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17 NOVEMBER 2018


The WBC Rules Hopkins-Dawson a Technical Draw

Dawson Vs Hopkins (pic Harry Rosenbluth)
Dawson Vs Hopkins (pic Harry Rosenbluth)

By Steve Kim: On Thursday afternoon, the WBC made a ruling on last Saturday night’s fight between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson that came to a premature conclusion at the end of the second round as Hopkins suffered a damaged right shoulder after being lifted and sent to the canvas by Dawson. Referee Pat Russell ruled that no foul was committed, therefore since Hopkins was unable or unwilling to continue, the WBC light heavyweight title would change hands. Ultimately, Dawson was declared the winner via second round TKO.

Here is the WBC’s explanation of their ruling:

In regards to the championship defense of the light heavyweight WBC world champion between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson, held in Los Angeles, California, in which the referee declared a KOT2 against champion Hopkins, as he could not continue due to an injury after a push by challenger Dawson, the head offices of the WBC sent videos, medical reports and the WBC corresponding Rules to the Board of Governors that unanimously declared a Technical Draw on the fight; therefore, Bernard Hopkins is still the WBC Light heavyweight champion of the world.

** The WBC Board of Governors, after reviewing the video of the fight, unanimously declared that the action reflects a clear intentional lifting the body followed with a push by Dawson to Hopkins that made him fall on his left side with part of his body out of the ropes.

** The California Hospital Medical Center report was also considered by the Board, which states “Bernard Hopkins has been released from the California Medical Center in Los Angeles after being x-rayed and examined by Dr. Sam Thurber, MD who diagnosed Hopkins with a separation of the acromioclavicular (A-C) joint which connects the collar bone and shoulder blade”.

** The WBC considered that point 29 of the Rule WC-34, related to fouls was violated: “Any rough tactics other than clean punches”, covered the ruling of the WBC.

WBC rule WC-32 was followed for the Boards consideration: “Injuries from head butts, elbows, or other accidental or illegal actions (injury). The following description applies to injuries from not only head butts and elbows, but from any other accidental or illegal action as well.

If the bout can not continue:

* There will be a point deduction

* Technical draw if before the start of the 5th round

* Technical decision as per scorecards, (if after the fifth).

Article WC-33 was also considered: **Body Fouls — except as provided below, there will be no disqualification for fouls to the body. The referee, at his discretion, determines that there was a foul and the ring doctor determines that the fouled boxer cannot continue, the offending boxer will be disqualified. If the doctor determines the fouled boxer can continue fighting but he does not continue, he will lose by abandonment.

In conclusion, after examining thoroughly the video of the fight and the medical report, as well as the corresponding rules, the WBC Board of Governors decided unanimously to declare the bout as a technical draw and consider Bernard Hopkins still as the WBC Light heavyweight champion of the world; the WBC regrets its unavailability of implementing the instant video replay at the fight, due to the fact that the California Commission does not have that rule.

The WBC respects and can not intervene in the decisions of the boxing commissions where the fights happen, but it does intervene in regards of the recognition of a WBC title of the world, by being the exclusive owners of the trademark and championship accolades- We hope that the California commission will review our ruling on their next meeting in December.

Jose Sulaiman


Thankfully, it doesn’t seem as though the WBC is mandating a rematch between the two and quite frankly, there is no real demand for it from the public or any interest from those involved.

Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, told Maxboxing on Thursday, “Gary Shaw and Chad Dawson made it clear that they don’t want to have a rematch. We made it clear that we don’t want a rematch and I think if you ask 100 people, fight fans, you’re probably going to have a 120 that respond, ‘No, we don’t want the rematch.’ So I don’t think there’s any interest, any appetite for the rematch and there’s no need for a rematch. I think Chad Dawson should move on and I’m sure there’s going to be good fights out there for him. I don’t know; maybe there’s a rematch with Jean Pascal. I think that’s what he would like to do. Go and pursue other fights, increase his marketability and fan base, then who knows? Other big fights will come for him. That’s what I think should happen.”

The California commission will not convene until December to rule on the matter (which irks Schaefer to no end) but regardless of the ruling, he doesn’t believe this effects Hopkins’ deal with HBO. “I just spoke with Bernard. He was, of course, pleased that the WBC continues to recognize him as their light heavyweight champion. He’s going to get the results tomorrow from the MRI and the doctor’s opinion for how long he’s going to be out of having contact. How long it’s going to take him before he can get back in the ring and that’s what’s going to determine what I’m going to go back to HBO with, for securing Bernard’s next date.”

Schaefer hopes to see Hopkins back in the ring in the spring of 2012.

As for Russell, Schaefer really has no hard feelings. In fact, he still respects him as a referee but he believes that, as the late, great Chick Hearn would say, ‘You could’ve called that in Braille.’

“I really think Pat Russell had...and you can’t even say he had an off-night. He admitted in the interview he did with you ( ) he just didn’t see it. And I think that happens. Nobody is perfect and sees everything. It’s impossible. So I’m really giving him the benefit of the doubt. I just think if they’re going to make arguments that it wasn’t a foul and that it was legal and all this kind of thing, that’s when I’m going to have a problem but I highly doubt that the California commission is going to take that kind of approach. It’s impossible.”


Regardless of who has the WBC strap or any other title, the way I look at it, the straw that stirs the drink (at least financially) in this division is Jean Pascal. With how he draws in Montreal/Quebec City and how he’s been built into a draw by GYM, Pascal is the most lucrative fighter in this class. For the most part, the other 175-pound standouts’ market value is determined by the license fees of the premium cable networks in the United States. Pascal can make a better-than-good living with or without HBO and Showtime.

Yvon Michel had made it clear that they’d be willing to fight in the States against any of the aforementioned names if there was a comparable financial package offered to them. In other words, they aren’t leaving the “Great White North” anytime soon- and it doesn’t seem like there’s any real need to either.


If it were up to Schaefer, we’d see the reprisals of two of the more notable fights that took place this year under the Golden Boy Promotions banner.

“When you look at [Jorge] Linares and [Antonio] DeMarco, that’s one of those fights which I think is definitely going to be a candidate for ‘Fight of the Year.’ It was a very entertaining fight. We got all the feedback from the people, they felt that they should’ve let the fight go on, given the fact it was at the end of the [11th] round with few seconds to go and that Linares was pretty much winning throughout the fight with a bloody face and he kept winning with that bloody face. He kept winning round after round. He was 8-2 on two cards and 7-3 on the other. So they should’ve at least given him the opportunity to go back in the corner,” opined Schaefer. “See what the doctor was going to say and what Joe Chavez was going to do. Joe Chavez is one of the best cutmen in the business and then determine whether the fight could go on.

“I just think- I would hope- that we are going to do a rematch.”

DeMarco is handled by Gary Shaw, who might have other ideas, but making his other desired rematch would be much easier, as he represents both entities. Last week, Erik Morales was in town for the fights and according to Schaefer, “One fight he indicated he would be interested and open to would be a rematch with Marcos Maidana. And so that’s a possibility, another great rematch which was another ‘Fight of the Year’ candidate. So I wouldn’t mind putting together what could be one of the best cards in recent history, to put together Erik Morales-Marcos Maidana and Jorge Linares and Antonio DeMarco on the same card. I don’t know; call it ‘Bloodsport.’”

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