Green stops broken Briggs in seconds

Danny Green
Danny Green
By Paul Upham: It was an angry Danny Green who knocked out Paul Briggs in a matter of seconds in round 1 on Wednesday night 21 July at Challenge Stadium in Perth, Australia. The crowd was left booing as a relatively innocuous boxing jab saw Briggs counted out.

“No one is as pissed off as me. Believe me,” an enraged Green told his hometown crowd. “He ain’t even a canine. He isn’t getting paid a cent. He dogged it.”

The entire fight, including American referee Pat Russell’s ten count, lasted 29 seconds.

37 year-old Green 30-3 (27) , in black trunks with silver & green trim, landed a right hand to the body and then fired a strong stiff jab which appeared to fly over the top of Briggs’ head.

34 year-old Briggs 26-4 (18), in red trunks, fell forward onto the canvas and onto his knees. As the referee counted, it appeared that Briggs, now on his haunches, was ready to stand up, but he then overbalanced and fell forward again.

Multiple slow motion television replays of Green’s left jab showed that the punch may have landed very high on the forehead of Briggs.

Only Briggs knows for sure how badly he was hurt. Injured or not, it was a terrible advertisement for boxing.

The bout had been moved to Perth only two weeks ago, after the NSW Combat Sports Authority had declined Briggs a licence to fight. It appears they were correct in their concerns over the condition of Briggs, who was making a comeback to boxing after three years in retirement.

“I am very, very angry. I am extremely frustrated,” an emotional Green, who was also the promoter of the fight, told the crowd. “I can’t say sorry enough to you guys. That was a black eye for boxing, but not on our behalf. He dogged it. I promise you I will make it up to you here.”

New Zealand heavyweight Shane Cameron, who won a ten round unanimous points decision earlier on the undercard against Daniel Ammann, then entered the ring and challenged Green for a shot at his cruiserweight belt.

“I’ll give you the toughest fight you have ever seen in your home town,” Cameron promised.

A still stunned and angry Green told Cameron honestly that he was in no position right now to think straight and would consider the fight offer once he had cooled down.

Date: Wednesday 21 July 2010
Location: Challenge Stadium, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Danny Green w.ko.1 Paul Briggs
IBO cruiserweight world title
William Kickett w.ud.6 Jack Asis - lightweight
60-54, 60-54, 60-54
Brad Pitt w.ko.3 Oscar Siale - cruiserweight
Matt Garlett w.tko.2 Luke Norton - super featherweight
Shane Cameron w.ud.10 Daniel Ammann - heavyweight
98-93, 97-93, 99-94
Mostyn Niemann w.ud.4 Shane Tilyard - heavyweight
40-35, 40-34, 40-35

Paul Upham
Content Editor
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