Jacobs Stops Walton On Friday Night Fights

By Michael Norby: Undefeated middleweight bright spark Daniel Jacobs scored a mightily impressive stoppage victory on Friday night after he battered outclassed veteran George Walton through eight one-sided rounds at The Desert Diamond Casino in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Jacobs 17-0 (15) possesses terrific speed and smarts to compliment his power and all three attributes were on display this evening as the Brooklyn fighter powered his way to victory. Walton 20-4 (12) who had never been stopped before, was game but he spent a majority of the contest soaking up blistering combinations before referee Robert Ferrara stopped the fight with just over a minute remaining in the eighth.

The smaller Walton weaved forward straight into the teeth of his opponent’s jab and right hand from the beginning of the contest and found himself eating combinations throughout the first half of the opening round. Jacobs timed his man’s advances with ease and scored steadily to the head and body from the outside in what was a comfortable first three minutes.

Walton hit the floor early in the second round after stumbling into a sloppy looking combination in the opening seconds. The 35-year-old wasn’t hurt and he immediately tried to make amends by charging forward but Jacobs continued to feed off of his opponent’s raw offense and he thumped Walton with three and four punch sequences to ensure another lop-sided round.

The undefeated 22-year-old was in a class of his own this evening and he strolled through rounds three and four as Walton elected to stand invitingly on the outside. Jacobs connected frequently and effortlessly with long, straight right hands before unleashing accurate combinations when Walton occasionally decided to take a step or two forward.

Although in complete control, Jacobs remained patient and he systematically broke his opponent down over the middle rounds with a perfectly authored fight plan. Even when the New Yorker was cut above the right eye in a clash of heads in the fourth, he worked in an unhurried fashion and, by the sixth, Walton was wobbly and clearly on borrowed time.

Walton’s face was swollen and battered and, after suffering another beating in the seventh, Ferrara mercifully stopped the contest a round later with Walton eating severe punishment against the ropes.

Time of stoppage: 1:59 RD8
Undercard Report

2008 Olympic heavyweight bronze medalist Deontay Wilder made it six wins in as many professional fights by knocking out Kelsey Arnold in the first round of a scheduled four.

Wilder 6-0 (6) teed off on his opponent from the outset as Arnold 1-3-2 charged forward awkwardly. The undefeated Olympian easily found a home for his power and he knocked Arnold to the floor for the first and only time one minute into the opening round after a right hand caught his opponent leaning and sent him down for the count.

Time of stoppage: 1:13 RD1


In welterweight action, unbeaten Texan youngster Jermell Charlo scored an eighth round TKO victory over brave battler Frederico Flores.

Flores 6-3 (2) began brightly and poured pressure on his retreating opponent in the opening portion of the contest. The 21-year-old surged forward behind his jab and thumped Charlo 8-0 (4) with a determined array of combination punching – scoring steadily in rounds one and two with both hands.

Charlo took the initiative in the third, however, and immediately caught his man with a hard left hook, quickly followed by a sneaking right uppercut that quickly halted any momentum that Flores’ had built up throughout the first six minutes. The Texan began to control the contest from that point forward and was dominant with his jab and solid right hand from distance.

Flores tried to close the distance in the fourth and fifth rounds and at times he succeeded but Charlo continued to pile up points with his jab and right hand. The tall 19-year-old scored beautifully with those punches and tagged his opponent with a series of well timed left hooks as Flores jumped inside.

Flores rallied in the sixth and was able to connect with looping right hands over the top of his opponent’s jab. He authored numerous and more successful raids to the inside in this frame but Charlo regrouped a round later and hurt Flores with a pair of left hooks. In the eighth and final round, Flores, realizing that he probably needed a knockdown, emerged aggressively but walked directly into a right hand that buckled his legs. Flores was stunned but was not given a chance to recover as referee Nico Perez waved the fight off before Charlo could cause any further damage.

Time of stoppage: 0:42 RD8
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