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22 OCTOBER 2016

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SecondsOut Team Picks: Pacquiao Vs Marquez IV

SecondOut’s team of writers once again put their reputations on the line to predict the outcome of this weekend’s ‘Super Fight’ when bitter rivals Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez clash for the fourth time at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday night.


Last week’s predictions of the Miguel Cotto vs Austin Trout showdown proved disastrous after only one SO writer predicted the correct result. Let’s hope this week our writers are concentrating more on the outcome of Pacquiao vs Marquez than what they will be buying their wives and girlfriends for Christmas.




Even after three previous fights it is still difficult to pick a winner between these two most evenly of matched fighters, which is why we are discussing this for a fourth time. Having said that I believe Pac man has something to prove after the Bradley defeat. I also think that Pac Man is fed up with people keep saying he lost the previous Marquez fights. I believe he is really fired up for this fight and will prove beyond any doubt this time just who is the better man once and for all.


Pacquiao late stoppage or pts win

Clive Bernath

Editor In Chief




From Pacman’s last fight, there are signs of him slowing down and I think Marquez will be able to take advantage of that and get the nod finally.


Marquez pts 12

Lwazi Ndzobongo

South Africa




Can the fourth time be a charm? Personally, I am one of the few who have not yet scored a bout in favor of Juan Manuel Marquez over Manny Pacquiao. I scored the first for Manny and the second as well. The third, I felt was a draw, but found Marquez more impressive in the rounds he won. Throw the analysis out the window. These guys know each other and we know what to expect. Manny may have looked dominant in losing to Timothy Bradley (Only in boxing can I say that), but I think the more Manny has fought Marquez, it has been Marquez who has made the adjustments and Pacquiao allowed the cards to get tighter. Marquez by split decision.


Marquez w pts 12

Derek Bonnett






There’s really not much to be broken down here as we and both fighters pretty much know what their strengths and minor weaknesses are. I’ve been back and forth - my head says Marquez, my gut says Pacquiao. I’m going with Manny. I think his speed will be key and I also think he will send Marquez to the canvas at some point and that could once again prove to be the deciding factor. I’m not ruling out a Marquez victory, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me, but I think Pacquiao desperately wants to win this fight and he’ll march through hell to get the victory.


Pacquiao w pts 12

Matthew Hurley







After their first two fights, Ezzard Charles led Joe Walcott 2 to 0 with two wins by decision. In the third, Ez walked into a left hook, and in their fourth and last encounter Jersey Joe took a close decision. This time the judges saw Walcott ahead after he lost the other verdicts. I think the judges will act similarly here, it will be a close fight again but they will give it to Marquez.


Marquez w pts 12

Jerry Glick

New York

New York City





This time around I see Pacquiao finally being able to deliver a clear victory against Marquez -- or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part that a clear victor is even possible. The reality seems to be that both of these fighters are so evenly matched that whoever finally comes out as the definitive loser may just be showing that his skills have begun regressing sooner than the others’. Pacquiao will be aggressive and Marquez will look to counter, that will not change in this fourth fight. What we will have to look for is how carefully Pacquiao picks his spots and how much Marquez can lure Pacquiao into trading where he will hope Pacquiao gets sloppy attempting to throw four and five punch combinations. That’s the way I see it at least.


Pacquiao w pts 12

Jose Santana Jr.

Cincinnati, OH






In Hollywood, sequels happen frequently, but rarely do they every live up to the original.  In boxing, do-overs are also a big part of the sport, and usually subsequent bouts fail to capture the drama of the original.  Pacquiao and Marquez will meet for the fourth time, and while the action has dulled as the fighters became more familiar with each other, the dramatic reading of the scorecards have become a bigger part of the story than the 12 rounds that precede them.  Pacquiao wants to leave no doubt, and Marquez insists on finally getting his hand raised.   The difference in this fight is that Marquez now has the body of a full fledged welterweight, and I believe he may be a infatuated with his new found power.  This will lead to the counter-puncher to be more aggressive and take more punches.  Which will lead to him getting countered and dropped.   While he will have his moments, as he always does.  The knockdown will again be the difference between sadness and euphoria.


Pacquiao w pts 12

Jason Pribila







Three times I’ve picked Marquez to topple Pacquiao and on at least two occasions (Fights II and III) I’ve been accurate from my vantage point.  The Pacman has blinding speed and wrecking ball power but technically he’s a level beneath the superb Mexican who is wonderfully adept at releasing counters to thwart the Pacquiao assault. Marquez, almost exclusively, wins the position battle against his southpaw opponent by getting his left foot outside Pacquiao’s right foot, which was most evident in Fight III when he rendered the legendary Filipino’s straight left hand meaningless.  Marquez knows Pacquiao has power in the right hook but it is not a fight ending shot and, for me, he solved his arch rival in their first encounter.  Pacquiao has been haunted by Marquez for almost a decade and he needs that definitive victory but his ego is likely to be his undoing.  I see Marquez mixing the tactics he employed in Fights II and III, hitting with more power but countering enough to, once again, drown Pacquiao’s vaunted aggression.  If the judges score on clean punching and ignore ineffective aggression then Marquez finally gets the “W”.


Marquez pts 12

Tom Gray





Well these 2 should know each other pretty damn good, 3 fights spanning 8 years, 36 rounds, 108 minutes.  Marquez in my opinion has won more rounds, Pac has had the marquee moments (3 knockdowns round 1 of first fight, knockdown in round 3 of 2nd fight) but I felt the best over all performance was their 3rd fight last year that I feel Marquez clearly won, close but clear.  At age 39 I just don’t know if he can do it again.  If he can he wins, but my pick is Manny another decision.


Pacquiao w pts 12

James Smith aka Smitty Host


Las Vegas





For a fourth and most likely the last time, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will meet in the ring to do battle. Pacquiao is coming off a loss to Tim Bradley, a fight that he should have won. Marquez has faced Pacquiao three times, two losses and a draw. When they face each other in Las Vegas, both know anything can happen. To be honest, I think Marquez wants to win this fight more than Pacquiao, even though he is six years older. For Marquez to win, he will have to waste no time and go strait at Pacquiao and make a statement. He must fight every round like it’s the final round. Manny Pacquiao must also waste no time, an aggressive Marquez will not shy away when it comes to getting hit. In his last few fights Pacquiao appears that he may have peaked, don’t get me wrong, he is still a great fighter with amazing skill, but expect a more hungry Marquez. I see the fight going the distance, Marquez knocking down Pacquiao for a count in the later rounds and sparking a brawl. Pacquiao will survive the count but will lose on points due to the knockdown. By all rights, the should be enough for Marquez to edge out a win, but as we all know, anything can happen in Vegas.


Marquez pts  12

Ron Valderrama

Phoenix, Arizona




my forecast is based on what is their weight. Marquez is coming to heavier weights from the same weight class as Manny and is naturally a bigger, stronger man, when showing the same digits on the scales. And at some point between light weight and welter he gets really stronger, than Pacman.  Also, Marquez has one of those boxing styles, who are not intimidated by southpaws at all. (Cotto, Hatton, Margharito, and especially Oscar just knew nothing about fighting southpaws. Fighting southpaw is a nightmare for them. People like Tszyu or Maquez are southpaw hunters, southpaws are their preys!. So, unless Pac fights Marquez in 135 or in 150, I expect Marquez to go through the torture of another 12 rounds with Manny, but convincingly whip Manny’s ass, convincingly enough to get judges nod. Marquez SD12 


Marquez pts 12

Dmytro Mossienko





Pacquiao= 5

Marquez = 6


December 8, 2012

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