prayers would you grant and which would you decline?
1: Ricky Hatton fights and defeats Amir Khan then retires.
2: David Haye dethrones the Klitschko’s and keeps up the trash talk along the way.
3: JMM defeats Mayweather then earns a draw in the ‘fight of the year’ with Pacquiao, which grants the kind of pay-packet they both deserve.
4: Froch vs. Kessler happens.
5: Coach Roach begins working towards world peace (he can just about do everything else!!).
6: The current run of great fights continues.
7: Michael Buffer runs for President.
What do you think???

GREG JUCKETT ANSWERS: William, here my take on God’s global boxing calendar:
1: Ricky Hatton fights and defeats Amir Khan then retires. (GRANT)
2: David Haye dethrones the Klitschko’s and keeps up the trash talk along the way. (GRANT)
3: JMM defeats Mayweather then earns a draw in the fight of the year with Pacquiao, which grants the kind of pay-packet they both deserve. (DECLINE)
4: Froch vs. Kessler happens. (GRANT)
5: Coach Roach begins working towards world peace (he can just about do everything else!!). (DECLINE)
6: The current run of great fights continue. (GRANT)
7: Michael Buffer runs for President. (DECLINE)

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: No problem William. I’ll give you six of the seven. Mr Buffer can stay in the ring, not rumbling in the White House.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: I would definitely decline number seven. He doesn’t have the credentials and, judging by his tan, that bloke would take more vacation days than George Bush enjoyed, and the earth would probably go to hell in a hand basket extremely quickly. On the bright side, however, his State of the Union address would be awesome… For the hundreds in attendance, and the millions watching around the world. Let’s get ready to plunge the world into further darkneesssssss..

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