Lopez Still Unbeaten, Tops Munoz


By Marc Livitz: Adam "Mantequilla" Lopez withstood constant yet ineffective pressure from Mario Munoz for the bulk of ten rounds on Friday night at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey as he hung on to his undefeated record as well as the WBA Fedelatin Super Bantamweight title.


Lopez (15-0, 7 KO’s) was the more active of the two by far in the first round. He
utilized his left hook and consistently beat him to the punch. Munoz (16-1, 10 KO’s) complained of being caught with a rabbit punch in the initial moments of round two. Referee Ricardo Vera instructed him to hold his own and continue fighting. Prior to Friday, he’d not fought outside of his native Mexico.


He jabbed at Lopez a bit more and got his attention in doing so. Adam was content to wait for him to move in close so he could counter punch in his own trademark fashion. Munoz switched stances in the third. When it didn’t work, he found success with his left jab. The fighter from Guadalajara moved about in an almost stalking manner and either hit or missed.


Adam Lopez wasn’t missing very often. He seemed to have slowed down just a bit and Munoz was proving to be a good test for him. Much of the fourth was at the ring’s center. The two fighters traded shots, yet Adam’s were the more meaningful. Mario was comfortable as long as he kept his distance, but such an approach was counterproductive. He couldn’t take the necessary chances, much in part due to the frequent head clashes he’d suffered.


In the last half minute of the fifth, Lopez threw a short left clearly below the belt
which sent Munoz to the canvas. He regained his composure after Adam was warned for his tactics. "Mantequilla" Lopez pushed the pace in the sixth. Munoz tried in keep him away with consistent jabbing and prodding but his south Texas foe didn’t let up. By this point, Lopez’s right eye was nearly swollen shut and Mario showed no fear.


Munoz appeared to be gaining confidence in the seventh. The eye injury was
affecting Adam’s approach to the bout as Mario fired away with body shots in the eighth. His punches were doing no damage but rather, they were disrupting the fighter from San Antonio’s rhythm.


Mario Munoz would not let up...at all. He kept throwing punches and staying active, however Adam Lopez seemed to have found his second wind and stepped into his shots which sent his Mexican foe the other way. The two fighters met in a kind
gesture to begin the tenth and final round. Had Mario carried any meaningful power in his punches, then the contest might have been a different story. Munoz threw more and may have done more, but they were to no avail. Adam’s shots were audible and most importantly, effective.


Ron McNair scored the bout 97-93, Eugene Grant 98-92 and George Hill saw the same. With the win, Adam "Mantequilla" Lopez secured his unbeaten record and held on to the WBA Fedelatin Super Bantamweight title.


Co-Main Report


Ellis and Odom Fight to a Draw


Ronald "Flatline" Ellis traded shots, jabs and ultimately rounds with Jerry "King’s Son" Odom in the evening’s co main event as the eight round, super middleweight contest ended in a majority draw. Ellis (12-0-1, 10 KO’s, Lynn, Massachusetts) showed flashes of dominance but did not do enough to sway the judges in his favor.


Each fighter tested their respective left jabs in the opening round. A scrap of sorts ensued in the closing minute as the two contestants stood toe to toe for a brief moment. Odom (13-2-1, 12 KO’s) went on the sheer offensive as the second commenced. He was trying to sneak in his overhand right, yet Ellis soon sniffed out the danger and kept his distance from his Maryland opponent. This allowed him to land his jab and elude any trouble. In the closing seconds, Ellis almost sent Odom to the canvas with a hard right to the head. Jerry barely kept himself upright.


He looked to tie up throughout bits of round three. Ronald continued to land his quick, snapping right behind his textbook jab. Odom’s wide, telegraphed right was too slow and obvious to stall Ellis in any way. They exchanged hard rights in the fourth. Odom allowed himself to get backed into the ropes and take the punishment in a squared up position. He was, however answering Ronald’s head shots with effective body punches. Ellis knew he’d have to change his strategy as the contest moved into its second half.


The fifth was not the most eventful period of the contest. The boxers were either fatigued or decided to box instead of fight. Ronald Ellis did not have the fight in he bag by any stretch as the sixth was underway, yet he felt compelled to switch back and forth from traditional to southpaw. He remained the more active of the two simply because Odom seemed to be waiting for the perfect shot at the perfect time. He finally unloaded just a bit near the end of the seventh. Ellis felt the sting of a hard right and uppercut from Odom.


The fight made its way to the last round. It did not appear to be won for either man. The judges may have been thinking that Ronald took a round or two off and perhaps the hard rights of Odom would influence the scoring. Ellis wasn’t pushing the action in last three minutes he’d get on the night. He did, however thump his chest in approval of his efforts as he shouted, "I won. I won." Ultimately, the judges would hold the final decision. Don Givens scored the bout 78-74 (Ellis), James Kinney and Lawrence Layton tallied a scores of 76-76 for the majority draw.


Further Results from Atlantic City


O’Shaquie Foster TKO 7 Lavisas Williams – Lightweight

Christopher Brooker D8 John Magda - Super Middleweight

Arturo Trujillo TKO 2 Jeffrey Wright - Jr. Middleweight

Skender Halili TKO 5 Anthony Young - Jr. Middleweight

Brendan Barrett D 6 Daniel Pasciolla - Heavyweight

Hector Fromenta UD 4 Jordan Rosario – Welterweight

Elijah Vines KO 1 Alex Asbury - Middleweight




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February 19, 2016

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