Amateur Champion Clings to Life

generic old gym
generic old gym
Jerry Glick reporting: The New York Daily News reports that decorated amateur Jr. Lightweight Champion Pedro Luis Sosa, 20, and his sister Jennifer, 21, were knocked off of Cross Bronx Expressway at about 5:45 AM Sunday during a freezing nor’easter that created black ice.

The slick road condition caused vehicles to skid into one another including the van that the Sosas were in. When things appeared to stop, the two ventured out onto the roadway to check on the car in front of them when more cars skidded into them knocking them off the elevated roadway to a construction site on the street 75 feet below. A witness called police who found them and rushed the pair to Jacobi Hospital where Jennifer died of her injuries and Pedro clings to life.

Sosa was about to turn pro after not qualifying for the 2012 Olympic team. Trainer Pedro’s Marco Suarez said, “It was supposed to be a big day.” He added that the young boxer was number one in the country for three years straight.

He fought out of the Cops and Kids Gym in the Bronx, NY, and was well known for his powerful left hook.

Sosa’s family is sitting vigil at his bedside, “Everybody is waiting to see if he’s going to live or if he’s going to die,” said Suarez.

No one has been charged in the accident that occurred in 33 degrees temperature.
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