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22 APRIL 2018

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SecondsOut Team Picks: Mayweather Jr Vs Guererro/ Klitschko Vs Pianeta

This week’s big fights feature the world’s no.1 boxer and the best heavyweight on the planet. At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Floyd Mayweather Jr defends his WBC welterweight crown against Robert Guererro while Wladimir Klitschko defends his IBF/WBA and WBO heavyweights crowns against Francisco Pianeta.


See below who our army of informed correspondents think will win.


Mayweather may just be a tad past his peak and not as elusive as he used to be and Guererro has been a good champion but regardless I see Mayweather as having too many moves for the challenger. Mayweather will always be one step ahead and I see him posting a clear an unanimous points win


Mayweather pts 12


Pianeta may be unbeaten but he has not fought in anywhere near the class Wladimir has. I see Wladimir working behind his jab for a few rounds like he usually does, toting up the points before eventually breaking the challenger down after around eight rounds.


Klitschko tko 8

Clive Bernath

Editor In Chief



Mayweather has been standing his ground more and fighting as seen against Ortiz and Cotto. I just don’t think he has the legs to fight the way he used to. However, I don’t think Guerrero is a bruising or powerful enough fight to take advantage of the more stationary Pretty Boy. Mayweather still avoids shots well with shoulder and head movement. Guerrero is an excellent fighter, but he is in over his head here. PBF UD.


Mayweather Jr pts 12


I know absolutely nothing about Wlad’s latest title challenger. In fact, I hadn’t realized this fight was so close until my editor Clive Bernath emailed me about my thoughts. I am going to go really vague on this one. In truth, I am going to simply quote Rocky’s fictional nemesis Clubber Lang. I predict: Pain. Wlad KO 6.


Klitschko ko 6


Derek Bonnett





At 6’5" Pianeta is almost as tall as Klitschko, even more important, he needs to be as strong and aggressive as the Champion. While his numbers, 28-0-1 (15 KOs) indicates he has a punch, it may not be a huge one. He has beaten a couple of 40+ former big names, but he’s in against a powerhouse who is a proven comodity.


Klitschko TKO 8.


No one beats Mayweather at this time, Floyd can do it all, box, punch, block, move, you name it. Guerrero will give him more trouble than most of Mayweather’s previous opponents; he’s tough physically and mentally, but Floyd is a cut above them all.


Mayweather pts 12.

Jerry Glick

New York




Wladimir Klitschko vsFrancisco Pianeta


Klitschko will be too strong for Pianeta just like the rest of his previous challengers. we can all just hope for an early knockout so we dont have to live through a boring fight.


Klitschko TKO 5


I have never bet against Mayweather and wont start this time. I expect a competitive fight early on as Mayweather comes to grips with ring rust and Guerrero tries to impose himself on him. From the middle rounds onwards Mayweather’s skills and speed will prove superior and Guerrero will be an easy target with Mayweather landing at will. The gutsy Guerrero will survive the 12 rounds having gone through some wobbly moments.


Mayweather UD 12


Lwazi Ndzobongo


South Africa




Matthew Hurley

Quincy, Massachusetts



Robert Guererro’s southpaw pressure style may cause Floyd some uncomfortable moments but ultimately I see Mayweather, who is more experienced as a welterweight, picking off the marauding Gilroy native with rapier attacks and busting him up.The ’Ghost’ is a tough man and may hear the final bell, although thoroughly beaten on points.


Mayweather wide UD 12


Wladimir Klitschko faces his 8th unbeaten opponent in 6’5" German based Italian Fransisco Pianeta but I don’t envisage him having any problems holding on to his heavyweight titles. The younger, more cautious brother can box his way through the early rounds before he measures his untested opponent with a booming right hand that ends proceeding’s around half way


Klitschko KO 6

Danny Winterbottom





Regarding Mayweather, the significant point is whether or how much he has gone back. Otherwise, nobody belongs in the ring with him, not even Pac. Guerrero’s only chance is that Mayweather has slipped some, but I don’t see that.


Mayweather pts 12


As to Pianeta, you gotta be kidding. A guy who’s held to a draw by Albert Sosnowski and his big wins are Oliver McCall, Zack Page and Franz Botha??? You gotta be kidding.


Klitschko pts 12


J. R. Jowett





Tis a shame that virtually nobody out in the "real world" knows who Robert Guerrero is. Luckily for him, he’s slowly becoming more of a known commodity outside of the suffocating walls that is the world of professional boxing. After Mayweather is through with him, millions more will know his name... for a month or so. Eventually he’ll become lost in the shuffle of great boxers the mainstream sports media (and more importanty the general public) have largely forgotten about. The reason? He’s going to lose to Mayweather on Saturday. Guerrero will make things interesting early because of how great a boxer/fighter he is. But even with his tremendous ring pedigree and how terrific he has been at every weight class in which he’s competed, he’s never been the absolute best. It’s hard to win against somebody who is hands down the greatest of his generation. Floyd will figure him out and slowly tear him to shreds piece by piece, scoring a late rounds stoppage. It’s a cute story, what with Guerrero being the hero trying for the shocking upset and beating the biggest villain in sports and all, but I live in reality and not some fantastical world where the good guys always win.


Mayweather via TKO 11.

Mike Sloan in Las Vegas, who will sadly not be ringside for the fight because of an out-of-town wedding. Curse you lovebirds!!!



Really? We’re doing predictions on this fight? Does anybody outside of the Pianeta family even know who this guy is, let alone give him a chance to topple one of the most dominant heavyweights of the past 20 years? The answer is a resounding "no" and Pianeta will act as the pinata (try and keep track of how many times that reference will be made with the "cutting edge" writers out there today). Klitschko will keep things safe and dull, and when he sees Pianeta slowing down and growing more frustrated, he’ll start to land that missile of a right hand repeatedly. Eventually Pianeta will succumb to the accuracy and power, thus never lasting the full twelve. Klitschko wins via ninth round stoppage. Another win, another title defense, another fight that virtually nobody cares about because of how sorry the heavyweight division remains. I truly feel bad for the Brothers Klitschko because of how lousy their generation of opponents is.


Klitschko tko 9

Mike Sloan

Las Vegas





"Wladimir Klitschko continues to prove his superior dominance in the heavyweight division. Aside from his brother, it doesn’t look as if anyone out there can beat this man. I have seen very little of Francesco Pianeta. Although he’s 6’5" and fights out of a southpaw stance, I don’t believe that he’s been in with any close to the caliber of Klitschko. I think he’ll score a knockout in the middle to late rounds depending on the tempo of the fight."


Klitschko tko 9


"Floyd Mayweather Jr. still sits at the top of the pound for pound list. He’ll be up against a rough and rugged fighter in Robert Guerrero. Many, including myself, did not see Guerrero winning against Berto, let alone imposing his will the way he did. I think he’ll look to pressure Mayweather in similar fashion to how Ortiz went after him. He may win a couple rounds throughout the fight but I think Mayweather will box smart as always, and slowly pick apart Guerrero over the course of the fight en route to a unanimous decision."


Mayweather Jr. Pts 12


Derek Gionta






Wladimir Klitschko will face a tough southpaw in Francesco Pianeta, who has never lost a fight and is hungry for this win. The problem is he will remain hungry for this win because he is facing Wladimir Klitschko, the owner of the heavyweight division. Klitschko will have things figured out by round 5 and drop Pianeta in round 6.


Klitschko tko 6


Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Robert Guerrero finally come to a head this weekend and settle the score in the ring. Some say Mayweather Jr. is past his prime and that Guerrero has a legit shot at giving Mayweather Jr. his first loss. For Guerrero to win, he will have to be patient and be ready for anything. He will have to attack Floyd and make use of every punch thrown. Mayweather Jr. has a way of changing the tone of a fight at the drop of a hat and is a master at seeking opportunity. The question is will Floyd have ring rust? He has not fought for a year, some of that time has been spent in jail. Guerrero on the other hand, has a dealt with his wife’s health issues and the drama of the firearm incident in New York. The truth is both fighters will not be thinking about life outside the ring when the bell rings, only the task at hand. I see Mayweather using the ropes and waiting for opportunity to set the tone of this fight. If he can frustrate Guerrero and make him spend energy, then we will see floyd add another win. Guerrero must work inside and work the body of Floyd and connect, making use of every punch. In the end I see Floyd winning this fight, he will be patient and wear Guerrero down slowly, landing shots that will take it’s toll on Guerrero. Mayweather Jr. will attack a worn down Guerrero, and land the golden shot somewhere between rounds 8-10 and win by TKO.


Mayweather tko 8-10


Ron Valderrama

Phoenix, Arizona



I do think Guerrero has the toughness and resolve to keep things interesting in the early going. But unless Mayweather has slipped dramatically he’ll begin to pick Robert apart around the fifth and then cruise to a unanimous points win. I think it will be a better fight than i initially felt when it was signed. But in the end, Mayweather is still on another level.


Mayweather UD 12 Guerrero


Matthew Hurley

Quincy, Massachusetts



Robert Guerrero will display the heart to beat Floyd Mayweather but not the skills. Despite being out for a year, I don’t expect too much rust from Mayweather, he’s a professional and knows what it takes. Guerrero will have a few spots during the fight where he does well being agressive but at the end of 12 I expect the decision to go to Mayweather.


Mayweather UD
Jose Santana
Cincinnati, OH


I would be surprised to see anything other than another Klitschko domination. Wladimir is too solid of a fighter for Francisco Pianeta.


Klitschko TKO 9
Jose Santana
Cincinnati, OH


Mayweather Jr =12

Guererro = 0


Klitschko =11

Pianeta = 0


May 3, 2013

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