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16 NOVEMBER 2018

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SecondsOut Team Picks: Golovkin Vs Alvarez

Gennady Golovkin defends his world middleweight titles against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez this Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada and SecondsOut’s writers once again put their reputations on the line to predict the outcome.



Following the Mayweather Vs McGregor farce a few weeks ago we now have a genuine 50-50 fight that truly belongs in the fight capital of the world. The experts are divided and one can understand why. Whilst the younger arguably fresher Alvarez is in his physical prime the stronger big punching Golovkin could be spiralling into decline. Some experts argue that a prime and fired up Alvarez could edge an ageing Golovkin and box his way to a wafer thin decision but I disagree. Golovkin carries incredible firepower in both hands and that sometimes overshadows his underestimated boxing skills. I believe Golovkin has been waiting years for a high profile fight to showcase his skills and on Saturday night he will finally prove to the world just what an incredible talent he really is. Alvarez will start fast and cause a few problems early on but I expect Golovkin to get his jab going, control the centre of the ring and slowly chip away at Alvarez with some heavy handed artillery to nick a close but deserved unanimous decision over 12 rounds.


Golovkin w pts 12

Clive Bernath








Saul Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin have never ducked anyone and I do not believe either has ever had a fear to step in the ring with the other. Boxing, for better or for worse, will always be a business and business dictated the timeline of this match-up. Alvarez, which I prefer to simply call, "Canelo", is in his physical prime and has nutrition and science behind his growth into a full middleweight. Golovkin a natural competitor at 160 looks to be in a physical decline, but he is in no way over the hill. Some will point to his narrow victory over Daniel Jacobs in March as signs, but I will then say, who today would beat Jacobs with ease? I see the bout opening with a Golovkin lead as he wins the battle of jabs and begins throwing right crosses to the head and left hooks downstairs. Alvarez will also have success with the jab, but it will come later as GGG is focusing more on powershots. Canelo’s jab has improved with age and is more of weapon now than when he was a rising prospect. The speed helps set up his right hand and like Golovkin a left hook to the ribs. As the mid-rounds stretch on, Canelo will fight his way back on the cards with his jab and right. Both fighters will lessen their body attacks and focus on the jabs and rights to the head. Down the stretch, with the fight still on the table, "Canelo" will appear the fresher fighter, while Golovkin stalks with decreasing success. At the final bell, experts and fans will have close scorecards with the victor split almost evenly. The judges will see the bout even with one favoring Alvarez and another Golovkin. The third will see the bout even. DRAW.


Derek Bonnett

Connecticut, USA



Derek Bonnett

Oxford, Connecticut



This fight has the potential to be an instant classic. Triple G has been handling opponents with relative ease and has the power to end any fight with one punch. Canelo is an excellent combination puncher and has improved his skills over the years. This is truly a 50/50 fight. I believe Canelo is the better boxer and will have to use his feet throughout the fight to keep Triple G from dropping bombs on him. I think we will see some feeling out rounds early on with the action picking up quickly as the rounds progress. I’m going out on a limb and taking Canelo by a late stoppage with the scorecards close in either fighters’ favor."


Alvarez tko 11

Derek Gionta

Pittsburgh, PA



It is perhaps, the true fight boxing fans have been waiting for. Since Hector was a pup, or at least the past few years, a match-up between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez has been on the radar. For whatever reasons, boxing politics, money, who knows for sure, this fight looked like it may never happen. But, here we are, the fight of the century, at least this week anyway is finally here. The fight will be a great fight, the power of Golovkin has been feared by many a fighter, Canelo must avoid taking too many of his deadly punches because he has never experienced power like this. Canelo must establish a safe range, create angles against Golovkin, making each punch count. Golovkin is perhaps one of the best complete fighters of this era, what sets him apart is his defensive skills, he knows how to use the entire ring. So who wins this fight? I see it like this, the fight goes the distance, a display of pure boxing genius by both, but I see Canelo winning by decision and this is why. Canelo has improved as a fighter since his only loss, a loss to Floyd Mayweather. He was vulnerable and frustrated facing Mayweather, what he learned was how to lose. We will not see those mistakes again, especially against Golovkin. Canelo can’t afford to be careless against an older Gennady Golovkin, who theoretically hasn’t peaked yet.


Alvarez pts 12

Ron Valderrama

Phoenix, Arizona



The fight that boxing fans have been craving is finally here. As much as we were looking forward to Ward-Kovalev, there was always the fear that Ward could take the air out of an arena. On this night, we have a true toss-up fight, and the icing on top is that we could see either fighter winning by stoppage. On the eve of the fight I am shocked by how many people are picking “Canelo” to not only win, but to stop GGG. Many of the same people who felt Canelo would duck GGG, now feel that he will dispose of him. Why the sudden change of heart? Because he looked good beating up a heavy-bag with a JCC Jr. headband on it in May? Perhaps it is because GGG failed to knock out an athletic light heavyweight, in his last fight against Danny Jacobs. Whatever the reason, GGG at $-150 seems to be a rather safe way to double the funds in one’s “Christmas Club”.


I believe Canelo will score early. It will take GGG a few rounds to get used to the fast hands that Canelo possesses. Soon the GGG jab will slow Canelo down, and when the boxing match turns more into a fight, it will favor GGG. Canelo is a proud fighter, and when he gets hit his response is to immediately return fire. This will give GGG the window he needs to hurt and stop Canelo suddenly in Round 9.


Golovkin w pts 12

Jason Pribila

Bethlehem, USA


This may very well be one of the most difficult predictions I’ve made in quite some time and it’s one which I’ll likely change several times over before the bell rings on Saturday night. We as fans of boxing are hopefully being treated to a throwback, classic style fight that can be discussed for years to come. It’s very hard for some, myself included to let go of the nostalgia factor and acknowledge that the 21st century does indeed have its fair share of future greats.


Will the contest between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin come down to simply who wants the victory the most? On paper, there’s enough pro’s and con’s of each man to cancel out advantages as well as deficiencies. Personally, I can see knockdowns but not necessarily a knockout. I’m not anticipating a ’trial by fire’ from the opening bell. Canelo will see that Gennady is just as nervous as he is during the feeling-out period. We’ll just have to see who really and truly can take a punch. A good, clean and hard punch because the two combatants are usually on the giving end of it.


We can call it a ’toss up’ or an old fashioned ’pick ’em’ style of contest, but if I must choose, then I’ll say the following. Canelo will look to set the pace early. He’ll use his jab but his slower footwork could leave him open to counter shots and all it takes is for one meaningful shot from "GGG" to land for the whole night to change. I’m not sure how Alvarez fares against a full fledged middleweight. Competitive but ultimately wide.


Golovkin w pts 12

Marc Livitz

Austin, Texas.




Over the years Canelo has gotten better and Golden Boy built him to the media darling he is, thus the reason for the 2 year delay to take on GGG. Canelo I feel has a false confidence in wins. He has beaten name fighters but let’s be honest Mosley and Cotto were only shades of their prime. Kirkland was made to order, Beefy Smith was an easy payday at Jerry world in Dallas and Amir Khan jumped almost two weights to fight him with a China chin. GGG has waited and waited and seems hungrier now that his fight has finally been signed . Sure his last fight he looked sluggish but Daniel Jacobs is no slouch. Yes he took on his version of a lighter weight champion in Kell Brook halting the then welterweight champion. Brook would beat Khan, so GGG took on the tougher fighter in comparison. Many felt David Lemieux would have a shot at GGG, he walked right through him. I believe GGG has the power Canelo has never seen and he will get reminded of when the two had sparring sessions on who is the man. Canelo will have his moments but I do see GGG eventually walking down the muscular Canelo why may be a little slower due to his new physic ! Big drama show needs to win by stoppage , I think if it’s close and goes the distance Canelo will get the house fighter edge. I think GGG will not let it get to the judges hand and halt Canelo late.


Golovkin w tko 11

Andy Rivera


New Mexico




As a huge Canelo fan, it pains me to make this prediction. But it will all be a matter of a step or two. Canelo needs to keep his distance, but GGG is too big for Canelo to hold off or step around. GGG will break him down on the inside and become progressively stronger as the fight goes on.

Golovkin w pts 12

Jeff Jowett







Alvarez =2

Draw= 1




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