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18 NOVEMBER 2018


ATE: Pac-Man v Mayweather, Tszyu return, Tommy Morrison

Better than Floyd?
Better than Floyd?

First Name : andrew
Last Name : watson
Country : Australia
Your Question : now that Kostya Tszyu wants a bout with Mayweather do you think a bout between Kostya and De La Hoya to decide the best contest for Mayweather should take place first

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: I’ve not heard anything about Kostya 100% coming out of retirement - and I am sure I would have from my man in Oz Paul Upham. However, let’s assume Kostya does come back, Mayweather and De La Hoya are way off his radar. I know Oscar seemed to avoid him in the 1990s, but Oscar and Mayweather are the two biggest stars in boxing while Tszyu was never appreciated in the USA and is two years removed from a crushing loss. If Tszyu comes back, I’d like to see him fight someone with a title who he can beat and then retire as champion.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Kostya is in Russia at the moment and he has not made any decision to fight again. He hasn’t said he will retire either. Right now, he is so busy with family and business interests, I don’t think he has time to fight. He is staying in shape and training every day, but is also enjoying himself. I don’t think anyone knows what he will do, because I don’t think that he knows either.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: If anyone knows whether or not Kostya will fight again its Paul. Personally I don’t think he will fight again. Enjoy your retirement Kostya, you’ve earned it?

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: Can’t say I’ve heard of anything about Kostya coming out of retirement. As far as I am concerned, he should stay retired and enjoy the fruits of his labour. Boxing is a tough sport, and Tszyu put in more than enough.


First Name : RICK
Last Name : Surber
Country : USA
Your Question : Did Tommy Morrison pass his blood test to start a come back? I believe it was in Nevada.

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: HIV sufferer and former WBO heavyweight champ Morrison has not received a licence to box, Rick, not will he ever again. Despite his stories about never having HIV in the first place, I’ve not seen any announcement from Nevada nor any other governing body confirming this is the case.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: I’ll always remember how well Tommy Morrison was doing >in the early rounds against Ray Mercer with his right uppercut- left hook >combinations until he got crunched and tangled in the ropes. Poor Tommy just couldn’t get out the way as ’Merciless’ Mercer rained blows upon him. The referee sort of went missing while this happened as well. Morrison was an exciting white heavyweight with a vicious punch, but tests have proven he has HIV and he should never fight again.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Tommy is HIV and should never be allowed to fight again. Even if he was allowed who would be daft enough to want to share a ring with him?

BEN COHEN: Tommy Morrison’s line that he was never HIV has not been substantiated with any scientific evidence, as far as I am aware. If he has medical proof, I would support his return to the ring, but I think it highly unlikely.

First Name : simon
Last Name : riley
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question : What do you reckon the schedules are for Calzaghe and Hatton ahead of their early 07 bouts against Manfredo and Urango respectively? I had heard that the aim for the 2nd fights of 07 for these guys were Taylor and Castillo in the summer but would there be another fight beckoning at year end do you reckon - as let’s be honest our 2 greats haven’t exactly been P4P in their last fights. I hope we haven’t over-rated them. I think we haven’t......

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: Hi Simon. Hatton struggled with the new weight v a very, very good fighter in Collazo while Joe was drawn down to the level of the brawler Biko. However, of the two, Hatton had a tough fight with a world champion who holds a win over the reigning light middleweight champion while Calzaghe once again struggled with a lesser foe. I think the Manfredo fight is a bit of a joke, to be blunt. Wasn’t Bika supposed to be the set-up to the next "big" fight? However, HBO want it and HBO get what they want. Urango’s fight with Hatton will be fun while it lasts.

On a wider point - It really offends me that Hatton is lamped in with Calzaghe all the time. The pair are NOTHING alike. NOTHING. Calzaghe is on record saying he won’t take any kind of pay-cut to face higher levels of opposition, whereas Hatton has done exactly that to land title fights in the past. Hatton has also based his career in the US and has become a two-division world champion whereas ’Sicknote’ has just talked about it (since at least 1999!). And while Urango and Manfredo are both all action fighters that Hatton and Joe C are expected to beat, Urango is a undefeated world champion who holds wins over the likes of Miguel Cotto, while Manfredo is know for losing THREE TIMES on a reality TV series which was populated not by champions, but buy bums, journeymen and fringe contenders at best.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Simon, what we hear and what actually happens are two different things. For me, the answer is simple as far as Joe Calzaghe is concerned. Calzaghe vs Kessler or move to light-heavy and face Clinton Woods. Calzaghe would be happy to face Kessler and visa versa. The only thing stopping this fight is the promoters. Maybe US TV has a say as well but ultimately the boxers promoters are stopping this fight from happening in my humble opinion. As for Hatton, he, his father and trainer Billy Graham are in control of his career. Hatton will fight the best available contender, you can he sure of that.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: To be fair to Simon, Hatton and Calzaghe are UK boxing’s two biggest names now. But I understand where you are coming from Ant. I’ll ask this of our readers. Who will fight the tougher opposition in 2007, Ricky or Joe?

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: Not sure what Ant is getting in a huff about here. Calzaghe and Hatton are Britain’s finest exports at the moment, and it is quite right to talk about them together. Urango is no better a fighter than Manfredo (who has lost 3 times, all of which were debatable decisions though). ’Sick Note’ Calzaghe has suffered terrible hand problems, so in my opinion, can be excused for not making alot of the fights he could have been in. I think that both Hatton and Calzaghe were not at their best in their last fights, but given a substantial challenge, both men will rise to the occasion. I do hope Hatton fights Castillo, and Calzaghe fights Taylor, as it would be a cracking year for British boxing should they both win.

First Name : Tom
Last Name : Croft
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question : About the P4P debate. Isn’t the answer surely in the question "who would in at super feather, Pac Man vs Morales III or the PBF vs Corrales"? personally i feel pacman all the way. Was just interested what you thought? Also, Morales states he wants one more fight at Light Weight for the WBC title? How do you feel he will do? Personally if Casayamor has the title by then i see him losing via pts, however, if its Diaz, Morales Pts victory

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: Interesting idea, Tom! Very interesting, but like with all "pound-for-pound" criteria there are some serious flaws with you methodology.
No doubt, Mayweather’s fans would argue you are comparing the best ever Pac-Man, fighting a shot Morales, with a Mayweather who was weight-drained (and certainly not at his peak, as the fight was 5 years ago and Floyd has improved still further) and against an undefeated pound-for-pounder in Corrales.

I think Floyd and Pac are No.1 and No.2, respectfully but I think Pac-Man is closing the gap. However, if Floyd beats Oscar at 154lbs, that takes him into Ray Robison and Henry Armstrong territory and no-one will have any kind of serious claim to being even close to him in the P4P rankings.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Tom, if Pacquiao had not of lost to Morales in their first fight and had of got the win over Marquez, I’d have him at P4P No.1 right now! People forget how comfortably Morales won their first fight. It seems such a long time ago now. I’m not sure that Morales can beat any of the top fighters in his division. His internal wall has been broken down now in all the wars he has been in and I’m not sure he can build it up again.

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: The mayweather that beat Corrales at 130 would beat Pacquiao at 130. Mayweather destroyed Corrales in their title bout 5 years ago. He may not have carried the same sort of power as the Pac Man, but his boxing skills were far superior. Mayweather would be too fast and too defensively slick for Pacquaio regardless of weight. As for Morales coming back, if he tries to make 130, I think he will kill himself. As for 140, I could see him taking decisions against some faded fighters up there, but no one dangerous.

First Name : Damien
Last Name : Mooney
Country : Ireland
Your Question : Re: Cunningham going to UK. thought i was seeing things there, a world champ actually going to other guys backyards and calling them out. Calzaghe, Hatton take note!!

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: Well, Cunningham lost on Saturday and so won’t be coming to the UK anytime soon as IBF champion but, yes, I was impressed by his attitude.

But again, why is Hatton lumped in with Calzaghe??!?!?!?!? Hatton fought defending WBA champion Louie Collazo 60miles from his front room last time out, at the American’s own weight, too. And, if he beats Urango, Ricky will fight Castillo in Vegas or even LA, where there are more Mexicans than there are Mancs, I can tell you.

Contrast that with homeboyo Calzaghe, who in July demanded Glen Johnson come over to Cardiff and fight at 168 - Joe wants everything to be in his favour or he pulls out. And, sometime, he just pulls out anyway.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Ant, just lie down on the couch, put your feet up and >take it easy. I can see this Calzaghe-Hatton comparison thing is getting to >you. The phone’s ringing? I’ll get it....Ant, Clive’s on the phone, he >wants >to know who you think wears the better trunks, Hatton or Calzaghe?...oops!

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Your right, Paul, Ant needs to take a step back and relax a bit.

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: You see, Ant will never respect any man (regardless of weight, or sport) who never fought Steve Collins. I keep trying to tell him that Ricky avoided him too, but he uses the lame argument that Hatton was only a child when Collins was active.....


First Name : Damien
Last Name : Mooney
Country : Ireland
Your Question : How long is Arum gonna keep spouting this crap for? is it not a simple thing to have Margarito and Cotto, should they both win, fight each other. or does he want a don king scenario-controlling 2 or 3 champions and have them all face obscure challengers. I mean Oktay Urkal, come on!!!!

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: As regular ATE readers know, I am bored to tears by this "Margarito is avoided" crap. Once again: HE LOST TO DANIEL SANTOS!!!! He’s fought ONCE in 18 months!!!!

As for Urkal, he is the WBA’s No1 challenger and must be accommodated. However, he has now taken step-aside money TWICE and I think it is a disgrace he has been allowed to do that. He should never have been ranked at No.1 in the first place and this situation is a FARCE.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Ant, Clive’s on the phone again, he wants to know what you think about Bernard Hopkins ducking Margarito?!?! Seriously, boxing is a business and Arum is not going to put Cotto and Margarito in together until they both max out in ranking and popularity. In business, you don’t burn one commodity at the expense of another.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Paul, my phone bill is rising by 30% every month and I’ve booked myself in for counselling in order to deal with the rising pressure ATE is causing me every week. On a serious note, Paul is right, boxing is a business. Maybe when the time is right for Arum to match Cotto and Margarito together he will. Until then he will continue to build them both up into mega stars while the financial pot and public interest builds up.

BEN COHEN ANSWERS: Margarito ducked Steve Collins aswell you know...shows what kind of a man he is! Seriously though, I’d love to see Margarito and Cotto fight, and maybe it’s something up Arum’s sleeve. I don’t think he’d do it, but if enough people wanted to see it, the numbers might make sense.

Arum needs to get Margarito a real fight, or they will have to tone down the ’everyone is avoiding me’ line. It’s wearing thin, and the boxing public know it.

ANT EVANS ANSWERS: OK, Cohen, I’ve threatened to do it and now I will. Readers - check out the photo below of Ben acting like a clown pretending to be Rocky Balboa outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. He actually got his girlfriend Nicole to take this photo - and now he wonders why she won’t hold his hand in public. Ben then compounded his clownery and sent this to me a while back... oh dear.

Rocky? I think the reader will agree he looks more like Eddie Munster...

What a clown - Cohen freaks outs!
What a clown - Cohen freaks outs!

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