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27 APRIL 2018


Feedback: Jones Junior has much to do

In the latest In This Corner SecondsOut: Legends' writers Anthony Evans and Paul Upham went at it over the subject of Roy Jones. Is the three-division champion an all-time great, or has he squandered his gifts and phoned in an average career unworthy of legendary status? It seems opinions are just as split among the SecondsOut readership as they are at SecondsOut HQ...

Roy Jones is a special talent, but he is and will always be a great underachiever. He has no reason not to face the best every time he fights, the same way Trinidad, Whitaker, De La Hoya, and all the greats did. He would probably win every fight with no problems, but the fact remains that he thinks he is a Donald Trump and not a Michael Jordan. And he has destroyed a Godgiven gift with has-beens and no names.

Roy, from what I have heard is a really good person, but he has done nothing for the sport of boxing but continued the politics of money first boxers that have led the sport to be in the situation that it is in right now.

He will be remembered as a sad underachiever that used the sport for financial gain, and gave nothing back...... Because of fighters like Roy Jones boxing has taken a hugestep backward... but God bless that there still are the fighters that really have that passion, and that's what keeps me a die hard boxing fan. Thank you ...from Chad Crispo

"Undisputed" Champions are undisputed; they don't get gifted with belts or get belts back that they lost because of signing for fights in other weight classes. After winning the title, Roccichani was stripped because he didn't come to a press conference, that he offered to do by satellite. (Perhaps he's had the misfortune to have drank a Bud, and didn't know Germany exports beer to the US.) Roccichani won the 1.2 mil that he was supposed to get for a Jones fight in the US Courts.
Darius won the titles that Jones has, they were stripped from him; in one day and a month, by corrupt American belt factories, because like Roccichani, he was an unknown forigner. Well the IBF stripped him for not giving up the "Minor" Title that got him the fight with Hill, in one day.

They make a big deal about how Jones was robbed in a foreign country and won't leave home. The US fans want the "robbed" Sr. Champ of the division to come to the US and fight some chumps to get known so he can fight a man who has belts he does not deserve because no one fought the "Real" Champion for them.
Perhaps Jones should come to Europe and fight some of the European Light Heavy Champs so he will get known over here. That is as senseless as saying to the Tiger come to the states and fight some chumps. How long did it take for a great press build up for "Telegraph" Kelly? It would be a snap to promote the Tiger. Perhaps they should fight in Iceland, or Ireland. But why should the "Real" Champ be forced to crawl to some fella that supports corrupt belt factories. The fight will never happen. To bad for us all.

Having never seen Jones but, having heard how good Jones was, and having seen the Tiger fight often. I saw the fight as 6 to 5 for Jones. I knew the Tiger was a good fighter. But, after seeing Jones fight the "Telegraph man" Kelly, I would gladly give 6 to 5 for the Tiger, because a good jab cures "I'm cute". A pressure fighter; always well conditioned, Tiger has all the basics which would be an almost novel experience for Jones, plus a fine jaw. He'd punch instead of waiting to see what Jones was going to do next. Tiger is not the best fighter there ever was, but he'd give any of them a good honest fight. I believe Billy Conn would have beaten both of them.
- An American living in Germany.

I used to be a Jones fan many many moons ago but now I don't even watch his fights. Why you may ask? I'm not shelling out my hard earned cash to watch those garbage exhibitions. The guys he has been fighting are not even full time boxers. Jones and his fans say they are good but he makes them look like nobody. I ask the Jones fans have you ever heard of Ricky Frazier before he fought Jones? Did you see how clumsily he threw his punches? how about the last Jones opponent the one Jones just slapped behind the head and he fell like a tomato can or better yet garbage can. Why didnt he fight Benn?i,ll tell you why Jones flat out refuses to face a puncher he has never in his career faced a puncher Benn was too dangerous.

I know I'll get some serious flack from the Jones fans calling me a hater or no-one I mentioned can handle Roy. I'm not saying that Benn or Hopkins or any others out there can or can't beat Roy or that he has no skills. What I'm saying if you proclaim to be the best fighter in the world then prove it by fighting the best comp basketball, football, and tennis players play the best comp to earn the title the best but Jones fans will proclaim him the best when he faces competition that I believe a welterweight could beat. for that reason Jones isn't on my list of anything and unless Jones fans wise up and demand more from him he'll simply continue to pimp them out of their money and laugh all the way to the bank.
- Isaac Johnson

Jones hammered Hopkins -HAMMERED HIM - and this is the guy who murdered Tito and everyone is raving about. What does Roy have to do to convince you people? - Brock, Iowa

Roy Jones has beaten everyone ever put in front of him. The German lost those belts by not fighting the No.1 contenders - something Jones always has done. It's not Jones' fault the WBC et al don't rank guys like Tarver at No.1. Fighting the No.1s - how can that be bad?

Jones will be remembered as greater than great - no question there. He does things ALI couldn't do for Christ's sake!! Lead right uppercuts, anyone? How about that KO of Griffin? Jones is a God in there!

Give him his props!!!
Aaron, CA

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