New horizons for Goossen

By Paul Upham: The voice comes down the telephone line with resounding enthusiasm and pride. “Hello, Dan Goossen here, President, CEO and Owner, Ten Goose Sports.” The former President of America Presents is not laying low after his sudden departure from the company he helped build from day one back in 1996.
In fact, Goossen is bubbling with excitement after gaining a position that most business people aspire to, owning your own company. “Mat (Tinley) and I had a great relationship, but it wasn’t my company,” said Goossen (seated left of David Tua in the picture). “It is something that is a leap forward, not backwards. Bill Daniels was a tremendous supporter of America Presents, I promised him a lot of blood, sweat and tears would go into making the company and I would give him a lot of hard work in return for the dollars he was supplying.”

“I gave it everything I had and we got close, but couldn’t get that trophy at the end. That’s the only real disappointment that I have, but the show goes on. I couldn’t be happier with having Ten Goose Sports on the scene.”

After setting up his company office in Las Vegas, Goossen is already planning the necessary licensing applications and then it will be business as usual. “I feel like I’m not going to miss a beat and continue going forward. I wish everyone over at America Presents the very best. But when everything is said and done, I’m looking to take Ten Goose Sports in the same direction I did with America Presents from the standpoint of a standstill start to one of the top three promotional companies in the world,” said Goossen.

“I’ve got a handful of calls from some of the fighters at America Presents. Like I told them at the time, I appreciate their phone calls, but certainly I don’t want to interfere with any agreements that America Presents has with any fighters and I don’t want to interfere with any of the employees there including my own family.”

One family member who is the first employee of the new company is Dan Goossen’s son Craig, who has left his position at America Presents to be with his father.

“Craig, I guess he is like his dad sometimes, he just makes those decisions. He is a good man and I feel an asset to any company and a major asset to Ten Goose Sports. He grew up in Ten Goose boxing and has been with me through the years so it is natural for him.”

Years in the cut-throat boxing business has allowed Goossen to experience the many ups and downs it has to offer and this he will use to take Ten Goose Sports to the top. He acknowledges the mistakes of the past, but like any good businessman, will use this to his advantage.

“Our business boils down to winning and losing inside the ring. You win inside the ring and you win outside if you do a good job. I don’t think there is any dispute out there that we had our shots at the super bowl trophy many times and a few breaks here or there and I feel we would have been the No.1 company in the world,” said Goossen.

“Hard work, perseverance and dedication will get us right back there. I feel that the first card I do will be right in step where I left off with America Presents. I’m looking to build four-round fighters, former top contenders and future world champions.

“We are going to go forward. The best way I can put it is the only thing that has changed is the name because the ingredients will be the same.

“From my days at Ten Goose Boxing, I went out there and promoted unknowns to become stars and I am proud of it. I am proud of what we did over at America Presents in a short period of time and I have no doubt that we are going to do it with Ten Goose Sports.

“With a little more luck on our side, we can win the big ones too when we get there,” he added.

One of the most recognisable promoters in the world along with Don King and Bob Arum, the man with the broad beaming smile already has the plans at hand, all he has to do is build the company with the right pieces.

“I will go out there and I have already been speaking to some fighters who are unattached. I’ll be looking to sign a good crop and mix of fighters and will be looking to announce our first show. I feel that we’ll have our first promotion within 30 to 60 days,” said Goossen.

The tall man sitting behind the big desk in the Ten Goose Sports Las Vegas office will be a promoter, but more importantly, he will be the owner of the company.

“I like that. This is what I love,” said Goossen.

“I’ve worked very hard with America Presents and now it makes it so much better this way.”

Paul Upham
Contributing Editor
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