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19 NOVEMBER 2018


ATE: Is Hatton on the slide, Lampley on HBO and more

Has Hatton peaked? (
Has Hatton peaked? (

First Name : Mat
Last Name : Baker
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Hi guys. Absolutely brilliant site, it’s my first port of call every morning!

I’ll keep the question short and sweet. How long do you think Ricky Hatton has left? Don’t get me wrong, I am a genuine supporter of Ricky but there seemed to be something missing on Saturday, and in the Collazo fight. Is it simply down to him not fighting as frequent? Bit of an obvious question, but I’m interested to know your guys

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: I think fighting once in 2006 can’t have helped but there’s no question that Ricky going up and down in weight can’t have helped his stamina. Personally, I thought it was a decent enough performance by Hatton. Not great, not exciting but perfectly fine considering that his previous three bouts had been wars.

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: I did notice Hatton slipping a bit in this fight. The fact that he tired down the stretch was slightly shocking given that Hatton usually becomes more active later on than less active. I thought he boxed an intelligent fight though, and showed his class throughout by consistently adapting to what was in front of him.

I have to agree with Ant in regards to Hatton ballooning up in weight between fights. You can do that when you are young, but Hatton is pushing 30, and his body just will not put up with all the drinking and good eating he does. I know Ricky likes to down play the effect it has on him, but your body is an honest machine. You only get out of it what you put in. No doubt Hatton is as fit as a fiddle when he steps in the ring, but what he does when he’s not in training will count against him in the long run. Bernard Hopkins is a fighter who has never let himself slip in between fights. He does not drink, smoke, stay up late or eat junk food, and he has never, ever been fatigued in a fight. It is also the reason why he can still compete at the very highest level at the age of 42.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: The media line from Team Hatton has been that they are in for a good time not a long time and that he only has a handful of fights left, which in boxing terms could still be a few years. I think Hatton has achieved a lot over the last two years considering that many critics never really rated him that highly before his win over Tszyu. Ant is right in saying that the long gaps between fights haven’t helped Hatton, but when you are working for HBO, you have to fit into their superstar schedule. Ricky could fight 3 times a year for the next two years and retire. I get thefeeling that he is not the sort of boxer who will fight on forever just for the sake of it. The Castillo fight in June is the sort of exciting fight he’ll excel in. He can then re-assess his goals after that as we will have a better idea of what Floyd Mayweather Jr is doing by then.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: As Ant says, fighting once in 2006 has not helped. Ricky is the type of fighter that needs to be active. I love Ricky as a fighter and a person. And I also think he is underrated as a boxer. He fought perfect fights against Urango and Tszyu. His and trainer Billy Graham’s tactics in both those fights were excellent, They really did their homework.

But the one area Ricky is not professional is the way he lets himself go between fights. I’m told he balloons to nearly 40lbs above his fighting weight between fights. Any serious athlete and trainer knows full well you cannot keep taking that amount of weight off indefinitely. I believe the way he makes weight is finally catching up with him and we saw evidence of this last weekend. Having said that Ricky is a people person that openly likes a drink and fry up with his mates/fans. He’s an everyday genuine guy who has time for everyone. And thats another reason why he’s the most popular boxer in
Europe right now.

First Name : Johnny
Last Name : H
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
What’s with all the negativity in the British press about Hatton’s performance against Urango?

Is it just me, or did you fellas, see Hatton put on a great boxing display, mixing it when he had to, and showing that he’s an intelligent fighter not just a brawler??

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: I don’t think a lot of negativity is warranted Johnny, but  it was not a vintage Hatton performance. It seemed to me that he had lost a little bit of intensity, but then I thought that when he fought Ben Tackie. It could just be that Hatton fought an extremely tactical fight, and didn’t want to waste anything before going in with Castillo in a few months. After all, you can’t fight Kostya Tszyu type fights every month. I agree that Hatton showed he was an intelligent fighter, but I think he’ll have to do a bit more of the brawling when fighting Castillo.

First Name : Declan
Last Name : Cronin
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Hi fellas. I’m interested in your thoughts about Sky’s commentary for Hatton’s win at the weekend. I’ve always thought Jim Watt is as good a commentator/analyst as there is but he seemed to be extremely critical and negative about Hatton’s performance. Hatton may not have set the world alight but he fought the correct fight against such a strong opponent. Hatton only had to take so much as a single punch and Jim Watt & Ian Darke had him down as "ragged" or "in trouble"! However, I agreed that Hatton did seem uncharacteristically tired by the end of the fight so would someone please tell him to stay in shape now until he fights Castillo as I reckon he’d be a much stronger fighter for it! Your thoughts please?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Declan, I answered the question about Hatton’s fitness earlier. Regarding Jim and Ian’s commentary I have to say both are two of the best in my humble opinion. I could see where they were coming from as although Hatton won comfortably he did look very vulnerable at times. Anyway Jim’s scorecard did make Hatton a handy winner.

First Name : Gary
Last Name : James
Country : USA
Your Question :

Hello Ant,

I was really bothered by the fact that Jim Lampley was allowed to be on air last Saturday as if nothing happened. Had Floyd Mayweather or Paul Spadafora had such an episode, you had better be sure the HBO team would have did a piece on the drama and continually reminded viewers of the alleged transgression. Yet not word a was uttered about Lampley! Larry Merchant didn’t ask him if spending the night in jail would affect his commentating skills for the night! And it’s because Lampley would have been very embarrassed. It’s also because maybe it’s nobody’s business. HBO filmed Roger Mayweather behind bars before the friggin Baldomir fight!! Does Lampley get a pass because he’s NOT an athlete? Whether it’s writers keeping Mark Mgwire out of the hall of fame for alleged steroids, the media never let’s people like Mike Tyson or Bernard Hopkins or Mayweather or Spadafora escape their past because they feel it’s their ’’journalistic duty ’’to report the news fairly and honestly. Really? Well why not have Lampley say ’’I’m totally innocent of the charges but I do apologize for even being in that situation’’. That’s being a man and owing up. Who can’t point out somebody else’s short comings?? Speak on this Ant because I’m really losing my faith in journalism as a whole. You guys have a very powerful tool with the media ,yet seem very selective in what you report on. SecondsOut will surely keep us readers informed of Mike Tyson’s court dates and other developments but c’mon, separate yourselves from the American media, and once again show me why I love this site, hold all as equals and not just those who don’t pick up a pen or broadcast for a living. SecondsOut DID report initially on this topic but please give it the same air time and through attention this site gave Tyson, Mayweather Corrales and Spadafora

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: A thought-provoking email, Gary. What I will say is that SecondsOut reported the arrest and charge of assault involving Lampley and will report on any resolution of those charges. SecondsOut is headquartered in England, and we have very different (and, I feel, better) laws on what can and cannot be reported until after a accused is found guilty of something. Because of that reality, I don’t see what else can be written about the Lampley situation, other than the very important point of HBO’s double standards that you yourself have brought to the attention of SecondsOut’s readers.
My congratulations on a well-thought out and intelligent point.

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: Great email Gary, one of the best we have had. I am personally of the opinion that what goes on outside a fighters boxing life is really none of the business of the media. And that goes for Jim Lampley too. Unless the boxer or whoever wants to talk about it that is. I never wrote anything on Prince Naseem Hamed untill his trial was over and he was found guilty, and I only responded to a readers email as to what I thought about him. As far as I am concerned, Lampley is innocent until proven guilty, and should be left alone until his trial is over. If he is found guilty, I won’t put any sensationalised news up on the site, and I won’t be writing anything substantive on it. It doesn’t interest me in the same way I have no interest in whether Mike Tyson was arrested for possession of drugs. I am a boxing journalist, and I am primarily interested in how fighters fight. I can’t speak for the other Editors and writers at Secondsout, but I think we pride ourselves on serious journalism about a sport we all love. Once we descend into the type of rubbish the tabloids love to print, we lose our place as the best boxing website around.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: You seem to have a good point Gary. Boxers in particular get highlighted and trashed in the media whether proven guilty or innocent. Defenders of Lampley will say that he has the right to his day in court and until all the facts come out, he is entitled to the presumption of innocence. But why don’t boxers and athletes get the same deal?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Gary, you make some good points but I’m afraid you may not like my reply. First of all as you say Roger Mayweather was ’behind bars’ so he has been convicted. Jim Lampley has not been convicted of anything. Ok Mike Tyson, Paul Spadafora, Floyd Mayweather, have all had their problems and yes, journalists have reported them. But all three are athletes and their out of the ring problems could effect their performances in it so I believe it is correct to report them and for commentators to inform viewers. In my opinion Lampley’s personal problems should not directly effect his ability to call a fight. It is purely down to HBO to decide whether or not to use him.

First Name : Shane
Last Name : Brydson
Country : Australia
Your Question :

I have just found out the Main Event will not be broadcasting the Ben Rabah Vs Lovemore Ndou fight, do you know if Foxtels Fox sports channel will be showing it?

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: The card which starts at 11.45am AEDT will be shown on Sky Channel in pubs and clubs from 1pm AEDT. Main Event wanted to do the card but had already locked in a live UFC card. The Rabah-Ndou promoters tried to change dates, but it wasn’t possible. The tickets prices are very competitive for a world title elminator and if you are in Sydney and can get along, you should. Rabah-Ndou will be a great battle and Paul Briggs, Sakio Bika and Daniel Geale will also appear on the card.

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: You know absolutely everything that happens Down Under, don’t you Paul?

First Name : Marlon
Last Name : Andrews
Country : USA
Your Question :
My questions is...where is the criticism of Ricky Hatton? If you guys are going to criticize Floyd Mayweather Jr for his performance against Carlos Baldomir then I want to hear some criticism of Ricky Hatton’s Performance. In what may have been the worst performance by an undefeated champion over 12 rounds. Every time he threw a body shot he hurt Hatton and Hatton’s holding should have been penalized. It was just atrocious. I don’t see how anybody’s opinion of Ricky Hatton could be improved regardless of what he does against Castillo. A guy who struggled against a boxer who might of had the worst hairstyle in the history of boxing. Even though I see that Hatton is vulnerable to the body shots, I guess he has a puncher’s chance.

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: Erm, just look above for criticisms on Hatton, Marlon. I don’t think your analysis of the fight is fair though. Hatton ouboxed an immensely strong fighter in Urango, and did what was necessary to win. He didn’t seem too bothered by the body shots, so I’m not quite sure what you are talking about there. Urango walloped him a bit to the belly, but Hatton took it and came back with his own.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: I think that criticism of Hatton is unfair, Marlon. Hatton executed his game plan perfectly against the incredibly strong but limited Urango. I also think Mayweather did the same against an equally strong Baldomir.

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: I saw New York Daily News writer Tim Smith immediately after the Hatton fight and he pointed out that if Hatton wants to criticise Mayweather’s style he’d better be sure not to do an impression of it when he fights.

First Name : Dave
Last Name : Taylor
Country : USA
Your Question :
who has won the most heavyweight boxing championships? Ali?, Holyfield? Who and how many.

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: For what it is worth, and that’s not much, Holyfield technically is the four time champ in heavyweight history.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Evander Holyfield has won a portion of the heavyweight title on four occasions. Ali did it three times. But you have to ask whether Holyfield’s are worth as much as the Greatest’s who did it when there was only one heavyweight champion of the world.


First Name : charles
Last Name : sergeant
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Just like to make a point on the Witter v Hatton debate. I have to agree with Witter on this one, Hatton claims that Witter isn’t a big name and HBO wouldn’t be interested but the is no way urango is a big name! so why not Witter? Also apart from Castillo and Corrales there doesn’t seem to be a lot of big fights out there in light-welterweight division. this fight should happen soon. I personally think that Hatton’s team know that he isn’t as good as people make out that’s why he’s been fighting the likes of Maussa and Urango

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: Hatton would not have been put in there with someone like Collazo if his team didn’t think he was any good Charles. I am starting to think a fight with Witter might actually look like a good option for the ’Hit Man’. It would be an all British showdown, and as you correctly point out, there aren’t that many good fights out there at 140.

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: Get real, guys. Junior Witter can’t sell 40 tickets to his boring performances. They were booing from the third round last week - against a stiff selected for Witter to slaughter! Meanwhile, Hatton will be making $5million for a guaranteed war with Castillo in June. Let me make this clear: HBO WILL NOT HAVE JUNIOR WITTER ON THEIR AIRWAVES UNTIL HE PROVES HE CAN FIGHT (ie throws punches)! And I don’t blame them.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Hatton-Witter seems like a natural fight to make in the UK. Hatton had already started his path on HBO before Witter won the WBC title so it will take time to squeeze the fight into Hatton’s schedule. Right now he can only think about Castillo on June 2. But many UK boxing fans will be disappointed if Hatton-Witter doesn’t happen. If Witter Keeps winning and the fans want it, I get a sense that Hatton likes to give the fans what they want and it will happen at some stage.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Charles, I disagree. Urango has been featured in the US many times and was known. Also Hatton is now a HBO fighter and HBO will insist he faces opposition equal to HBO’s standards. Castillo is a Mexican hero. Hatton vs Castillo is a big fight, especially to the Hispanic market. Both fighters will share a small fortune. Outside of the UK Witter vs Hatton means very little.

First Name : Andy
Last Name : Rush
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Is Witter Mad????

Upon reading the most recent article on your website regarding the ongoing Hatton / Witter saga, I just had to put pen to paper and ask (in all seriousness) if Junior Witter is indeed completely stark raving bonkers??

Whilst I understand that fighters have to do everything they can to promote a fight and call out opposition when needs be, surely Witter’s only motivation for calling out the likes of Hatton is (despite his protestations) so that he can bag himself one big fat payday before he retires?

With that in mind isn’t it preposterious to propose a "winner takes all" clash with an opponent who would most surely beat you up? Am I missing something here? Isn’t this the same Junior Witter who struggled unbelievably against his closest domestic opposition Colin Lynes, and hasn’t look particularly inspiring pretty much ever??

If I was Hatton I would rip his hand off...

Fantastic site by the way. Keep up the good work!

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: Exactly! Witter isn’t a fighter, he’s a professional bitcher about Ricky Hatton and I think it is hilarious that Hatton has stated he will never, ever, give the disrespectful so-and-so a pay day. Witter’s poison talk about Hatton has become as boring as his fights, and that’s pretty damn dull...

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: I don’t think a winner take all scenario is plausible in this day. The boxers deserve to be paid. Though come to think of it, there are some boxers whose performances should result in the fans being paid for watching! But in all seriousness, Witter is keeping his name out there calling out Hatton, which is what he has to do, but the most important thing is for him to keep defending his WBC title and fighting well.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Andy, you have just answered your own question. Mind you I’m not sure Hatton wins as easily as you say.

First Name : Gavin
Last Name : Kutasi
Country : Australia
Your Question :
Hello to all, thanks for giving me something to do when I’m supposed to be working, I’m on your site about every 30mins checking for the next stories, anyway just a quick one for Paul, who would win out of a fight between Paul Briggs and Danny Green? its one I would love to see happen after they hopefully get titles in light heavy. Keep up the good work guys

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: That’s a great fight Gavin and it’s a good question! While both are pursuing light heavyweight world titles now, them meeting at this time seems unlikely. I have seen them spar a few times and both have done well. It’s hard for me to speculate on who would win because I respect both of them and get on well with them. All I can say is that it would be one hell of a battle!


First Name : Barry
Last Name : C
e-mail :
Country : Ireland
Your Question :
Is it just me or is Junior Witter really annoying?

The guy needs to shut his mouth and win against some decent opposition - and actually look good doing it.

From what I can see his biggest talent is shooting his mouth off.....

I really am SICK of hearing him talk about Rick Hatton

I think he has a crush.

What’s your thoughts on Ricky V Junior?

CLIVE BERANTH ANSWERS: Barry, Junior is just doing his job.

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: I think Witter is a very good fighter, and you could make a good argument that he deserves to go in there with Hatton. He’s won a world title, and although he hasnt looked great in some recent performances, he keeps winning. I think Hatton would beat him in a close fight, but Witter is dangerous so there could be some surprises.

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: I don’t think Witter is much of a fighter. Good boxer and athlete, fair enough, but not a fighter. Nice skills, good punch and blah blah but he has a pathological fear of taking a punch. That’s why he sells less tickets than any British world champion in 20 years or more. Barry Jones was a bigger star than this guy. Put it this way, remove all the articles about Witter slagging of Hatton, and he’d have zero press. He’s obsessed with Ricky. He eats, sleeps and breaths Hatton but - tough - he’s still a decent fighter who lucked onto a belt and can’t sell tickets or entertain fans.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: The only person that Junior Witter is trying to annoy is Ricky Hatton to help get the fight. You are right Barry, Witter just Needs to keep winning. Them fighting would be a big night in UK boxing. Right Now Hatton would be favourite to win. Witter needs some impressive Performances to make people question whether he could indeed beat Hatton. For fans Who have not seen him fight recently, Witter’s rep around the world wasn’t helped with his performance against Zab Judah.

First Name : Matthew
Last Name : McKinley
Country : Ireland
Your Question :
I’ve been watching the to and fro of words between Hatton & Witter eagerly of recent weeks. Even before he got his WBC belt Witter would have appeared (in how was he talking at least), to be confident of beating Hatton. I think in my heart of hearts Hatton would take the bout but what are the editors thoughts?

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: Junior Witter wouldn’t be able to keep Hatton off him and would be smashed to bits in nine rounds. But I don’t want to see this fight at all. Hatton’s fight with Urango wasn’t wildly exciting, but compared to any of Junior Witter’s bores it was heart-pounding exhilaration!

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Ant is on the mark as always. Witter needs to win in a way so that boxing fans will say, "yes, I really want to see Hatton-Witter. Maybe Witter can win?"

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: Witter has the style to cause Hatton big problems in my opinion. Witter has an awkward style that makes him hard to hit, and he carries massive power in both hands. I think it would be a fight that Hatton would dominate early, but Witter might control later on with his counter punching. I think Hatton would do enough to win, but it would be closer than many people would expect.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: I really do not think Hatton is too bothered, other than having the satisfaction of beating up on Witter. A fight with Witter would not enhance his legacy.


First Name : Manus
Last Name : Bradley
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
I read your website a lot and my apologies if this issue has been brought up before. I’ve read countless interviews with Frank Warren and also his weekly article in the news of the world. Franks constantly bangs on about how much he cares about the sport of boxing and his boxers etc. what really annoys me is the potential match ups that are out there for Franks fighters but he doesn’t put on. I’ll start with Joe Calzaghe who i rate but am not a fan of for the following reasons. When he beat Lacy he had the world at his feet, who does he then go and fight but only Sakio Bika! WHO? this guy wasn’t even a super middleweight, his fight before that was Evans Ashia again, not a Super middleweight. Joe is supposed to be the main man in UK boxing and look at the guys he’s fighting. His next opponent as we all know is Manfedo Jr, this fight is a joke and to be honest i wouldn’t be too bothered if i missed it. This again is seen as a ’warm up’ before another promised ’super fight’, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Joe supposed to have a super fight after the Bika fight. Joe Calzaghe is a long time reigning world champion who in my opinion doesn’t need ’warm up’ fights, basically what Frank Warren is saying is ’give me your money to watch Joe ’warm ’up’ against this lesser unknown and I’ll put him in a ’real’ fight soon!

Then onto Enzo v Haye, what a fight that would have been, Haye tried IMO to get enzo in the ring but the fight didn’t go ahead because Frank wanted options on Haye which Frank himself admitted on his website.

Now that fight would definitely have made the Cardiff bill worth-watching and if Frank had the confidence in Enzo he would have done the deal for a one off fight and made a show of it, instead the fight doesn’t go ahead and again we are left with Calzaghe v Manfredo which will be a complete shut out believe me. I personally frank Warren over protects his fighters to an extent that its ruining British boxing. His last big gamble was Hatton v Tszyu but we all know that’s only because Hatton

insisted and Frank knew if he didn’t deliver Hatton was away, which he did anyway. I think if Hatton would have stayed with Frank then he would defending the same IBF title against 2nd rate opponents in the MEN arena and although he hasn’t looked great against awkward opponents he has went out and beat 4 reigning world chamions at 2 different weights!

My apologies for the long winded email but I have expresses this to Frank himself on his website to no avail and I was just wondering what your opinions are on this???

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: I have sympathy with your views (although Calzaghe v Lacy was ’a risk’ for Warren last March) and think promoters really have to wake up to the reality that fans won’t put up with this crap anymore. They’ll become MMA fans or whatever instead. Calzaghe v Manfredo is a joke of a fight, in my view, and - yes - Warren did say the Bika fight was the set-up for a "super-fight" for Joe at the time. Blaming Warren for the ills of boxing has become a pass time for British fans but, personally, I think much of the blame for Joe C’s wasted career has to land at Joe’s own door - as you pointed out, Manus, Hatton demanded a big fight and got it. On a recent ITV documentary, Calzaghe made is crystal clear that he’s motivated more by money than anything else. Funny thing is, Ricky Hatton has earned more money for fighting better opposition than Calzaghe will ever get his hands on.

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: Good email Manus. You must remember, Warren is a promoter, and part of his job is to protect his investment. Calzaghe can make a nice living fighting Joe Shmo a couple of times a year and never risk serious injury or loss of his titles. I personally think Calzaghe wants to fight big fights, but Warren’s cautiousness has cost him many big pay days a real recognition as to how good he really is. Who knows how much pressure Calzaghe is putting on Warren to make him big fights? There are several other promoters out there who are willing to take risks, and Warren might find his status as the biggest promoter in England gone if he continues to sell us sub par fights. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Manfredo is an easy fight. He is a dangerous puncher with some fluid skills, but Calzaghe should be in there with Antonio Tarver, Roy Jones, Bernard Hopkins or Mikkel Kessler.

Calzaghe recently stated he’d fight Bernard Hopkins for free. Hopkins has expressed interest as well, and if that’s really the case, then there’s no reason why the fight hasn’t been made already.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: We have touched on this before in ATE, but the reality is that boxing is a business and a lot of money can be made by good boxers not fighting the best opponents. Calzaghe showed his talent against Lacy, he can clearly fight at a very high level, why not fight tougher opposition to achieve greater glory? Promoters and boxers have to realise that there is a lot of other competition for the entertaining dollar and if boxing doesn’t put on the best fights, we will continue to lose fans. It would be interesting to see what would happen though if the TV networks started getting tough and rejecting obvious mismatches?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWER: Hi Manus. I do agree with your opinions on pretty much
all the aforementioned but you cannot lay the blame solely on Warren. As far as I’m concerned Joe Calzaghe should insist as did Hatton that Frank deliver the big fights. And as far as I know HBO, who will broadcast the fight in the states and ITV are happy with Peter Manfredo as an opponent for obvious reasons. Manfredo is a name in the states following his appearance on ’The Contender’. And don’t forget ITV2 also broadcast ’The Contender’ so from a broadcasters and fan view, its a no brainer.

Obviously from the serious boxing fans view the fight is not acceptable. Personally, as I have said many times, the fight I’d pay to see is Calzaghe vs Kessler. Its the only super-middleweight fight out there but why should HBO and ITV pay twice as much money for Kessler vs Calzaghe when they can get the same if not more viewing figures for Calzaghe vs Manfredo and pay less money?

As for Haye vs Maccarinelli there are lots of rumours doing the rounds about why this fight did not happen and some have been well documented in the press. The fact is this is the biggest fight for both of them financially at this time . No excuses, both camps have missed the boast on this one and its a shame. The fight should happen now.

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