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20 AUGUST 2017

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1 | Posted: Wed 26-Mar-2008 18:29
I've watched most of Khan's fights have been impressed by his speed and accuracy.

Having said that, he doesn't yet have the power to take out someone with one punch, and most of the guys he's fought are past their best or from a lower division, although this is typically the way things are in the early years of a career - another curse of being the hope of the nation!

I think he will at least be a Eurpoean Champion, and will gt to challange for some World titles, but I do think that unless he learns to defend himself, which is hard when you're constantly dictating, he will get taken appart by a more experienced boxer who will let him fire off his quick hands against their guard and get him on the counter.

I think he should listen more to Warren, and let Warren take his time in moving him forward, otherwise he could end up in the same state as Audley Harrisson, although it would take come effort to end up in the same kind of carrer train wreck as Audley.

2 | Posted: Sat 5-Apr-2008 22:14
Just watched Khan v Martin Kristjansen and I have to say that Khan is a very exciting fighter......

However, I'm not convinced that he's a class act yet - he tried to go south paw at one point and just looked silly. He was also forced out of the centre of the ring and he hung his chin out - fine against a guy like this, but he'll get punished against a decent opponent.

He was caught quite a few times - he's luky this guy had no power.

I also think the fight was stopped a little early - right at the end of the round - not sure if the 3 knockdown rule applied, but the first knockdown I didn't think counted because Khan kept punching when his man was down.

3 | Posted: Mon 7-Apr-2008 19:01
Khan has skills and speed but it is alarming that he hasn't faced anyone who has over 50% Ko's. Limond almost Ko'd him and Limond isn't a puncher.

Khan will get sparked out once he steps into true World class.

4 | Posted: Wed 16-Apr-2008 23:24
He is still very raw but still very young. Warren will do well to keep him away from the top men in the division. I hope he goes down the European title route. There will be some tough fights and those Europeans will help him learn.

I don't think he is ready for a World Title shot this year as some have suggested he may go after.

5 | Posted: Tue 29-Apr-2008 21:48
if he does beat W.B.O.W.B.C.W.B.A. chmp nate cambell he could probaly beat him but just think of the guys he would be fighting manny pacqoui juan diaz michael katadis julio diaz joel cassaymor even david diaz would probaly outclass him at this stage
6 | Posted: Tue 6-May-2008 22:42
i cant weight for him to fight a boxer at his own weight for a start he shoud move up a weight he is growing and filling out but he knows going up a weight will show that he hasnt got the power to stop a decent boxer unless he is put in with boxers who cant take a punch he has been rapped in cotton wool for to long now the first decent boxer he fights that can punch with his dodgy defence will knock him spark out and how much money will he earn then what a joke he boxed graham earl who everyone in boxin new was a shot fighter nd now he is fightinf gomez another shot fighter but it looks good on his record i wont be bothered to watch his fights because the public knows they are being conned what a joke he is
7 | Posted: Fri 27-Jun-2008 19:22
There is no doubt that Khan has the ability,but he is hardly elusive is he? sometimes i think bravado takes over,its as if he is trying to prove a point,instead he should be relying on his best assett,which is his speed,forget all the post fight"i have unbelievable power" crap, he has'nt,what he has is unbelievable speed,he should start moving his head more,also his feet more and stop backing out of clinches in a straight line,saying this,i think he is a certainty to win one of the alphabet titles but he has to concentrate more on his defence.
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