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25 MAY 2018

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SecondsOut Team Picks: Golovkin Vs Brook

World middleweight champion and pound for pound No.1 Gennady Golovkin defends his titles against IBF welterweight titleholder Kell Brook in London, England on Saturday night and SecondOut’s writers once again put their reputations on the line to predict the outcome.


See below who our writers believe will be victorious.



Quite simply Gennady Golovkin is the naturally bigger man, the bigger puncher, an excellent ring technician and a master at cutting off the ring to maneuver himself into delivering his power punches with both hands. So it would be crazy to see the outcome as anything but a tko win inside seven rounds. That said for the first time in his impressive 35 fight unbeaten pro fight he has looked a little weight drained, especially at the final press conference. He just looks a little too thin in the face at this late stage and it could be a factor if the is tight at the weight. And with Brook not having to worry too much about making 147lbs this could make the fight interesting for a few rounds. However, If Golovkin was fighting a fully fledged strong middleweight I may see a problem but I think he will get away with it this time and break down the smaller man inside eight rounds.


Golovkin tko 8

Clive Bernath





A lot has been written about Kell Brook entering the ring as the bigger man. While this has added intrigue to the fight, it won’t change the outcome. The sport is full of fighters entering the ring divisions south of their walk-around weight. Brook has finally entered a fight where he did not have to cut weight before the bout. This has led to an impressive physique, as well as inflated confidence. The question is how will that added weight affect him when the bell rings. My guess is that it will give him more confidence, and more confidence means he will trade more, and trading more will increase the already high chances he gets knocked out. Brook has nothing to lose on Saturday Night. No matter what happens, he will receive the deserved kudos for stepping up to fight a man that Canelo Alvarez will do anything to avoid. Unfortunately he is in with a historically strong middleweight, and as soon as Brook’s legs start to betray him, his chin will too. My only concern for Brook is if he plans to return to welterweight. Losing the weight he gained, could lead to him losing more muscle than fat. Just ask Roy Jones Jr. how a return trip down the scale impacted the rest of his career.


Golovkin w ko7

Jason Pribila






Give Kell credit for getting in. That’s all that can be said. He’ll get a payday (I hope a big one!) and a beating. GG relentlessly breaks him down and stops in 9.


Golovkin w tko 9

  1. R. Jowett









Much like the Khan v Canelo fight, this match-up has glaring certainties and a couple of unknowns. The certainties are that Golovkin is a fighting machine, with all of the tools and desire to perhaps top the pound-for-pound list for some years to come. Likewise, we know that Brook is an excellent athlete, with power and underestimated counter-punching ability. He is also an extremely tenacious warrior and worthy of the ’Special K’ moniker.


The unknowns are also evident. Will Golovkin look beyond Brook as merely a bulked-up welterweight looking for a payday? Will Brook be strong at the weight? Could this be another Benn-Barkley fight of the year contender brawl?


I see this fight developing differently than the Khan v Alvarez fight due to two factors: Golovkin’s style and Brook’s heart. Watch for Gennady to use the first two rounds to settle into Kell’s style, then see a calculated, but pulsating, fight emerge where Brook has successes and Golovkin maintains control.


As surprising as it may sound, I see this fight going beyond round 10, and possibly even the full 12. Golovkin wins either way, but Brook also comes out a hero.


Golovkin w tko 11.

William Wade





"Triple G is on a great streak, especially since joining forces with trainer Abel Sanchez. Kell Brook has very good skills and an undefeated record of his own to protect. I’m not sure the added weight will benefit him against Golovkin. I can see his skill serving him well early on, and maybe even posing a bit of a threat. As the fight moves on to the middIe (should it last that long) rounds I feel Golovkin’s power will be too much in the end, before the final bell."


Golovkin w tko 9

Derek Gionta

Pittsburgh, PA





This bout can easily bring more excitement and intrigue than the hotly anticipated and yet to be determined contest between Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez. You’ve got to give to Kell Brook. Anyone who’s willing to not only jump up two weight classes, but take on the cream of the crop of the division as well is deserving of all the credit in the world. All that being said, I’m standing on the same side of the fence which has set "GGG" as a heavy favorite. Kell’s a very skilled fighter, but can he use whatever he may have in his bag of evasion to stay away from Golovkin for a full 36 minutes?


That’s hard to foresee. He has to take chances and he may be able to possibly frustrate Gennady early, but sooner or later, he’ll have to swing for the fences because he can’t win a tactical battle. He has to get close to do this and somewhere around the middle to late rounds is when he’ll be stopped. Earlier in the fight, Golovkin will connect, likely to the body in order to get the message across - he’s out of his league, but thanks for trying.


Golovkin w ko 9

Marc Livitz





As we await GGG vs Canelo, the fans have to see fights where each will be favored until Golden Boy and Canelo finally step up and make the fight everyone wants to see. Brook is a big welterweight champion and putting on 10-12 lbs shouldn’t be an issue. Unlike Amir Khan who originally was a 135 when he started Brook was a welterweight and didn’t grow into one. Brook has a good chin and has fought beat one of the best welterweights in Shawn Porter, but in GGG he will be tested the most he’s ever been in his boxing career. GGG still hopes he can get Canelo in the ring in 2017 but until then Brook is his next challenge. As always in GGG fights he might give up the first round or so to see what Brook can do then he will go to work, he will keep constant pressure on Brook and eventually break him down between the round 5/6 halting him and retaining his middleweight titles.


Golovkin tko 6

Andrew Rivera


New Mexico



Triple G middle round ko. He’s bigger. Eventually he’ll break down Brook.


Golovkin tko between 6 and 8

Stephen Tobey





I know some people tend to believe in an upset, but let’s be honest, Brook has balls to promote the fight, but he’s not big enough to upset Golovkin. It’s even worse mismatch than Canelo vs Khan. Kell’s speed, jab, his evasive style and tricks are all good thing, but just before Golovkin connects.

Golovkin TKO 8

Dmytro Mossienko




Golovkin = 9

Brook = 0


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Sept 9, 2016





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