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15 NOVEMBER 2018


ATE: over-hyped Margarito, Lacy is shot, Taylor and more

Margarito v Clottey (Tom Casino)
Margarito v Clottey (Tom Casino)

In this weeks ATE we talk about Antonio Margarito (is he really that good?), Jeff Lacy (is he shot?), the battle of the giants (worth watching?) and Jermain Taylor’s fight this weekend. Plus, this weeks ’Spot the Editor Competition’!

First Name : Tony
Last Name : Davis
Country : USA
Your Question : OK, now I see what Ant has been shouting about: Margarito is nothing more than a decent world title holder. He looked nothing like the inhuman wrecking machine some other websites claim he is v Clottey. Mayweather wouldn’t KO him (heaven forbid) but wouldn’t lose a round, either. And Cotto will destroy him! Your thoughts?

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: OK, at the risk of appearing like a hypocrite, I don’t think you should judge Margarito too harshly on the Clottey fight. Clottey is a good fighter, and Margarito has only had one round of boxing since April 2005 and, according to reports, had an awful camp. However, I agree 100% that Floyd Mayweather would outpoint this one-dimensional slugger something like 117-111 if they ever fought. And, yes, Cotto will knock him out. In fact, if you check our current poll, the overwhelming majority of SO readers believe Cotto will rule the 147lbs division while only a small percentage think Margarito is the best in the division.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Well done Ant. Isn’t it nice to be getting some praise instead of 122, 679 emails complaining about why you didn’t pick Calzaghe over Lacy? Our esteemed Editor has questioned for a long time whether Margarito is the elite fighter his fans claim. I think he is a good world champion and would give anyone at welterweight a tough battle, but I’m not convinced he would have beaten Mayweather.

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: I disagree to a certain extent with Ant’s assertions that Margarito has always been overrated. I think he is a very tough guy, and a very good champion. Kermit Cintron was a hot prospect and a very hard puncher. Margarito beat him up pretty badly, and I think that performance is more reflective of Margarito’s standing as a fighter. He was clearly off colour against Clottey, and I think he would perform far better against someone like Cotto. I don’t see Cotto knocking out an on form Margarito, but I would give him the edge if they were to fight.

First Name : Craig
Last Name : S
Country : USA
Your Question : Simple question: Is Jeff Lacy shot?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Not sure Lacy is shot, it just so happens Lacy has fought two awkward southpaws in consecutive fights. I remember watching Lacy’s fight with Tsypko last weekend and thinking ’why on earth did his matchmaker give him another southpaw, knowing full well he was totally outclassed by Calzaghe last time out’. Not exactly confidence booster for Lacy was it?

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: Two words: David Reid. And Clive’s right - and the spanking Lacy got by Joe C, he should have fought some 23-8 (10) journeyman and get a confidence restoring second round KO. But he and his "promoter" (Winky Wright and/or Golden Boy) wanted to appear on HBO and so they had to fight someone half decent. And ’half decent’ seems to be enough to beat Lacy now...

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Jeff hasn’t been going so well in his last two fights, but you can also say that his last two opponents were probably the best he has faced. His injury will see him out of the ring for a long time and it is going to take a lot of hard work for him to regain the momentum he had going into the Calzaghe fight. But at 29, Lacy has time on his side and is a smart guy who will have time now to assess his career to date and make adjustments.

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: Yes, I think so Craig. Not physically, but psychologically. It kind of reminds me of Tyson, once people figure out the blue print (ie survive early on, then look to out box him down the stretch), any good fighter can win. He looked very average last weekend, and rather one dimensional.

First Name : Daniel
Last Name : McGirt
Country : USA
Your Question : Ant Evans you don’t know shit about fighters going shot bro! Why don’t you stick to tennis or something. Lacy fought a great fighter with one arm and pulled out the big win. Hometown nuthin!!!!!

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: 1) is "going shot bro" some sort of prison lingo for something, Daniel? 2) I’ve only played tennis twice, once because I had to at school in PE, the second so I could meet a fine looking girl who was a pro tennis player 3) Vitali Tsypko is not a ’great fighter’. 4) Lacy initially said his arm hurt from the 8th, not the second, round. 5) Lacy didn’t win. 6) It was indeed a hometown decision.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Must admit I thought Lacy nicked the fight but
would not have argued had Tsypko got the decision.

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: Not sure about Tsypko being a ’great fighter’ Daniel. A good fighter yes, but not great. Lacy also lost the fight, so he didn’t ’pull’ anything out.

First Name : jeff
Last Name : summers
Country : Australia
Your Question : Dear Paul Upham, In regard to the elomar fight the other night, I was wondering why the title was not awarded to the queenslander on a disqualification as elomars corner entered the ring first. Isn’t that the ruling when a cornerman enters the ring during a bout. The only other time this has happened that I am aware of recently was during the Zab Judah vs Mayweather fight when they brawled at the end of the 11th round after Judah’s low blow. Looking forward to your reply, Jeff Summers

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Jeff, watching on television, in the 3rd round you could see Mohammed Elomar’s corner enter the ring, but Matt Powell’s corner were in the ring as well, but because of the camera angle, you can’t see who went in first. It would be almost impossible for the referee to say who breached first. One of the interesting points that came out of the Mayweather-Judah fight was that in Nevada, the referee there has the discretion of disqualifying the fighter if his corner enters the ring during the fight. Elomar and Powell both broke the rules. If you want to look at the critical point where the fight fell apart, at the end of the 2nd round when Elomar hit Powell on the back of his head after the bell, I found it unusual that Elomar was not penalised a point, nor even warned about his behaviour. He could have been penalised then, but wasn’t. At the beginning of the 3rd round, one boxer has another in a head-lock and is hitting him in the head with his free hand. The referee is unable to physically break them, so you would expect both corners to run in, which was what happened. I think a double disqualification was fair in the end. Both boxers did some things in the heat of battle that didn’t look too good and which are not part of boxing, but they were both passionate about winning. If boxers are clearly warned and penalised early for obvious breaches of the rules, then this sort of thing may not happen.

First Name : Kyle
Last Name : Frame
Country : USA
Your Question : Is McCline a mandatory defense by the sanctioning body who controls Valuev’s title, or is he another ploy for Don King to avoid unification?

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: Valuev is making a quick voluntary defense, which I think is fair enough. And I am not sure King is involved in this one, it could be a European only type of deal where King sits out this fight (he has a co-promotional deal with the giant) and lets Wilfried Sauderland handle this one by himself. I’ll email Don’s office now to check. Either way, I think Valuev v McCline is a fun match! C’mon, two giants in the ring - what’s not to like?


PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: I think it is great to see a heavyweight world title belt holder fighting so regularly!

First Name : Mark
Last Name : Skene
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question : I have to say i was very glad to hear that Lou Dibella seemed to rule out a rematch between Jermain Taylor and Winky Wright. This preoccupation that boxing seems to have with rematches is to a certain extent killing the sport in my opinion. Normally a draw between the two outstanding fighters in a division would require a rematch to settle the argument and normally I’d have no quarrel with that. In this case however i really wouldn’t know what it would achieve and who would want to watch it. The first fight was a cagey affair and really didn’t make for a great spectacle. There was plenty of skill on show, mostly defensive, and that’s good to watch once but it isn’t a fight that screamed for a rematch. If Taylor had got the decision I think he deserved I doubt anyone would be calling for a rematch, apart from Wright obviously. And given that the draw meant the belt stayed where it should I really don’t see the point. Pointless rematches take away the opportunity for deserving fighters to get their shot. Winky Wright had his shot and failed, why should he be given an almost immediate second chance? Taylor, assuming he beats Ouma, should leave the 11st 6lbs division as outside a unification fight which would be unlikely i don’t really see an attractive contest for him there. An acclimatisation fight at 12st then fight Calzaghe, assuming of course that 1. Calzaghe can dispose of Manfredo (surely nothing will go wrong there) and; 2. he gets over his phobia of fighting in the states.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: I agree with you Mark, a rematch is not what fans want to see. And for the record I thought Jermain Taylor edged a very close fight.

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: Great email, Mark. Like Clive, I thought Taylor won a close fight. I agree with almost everything you wrote. I could watch Taylor v Wright II but, really, I think Jermain won the first fight (I am now positive Winky is on the slide at 35) and I’d rather see Taylor v Calzaghe anyway. Yes, let’s see fresh matches, not endless reruns.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Fans love exciting fights, but they don’t happen all the time. I have no problem with a Taylor-Wright rematch, but I think it is good that it is not immediate. They can do it again some time in 2007. If he gets by Ouma, I’d like to see Jermain fight Calzaghe, Kessler, Soliman, Hopkins and Wright in 2007/2008. Not that I’m asking for too much!

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: I see your point Mark, but I do think a rematch between Winky and Jermain would be good for boxing. It was a very, very close fight, and regardless of how exciting it was, I think it deserves a rematch. I would also rather see Taylor and Calzaghe though too.

First Name : Paul
Last Name : P
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question : just wanted to give you guys the heads up to say that i’ve installed extra padding around my computer desk so I don’t hurt my skull bashing it in when I laugh so hard at clive bernath’s next excuse-ridden piece on Roman ’cannot fight’ Greenberg!!! LOL! what is this joker doing now, fighting ANOTHER stiff? LOL! uou guys need to stop wasting your time covering this guy! he’s rubbish

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Hi Paul. Your entitled to your opinion, that is what ATE is about. Many boxing writers do agree with you regarding Greenberg. Not that he is ’rubbish’ as you say - but that he has all the talent in the world but is lazy, and therefore will not fulfil his potential.

I know Roman very well and have done so for many years. And believe me I have had some disagreements with him regarding the way he prepares for some fights. But I still believe he has as much chance as anyone on the heavyweight fringe of reaching the top. The first time I saw Roman spar as a 17 year-old against good solid pros I thought to myself,’this is one talented kid’. Boxing is littered with fighters that people such as yourself called rubbish but go on to prove people wrong. One example is Johnny Nelson. After stinking the place out against Carlos De Leon all those years ago who would have thought he would become one of our most successful world champions, ever?

For the record I thought Greenberg was excellent against decent American import Kendrick Releford but below par against Alex Vassilev and last time out against Alexei Varakin. My gut feeling is that when Greenberg’s back is against the wall against a top contender we will see the best of him.

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: It is a fact of journalism that writers cover subjects they have good access to; and there’s nothing wrong with that. Clive’s had the chance to spend a lot of time with Greenberg over the years, right from when he was an amateur, and therefore gets good access to him. Again, nothing wrong with that and as long as Greenberg is unbeaten he is worthy of coverage on SecondsOut. You may argue that SecondsOut has wrote literally 10,000 of words on Audley Harrison, who turned out to be a red herring, and there are other fighters we’ve covered in-depth who eventually turned out to not exactly world beaters.

However, Clive and I have had disagreements bordering on rows about how long Greenberg will remain unbeaten - and indeed just how far he can go in the division - given his current training practices, rash of injuries (the kid is ALWAYS injured, you have to feel for him) and in-ring form. I would end this by stating "We will soon fight out, either way" but if Greenberg continues to fights jabronines like this stiff this weekend - who is 1-7 (with all 7 coming by KO!) in the last nine years - then I don’t think we’ll ever find out how good Mr Greenberg is.

BEN COHEN ADDS: OK guys, here’s a quick competition: Can anyone spot the Editor in these photos? Email me at with your responses!

Spot the Editor!
Spot the Editor!

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