Irish Joe McCreedy Returns To Lincoln

By Derek Bonnett: Lowell, Massachusetts pugilist "Irish" Joe McCreedy will be looking to get his career back on track Friday, September 4 as he takes on Eddie "Thunder" Caminero at the Twin River Event Center in Lincoln, RI.

The bout is scheduled for eight rounds and will be contested for the EBA super middleweight title, which McCreedy won in February of this year with a hard fought majority decision over Richard "Bobo" Starnino.

Caminero has a very unassuming professional dossier of 5-2, having lost his last two bouts, but has scored stoppages in all five victories. In his most recent outing, Caminero was stopped in three rounds by middleweight world title challenger Elvin Ayala. He hails from Lawrence, Massachusetts.
McCreedy, 24, started his career in 2005 and ran off five straight victories. Since then, he is 5-3-1 with one no-contest. The upcoming bout is a do or die type crossroads bout for McCreedy and Caminero. The winner moves on to a still uncertain future, but the loser will surely wear a trial horse tag.
When SecondsOut had a chance to discuss the upcoming bout with McCreedy, the super middleweight was in good spirits and confident of a number of changes to his training camp. He gladly spoke of his boxing influences and shared his thoughts on some of this fall’s boxing action.


Derek Bonnett: In May, you suffered a surprise loss to Willis Lockett for your third professional defeat. How is your mindset different going into this fight knowing you have something more to prove?
Joe McCreedy: Well, my last fight I was not in shape and that was my fault. I took the fight lightly because he was a nobody. I did not train right and lost too much weight too fast; that drained me. For this fight, I’m already at weight a week before the fight. I have been running hills, doing a lot of sprints, and more sparring in the gym. My diet has been a big thing for this fight.
DB: Your last seven fights have been at Twin Rivers. How does the crowd affect you? Any plans to move around for fights outside of New England?
JM: The crowd is great there. Now people in Rhode Island know my name from me fighting up there a lot. They show me support. As for moving around New England that’s my promoter and manger’s call. I’ll do what they ask me to do.

DB: How do you feel at 168 in comparison to 175? Which is the better Joe McCreedy?
JM: Definitely 168 because the opponents are smaller. Light heavyweight was good for a couple of fights, but the guys kept getting taller! At 168, I feel so much stronger, lighter, and quicker on my feet. I am looking to get down to about 165.

DB: Being from Lowell, MA, how much of an influence did Micky Ward have on your choice to become a professional boxer?
JM: Micky Ward is a good friend of mine. He and Dicky Eklund taught me how to fight when I was fourteen. I turned professional because of Micky after I saw him fight at the Hampton Beach Casino. Micky is the best guy. He taught me that being yourself can take you far in this game and being a good person.

DB: Richard Starnino is about as tough as they come. Is he your greatest challenge to date?
JM: Ha, ha! Yes, most definitely. "Bobo" was a good fight for me and he has all the respect in the world from me. He’s a good friend and a good fighter. I wish him the best in his boxing future and life.

DB: At 10-3-1 what needs to happen in your career to move you to the next level of contender status?
JM: I just need to keep winning. That’s all.

DB: With Providence favorite Peter Manfredo so close by, a fight with him has to have come up and how interested would you be in taking it?
JM: I would love to fight him one day, but I think he moved down in weight. He is a great fighter and has been in there with the best of them. I would love to take that fight after a couple more wins under my belt.

DB: How do you think the merging of CES Boxing and Star Boxing could help your career and get you the right fights?
JM: Well, CES has done so much for me already and Star Boxing is just going to bring them more support. Hopefully, I can get on a Star Boxing undercard soon, but we will see what happens.

DB: As a super middleweight, you must be excited to see Showtime’s Super Six Tournament unfold. Who do you think has the best chance to win it all?
JM: They are all great fighters. My choice will be Abraham because he is undefeated and he doesn’t know how to lose yet. He can punch, has good defense, and move good.

DB: Demetrius Andrade will be fighting on the undercard of your bout on September 4 in Lincoln, RI. How do you think he’s progressing as a professional?

JM: He’s a good fighter and a good person. He keeps working hard and he will go to the top most likely.
August 31, 2009
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