Green Destroys Jones Jr in 1 Round

Green knocks out a legend
Green knocks out a legend
By Paul Upham in Homebush: If Roy Jones Jr’s career as an elite boxer wasn’t over after his consecutive knockout losses to Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson in 2004, it certainly is now after the future Hall of Famer was knocked out in less than one round by Australian Danny “Green Machine” Green, who retained his IBO cruiserweight boxing world title on Wednesday night at Acer Arena in Sydney.

“I don’t know, I guess I go back into retirement now,” said a stunned Jones Jr, trying to come to terms with the upset loss.

The first minute of the fight was relatively quiet, Green landing one right hand to the body which brought a smile from the 40 year-old Jones Jr, 179.2lbs. As he stalked the American back into his own corner, Green closed in and landed a straight right hand on the top left hand side of Jones Jr’s head. The former pound for pound great collapsed to the canvas like a building being demolished.

Sprawled on the ground, it looked as though he would not beat the count, but the proud Jones Jr somehow dragged himself up to his feet on unsteady legs.
36 year-old Green, 178.9lbs, closed in immediately and tore into Jones Jr like a shark. With punches reigning down around him, all the former undisputed light heavyweight world champion could do was hold his hands up as he was rocked from side to side.

With Green landing hard shots at will for almost ten seconds, referee Howard John Foster jumped in and waved off the contest for the TKO win at the 2:02 minute mark.

“I don’t know what to say,” said a jubilant Green, speaking to the over 15,000 fans in the arena. “I told you this one is for you guys. This is Australia’s victory.”

The American great was attempting to win a world title belt in his fifth weight class in his first fight as a professional outside of the USA. He was swept aside in seconds and looked like an old man as he tried to hang on under Green’s barrage.

“I got to take my hat off to Danny,” said Jones Jr 54-6 (40). “He had a great performance tonight. I thank everyone in Australia for supporting the event.”

Green 28-3 (25) said it hurt him inside to have to knockout a boxer who he has idolised and admired for so many years.

“He is one of the greatest fighters of all time,” said Green, “and for the opportunity to fight him here in Australia, thank you Roy Jones Jr.”

Date: Wednesday December 2, 2009
Location: Acer Arena, Homebush, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Danny Green w.tko.1 Roy Jones Jr
IBO cruiserweight world title
Steven Wills w.tko.4 Chad Bennett - junior welterweight
Will Tomlinson w.ko.3 Verquan Kimbrough - lightweight
Ryan Waters d.6 Tui Leveni - middleweight
Rayco Saunders w.ud.7 Walter Pupu’a - cruiserweight
Sedat Tasci td.2 Rey Anton Olarte - junior welterweight

Paul Upham
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Over 15,00 fans watched Green vs. Jones Jr
Over 15,00 fans watched Green vs. Jones Jr
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