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26 APRIL 2018

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SecondsOut Team Picks: Alvarez Vs Angulo

SecondsOut’s global army or writers put their reputations on the line this weekend to predict the outcome of the light middleweight PPV clash between Mexican favorite Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Alfredo Angulo.


See below who our writers believe will be victorious on Saturday night.


I see Angulo as the perfect opponent for Alvarez to get his confidence back after the Mayweather defeat. Angulo will be standing right in front of him unlike Mayweather. Great matchmaking, the fans get to see a great scrap and Alvarez get his confidence back by slowly breaking Angulo down inside 10 thrilling rounds.


Alvarez tko 10

Clive Bernath

Editor In Chief




When this fight was first made I felt it was a good fight for Alvarez and great match-making by Eric Gomez of Golden Boy. What makes this fight interesting is the Mayweather Hangover factor. Three of Mayweather’s last four opponents (Mosley, Ortiz, Cotto) lost their next fight, and Robert Guerrero has been on ice since his poor showing. There is no question that there will be a letdown from Canelo’s last two fights. The question is how will it affect him in the ring. I see a scenario that if Angulo could stand up to Canelo’s early power, he may pull off the upset. If Angulo gets through the first half of the fight undamaged, he should be able to apply enough pressure to test and even stop Canelo. It could be a race against the clock whether or not Canelo survives. I think he does when two of the three judges choose him the winner by a far too wide margin.


Alvarez pts 12

Jason Pribila




While it is easy to conceive Saul Alvarez breaking down and stopping Alfredo Angulo late, I am expecting a more timid approach. Angulo is not used to facing fighters who can hit harder than him. I think that will keep him on his guard and cause him to move a little more. This loss for Angulo with mirror his prior loss to Kermit Cintron than say his losses to James Kirkland or Erislandy Lara. Angulo may hot the canvas along the way or swell up into an abomination, but my money is on a comprehensive points win for Alvares. Alvarez UD.


Alvarez w pts 12

Derek Bonnett

Connecticut, USA


Angulo will try to make a dog fight of it, pressuring Canelo in the same manner as he did when he fought Erislandy Lara, the difference will be Canelo’s body attack on Angulo. Where Lara failed to attack Angulo’s body, Canelo will not make that mistake. Canelo will get the better of the infighting and drop Angulo in the middle rounds.


Alvarez tko 9

Reginald Murrell







Great match. Hard to say who will impose his will in this one. Both are strong fighters. so I think the difference here will be skill level. Skills will tell and I think the rugged Angulo will find Alvarez to be a little to fast and too good. A great fight that will end with Saul’s hand raised after the referee saves Angulo from further punishment in round seven.


Alvarez tko 7

Jerry Glick

New York

New York City




I think Angulo will make it tough early, but he’s plodding and slow. If Alvarez stays away for a while, boxes and goes to the body I can see him taking Angulo out late. If he’s out to prove something and opens himself up for a firefight I might go for the upset, but I don’t see that happening.


Alvarez tko late or pts 12

Matthew Hurley






Canelo was tipped by many in the trade to shock P4P number 1 Floyd Mayweather last time out but was comprehensive schooled by Money’ May. Now, in his return to the ring, he faces a pit bull in Mexican Alfredo Angulo who has knockout power in either hand. Can Canelo regroup post Mayweather? Simply put he has to if Golden Boys ’Golden Boy’ is to continue his raise into super stardom. Angulo dropped Cuban slickster Erislandy Lara last time out and will undoubtedly be the hardest puncher the young Mexican has faced. Canelo has an excellent jab and dangerous right hand that was sorely lacking against Mayweather but I expect him to respect Angulo’s punching power enough to box with caution in the early going. Angulo can be taken out himself as proven by James Kirkland in their wild shoot out and the question remains, as well as dishing it out, can Angulo take Canelo’s power? In the end I believe Alvarez has enough in his locker to defuse the wild swinging Angulo to take a unanimous decision


Alvarez w pts 12

Danny Winterbottom





Canelo proved he can’t beat a boxer against Mayweather. That means he CAN handle a slugger. Angulo too crude; Canelo too crafty. Picks him apart; wide decision.


Alvarez pts 12

Jeff Jowett

New Jersey




I expect Alvarez to bounce back nicely from last September’s loss. Angulo presents a tough challenge but I don’t see many surprises coming from him. Surely, he will be looking to bring the heat and turn the fight into toe-to-toe action, but I think Alvarez will indulge him sparingly preferring to use his entire repertoire. At the end of the night, Alvarez will be the one with his hand raised.


Alvarez pts 12

Jose Santana

Cleveland, Ohio




For boxing fans, it’s a good weekend for boxing. For Mexican boxing fans, it’s the equivalent of "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel. With his only professional loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr., Canelo Alvarez returns to Vegas to face a tough Alfredo Angulo. It should be an entertaining fight to watch, Angulo is coming off a loss to Erislandy Lara in a fight that had him pitted as the underdog. Angulo would drop Lara twice in the bout, but sustained numerous blows, including a damaging shot to his left eye that in the end cost him the fight. If Angulo can avoid taking head shots, protect his eye, then he may have a chance to win. Angulo must use his power and deliver some precision punches on Alvarez, keeping Alvarez from finding his range early. The key for Alvarez to win this fight? Realize he will not knock out Angulo, avoid the hard blows and keep his movement lateral while delivering a steady and precise jab, establishing a range that involves staying off the ropes. I see Canelo Alvarez winning this fight, his youth and ring smarts will be the edge. Canelo Alvarez knows Alfredo Angulo is strong and can be dangerous, he will make the adjustments round-by-round and target Angulo’s eye to squeak out the win. I must admit, I would not at all be upset if Angulo won, just don’t think it will happen.


Alvarez, pts 12

Ron Valderrama

Houston, Texas




Angulo is a tough guy but made for Canelo’s return after his failed try against Mayweather.

I expect Angulo to take the fight to Canelo with Canelo more then willing. Canelo’s surprising speed will be difference where he will use to control the fight and get out if Angulo’s onslaught of punches .


Alvarez tko. 8

Andrew Rivera


New Mexico




Canelo Alvarez-Alfredo Angulo has the makings to be a very good fight. Angulo fights with great courage and will be up for the challenge against his Mexican rival. His recent performances give me mixed feelings on what to expect. I anticipate him to come out strong looking to hurt Canelo early. Canelo will be the better boxer in this one and will remain steady and crisp throughout Angulo’s early onslaught. As the middle to late rounds approach Canelo will be boxing his way to a clear cut decision. Each combatant may touch the canvas in this one.


Alvarez w pts 12

Derek Gionta

Pittsburgh, PA




Alvarez = 12

Angulo = O


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March 7, 2014

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