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19 NOVEMBER 2018


OctoberFist: Rodriguez and Bracero Prevail at MGM Grand Foxwoods


Dibella Entertainment presented another action packed night of professional boxing at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods. The MGM Grand, quickly becoming the Constitution state’s premiere venue for professional boxing, hosted a nine bout card with the main attractions televised live on SHOBox. Edwin "La Bomba" Rodriguez took on fellow unbeaten Will Rosinsky in the main event. The card also featured rising East Coast prospects Gabriel Bracero, Ryan Kielczewski, and Danny O’Connor. SecondsOut’s Derek Bonnett reported from ringside.

Round 1: Rosinsky comes out looking dry and Rodriguez is far more trimmed than in his last appearance. Rosinsky chases Rodriguez around the ring as they feel eachother out. Rodriguez tries to land a chopping overhand right. Rosinsky lands with the left repeatedly. Rodriguez fires back and strays low to the body. Rodriguez lands a few rights at the end, but the better punches were landed by Rosinsky. 10-9 Rosinsky.

Round 2: Rodriguez opens the round with a clean right hand form a distance. The jab begins to fins its mark and starts to set up an attack. The two lock arms an maul for a few moments. Rodriguez digs to the body and Rosinsky catches his opponent’s stomach from a distance. Rosinsky tags Rodriguez with a left, but is caught with a combination in return. 19-19.

Round 3: Rosinsky starts with a quick jab to set the pace. A leaping left hook lands for Rosinsky as he moves downstairs. Rodriguez’ hands stop moving as Rosinsky puts on a boxing exhibition. Rodriguez rallies back with a pair of thudding body blows. An overhand right tags Rodriguez and La Bomba fires back with a right of his own. Rodriguez holds Rosinsky’s head down as the bell sounds. 29-28 Rosinsky.

Round 4: Rodriguez fights taller to start the round. A solid overhand right nails Rosinsky. Rodriguez blocks a Rosinsky combo and counter a jab with another overhand right. Rodriguez keeps the distance and lands cleanly with the jab. Rosinsky applies pressure, but not wiht the same accuracy on his shots. Rodriguez finishes the round with a jaw jeering right hand. 38-38.

Round 5:Rosinsky jabs his way in with rapid fire succession. Rodriguez counters well with the right hand. A mighty right hook to the body lands on Rosinsky. Rodriguez is throwing off the ropes as Rosinsky continuously moves forward. Both land power shots. Rodriguezz sneaks in a left hook to set up another right hand. Both trade on even terms. Even round. 48-48.

Round 6: Rodriguez pressures forward and eats a Rosinsky jab. Rodriguez opens up the distance and goes back to his jab. A choppin goverhand right lands on Rosinsky. Another big overhand right for Rodriguez. The body work of Rodriguez is increasing in frequency and power. 58-57 Rodriguez.Round 7: Both fighters start by trading right crosses. The two cricle around the ring to catch a breather. Rosinsky throws to the body without much emphasis. Rodriguez returns fire with greater power. Big left hook lands for Rodriguez. Rosinsky returns with a clean left hook. The power of Rodriguez is considerably greater at this stage of the contest. 68-66 Rodriguez.

Round 8: Rodriguez’ overhand right increases in frequency and accuracy. Rodriguez catches the gloves of Rosinsky with a looping hook and wild uppercut. Rosinsky mushes Rodriguez with the left jab. Rodriguez completes some effective work inside. Rosinsky absorbs a big right hand and takes it well. 78-75 Rodriguez.

Round 9: Rosinsky pressure Rodriguez around the ring. The two trade along the ropes. Rodriguez lands the more powerful blows, but Rosinsky consistentyly find his mark with both hands. Rodriguez begins to swing more wildy and Rosinsky takes advantage of his work with greater composure. Both men land cleanly at the bell. Even round. 88-85

Round 10: Rodriguez opens up with a big right hook. Rosinsky welcomes it an fires back. When Rodriguez keeps Rosinsky on the end of his punches, he gains the advantage, but the two have committed to make it a fans fight. Rosinsky lands a double left to Rodriguez’ face. The uppercut lands for La Bomba. Both men dig deep, but Rodriguez is the busier man at the finish and Rosinsky misses some key opportunities. 98-94 Rodriguez.


While the right man won, the three judges slighted Rosinsky by awarding Rodriguez a three card shut-out by scores of 100-90.  Rodriguez improved his dossier to 20-0 (14). Rosinsky gains great respect in defeat and falls to 14-1 (8).




The SHOBox The New Generation televised card opened up with a ten-round NABF super lightweight championship bout between Gabriel Bracero and Daniel Sostre.


Round 1: No feeling out for Bracero. He is all business working his way in with the left jab. The right isn’t connecting as often, but he’s throwing it while Sostre waits for him. Bracero outworked Sostre from bell to bell wearing the look of an assassin in search of a short night. Too bad he’s not a power hitter at 17-0 (3). 10-9 Bracero.

Round 2: Bracero opens up with some quick combinations early. He’s jabbing the body more and trying to mix in a quick uppercut. The right hand is still missing its mark most of the time or catching only partially. Big left hook stuns Sostre and opens up his eyes. Sostre is on the defensive and really can’t get much of an offensive going. Sostre resorts to punching without looking to control the attack of Sostre. 20-18 Bracero.

Round 3: Sostre slips on the canvas and loses balance after Bracero charges in. Sostre tries to maul Bracero to gain an advantage. His jab reaches Bracero finally, but Bracero cuts the distance and flurries to the mid-section. A pair of Bracero hooks ends a close round. 30-27 Bracero.

Round 4: Sostre looks uneasy in the corner. Sostre slips to the canvas due to a wet spot. Bracero forces the action, but his accuracy has waned for the opening minute. Bracero finds his range again with some crisp one-twos to slip Sostre’s guard. A left hook to the body punctuates his best combo of the round. The punches from both men begin to loop at the close of the round. Bracero never stops coming forward and wins on aggression. 40-36 Bracero.

Round 5: Bracero’s natural instict to throw while moving forward has Sostre covering up and closing his eyes in anticipation of what’s coming. Sostre tries to throw out of the clinch, but Bracero doubles and triples his punch output. On the inside, neithe lands cleanly, but Bracero moves Sostre with every punch and send his braided locks soaring. The inside work by both men is mostly mauling and Bracero is better suited when he creates distance and works his way back in. Steve Smoger showed excellent reflexes in dodging a wild right hook from Sostre! 50-45 Bracero.

Round 6: Bracero jabs in slowing the pace. Sostre, although taller and longer, fails to use either advantage effectively. He jabs in without authority and typically ends it at that. An overhand right forces Sostre into the ropes. Bracero continues to have his way with forward momentum as his best weapon. His punches miss the mark, but Sostre is reduced to throwing one at a time or moving backward. Bracero backs Sostre into the corner and lands with his best flurries since the early rounds. 60-54 Bracero.


Round 7: Bracero repeats his previous success. A well placed body shot bends Sostre in the middle and his legs seem weary from the previous six rounds. Although low on power, Bracero is strong and continues to move Sostre with his punches or by shoving him off in the clinches. Sostre looks exhausted as Bracero wins with 25% effort. 70-63 Bracero.

Round 8: Sostre starts with a meaningless jab void of intention. Bracero punches over it to pressure his man back. A quick combination to the head of Sostre is punctuated by a solid right hook. Smoger remains invisible as the two work eachother on the inside with little effect. Bracero’s will to win captures rounds because his flurries on the inside are more flash than substance, but that is enough when Sostre’s lack of will to win is in opposition to it. 80-72.

Round 9: The posture to open the round without landing a significant shot in the opening thirty seconds. Bracero eats a wide left hook. a left jab pushes Sostre back as Bracero gies back to bullying Sostre with activity. Bracero lands an uppercut and hooks the body after Sostre misses. 90-81.

Round 10: Bracero jumps on Sostre after touching gloves. There are more pushes than punches in the opening seconds of the round. Sostre lands a nice left hook to the chin. He does so again seconds later. Bracero outworks him to the body, but nothing is landing cleanly as Sostre shells up. The action repeats as ithas the previous nine rounds. Bracero is the braver, brawnier fighter and that made the difference from the start. 100-90.


The three judges agreed with a lopsided Bracero victory and handed in tallies of 100-90 twice and 99-91. Bracero lifted his record to 18-0 (3) and brings the NABF 140 pound title back to Brooklyn, New York. Sostre dropped his ledger to 11-5-1 (4).




In the opening bout of the untelevised card, Delen "Spider" Parsley captured a six round shout-out over Jevon Boisseau in a 154 pound bout. Brooklyn, New York’s Parsley improved to 6-0 (2). Boisseau fell to 3-6-1.


Badou "The Ripper" Jack of las Vegas, Nevada stopped Eddie Caminero in the fifth round of a super middleweight bout to secure his biggest win as a professional. The usually dangerous Caminero appeared impotent as he was dominated and dropped with a left hook in the fifth. Jack improved to 8-0 (6) as a pro. Caminero dipped to 7-6 (7).


Brooklyn’s Frank Galarza showed the right attitude for the ring, but boxed a bit wildly en route to a four round unanimous decision over Daniel Lugo in a junior middleweight contest. The judges scored the bout 39-37 thrice.  Galarza landed the better blows, but was caught frequently on the inside. Galarza’s dossier now reads 4-0 (1). Lugo fell to 1-2 after a game effort.


Junior Welterweight Danny O’Connor, fighting out of Framingham, Massachusetts, dropped Bryan Abraham with a right hook in the second round after tasting some thunder himself. O’Connor was penalized with a knockdown in the fifth, but it appeared he brought himself down with the momentum of a missed punch. Abraham was game throughout and connected with more than few wild hooks, but O’ Connor was the more productive fighter and deserved the unanimous decision by scores of 60-54, 59-54, 58-54. O’ Connor improved to 16-1 (4) and put two victories between now and his lone loss to Gabriel Bracero. Abraham dropped to 5-8-2 (5).


Dyah Davis of Coconut Creek, Florida passed a significant test at 168 pounds by outscoring Darnell Boone 59-56, 59-55, and 58-56. Boone landed some solid left hands, but he backpedaled too much and waited for one punch to change the momentum of the contest. Davis enhanced his ring number to 20-2-1 (9). Boone dropped to 19-18-3 (8) after the six round bout.


Ryan Kielczewski continued to show progress up the professional ranks with a clear cut  decision victory over a bloodied Willie Villanueva. The "Polish Prince" was too much man for Villanueva on the inside as the light handed Kielczewski landed in higher volume from the opening round. The judges’ cards favored the Quincy, Massachusetts fighter by scores of 60-54. Kielczewski raised his record to 12-0 (2). Villanueva dove to 10-4 (2).




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