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26 APRIL 2018


MMA: Alessio Breaks Forearm in Win

Mixed Martial Arts:
Mixed Martial Arts:

By Albert Jiménez Howell at ringside: A Mixed Martial Arts card was a big hit with the local crowd at the Thomas & Mack in Las Vegas, USA on Friday, June 20, 2008.

In the main event of the evening welterweight John Alessio (23-11) fighting out of Extreme Couture of Las Vegas defeated Pete Spratt (18-13) with a rear naked choke. In round one, Alessio connected with an outside leg kick that was answered by Spratt. Alessio then body slammed Spratt. Back on their feet Spratt landed a sharp high kick. Then Spratt nailed Alessio with two outside leg kicks. Alessio answered back with a leg kick of his own. Spratt stuffed Alessio’s takedown attempt. Spratt landed a knee to Alessio’s midsection while in the clutch before taking Alessio to the mat. Alessio reversed positions and the round came to a close with neither fighter commanding a strategic advantage at the end.

Spratt landed several hard kicks to the head of Alessio at the beginning of the second stanza. Alessio took his opponent to the ground. Spratt found his way back to his feet with Alessio mounted on his back. Alessio wrapped his legs around Spratt’s waist and attempted a rear naked choke from his opponent’s standing position. Alessio successfully sunk in the submission attempt causing Spratt to fall to the canvas. The referee deftly jumped in and called a halt to the bout declaring Alessio the victor by submission at 2:07 of round two.

It was reported that Alessio broke his forearm during the win. Alessio was rushed to the hospital by the paramedics immediately after the bout.

Rose Decisions Couture in Bantamweight Battle

The Muay Thai Specialist Kim Rose (1-0) won her professional debut against Kim Couture (0-1) wife of 5-time UFC champion Randy Couture in their co-feature bantamweight bout. At the beginning of the opening stanza, a big right hand by Rose connected to the head of Couture knocking the hurt fighter to the mat. Rose worked her ground-n-pound game against her fallen foe. The bigger Couture was able to survive the moment and stop the offensive ground-n-pound onslaught of her opponent. Working from her opponent’s half guard, Couture found herself in a loose guillotine. Couture worked her way out of the submission attempt. With a bloodied face and working from her adversary’s guard, Couture created enough space to unleash a series of brutal hammer fists to Rose’s head. Rose answered by attempting an arm bar which Couture defended beautifully. Rose landed an up-kick as an action-packed round one came to a close.

Rose started round three by landing several punches straight to the head of Couture. To stop the fistic onslaught of Rose, Couture landed several knees. With blood flowing from her mouth and covering her face, Couture tripped Rose and threw her foe to the canvas. Rose worked her way back to her feet only to be taken back to the mat by Couture again. With a lull in the action, the referee stood up the fighters. Rose again demonstrated her superior boxing skills by placing several punches to the head of Couture, who wisely clutched and answered with knee strikes. The round ended with a fistic exchange between the two energized combatants in the middle of the ring.

To begin the third and final round Rose stalked her opponent wanting to box but Couture quickly clutched her striking foe stuffing her boxing moves. Rose finally created enough distance to land several clean strikes to Couture’s face before Couture clutched again. In the clutch the two women exchanged knees. Creating space again, Rose landed two picturesque right punches flush to the side of Couture’s head before Couture clutched one more time. A third time in the round, Rose created the space necessary to nail Couture with a number of hard strikes to the head. Finally, Couture took Rose to the ground for the first time in the final round. But, on the ground Rose demonstrated her defensive skill by stuffing Couture’s top advantage. A slowdown in the action did see Couture land a strong elbow to the side of Rose’s face. But, little action took place on the ground as the round and fight came to a close. The talented striker Rose won the bout by unanimous decision. All three scorecards read 30-27.

It was reported that Couture split her jaw in two in her valiant losing effort. Couture was rushed to the hospital by the ringside paramedics after her fight.

Lightweight Jansen Beats Foe by Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Dave Jansen (4-0) remained undefeated by beating Dennis Davis (14-9) via unanimous decision. Fighting out of Extreme Couture in Las Vegas, Davis attempted a guillotine at the beginning of the opening stanza. While in the corner and Jansen standing on his feet Davis mounted his foe’s back and wrapped his legs around his opponent’s waist. From his opponent’s standing position, Davis attempted to sink in the guillotine. Jansen worked his way out of the submission attempt, and the two fighters found their way to the mat where Davis attempted a second guillotine submission. The strong Jansen eventually worked his way out of the second Davis guillotine attempt. Jansen took Davis’ back and attempted a rear naked choke but was never able to sink the submission move in. The opening round ended with Jansen working a bit of pound-and-ground on his opponent.

To begin the second stanza, Jansen landed a hard strike forcing Davis to take the fight to the mat where Jansen pounded his shaken foe with more strikes including punishing hammer fists. Jansen continued to look to soften up his opponent with ground strikes. Davis though reversed his fortune when he attempted to sink in a guillotine. Jansen showed his defensive skill and fought his way out of the loose submission attempt. The two fighters found their way back to their feet where Jansen had the fistic strike advantage. Back on the mat Davis pulled guard. While Jansen struggled to work his ground –and-pound game as the second round came to a close.

To begin the third and final round Davis sank in a guillotine. Jansen freed himself from the failed submission attempt. Jansen hammered his opponent with strikes. Davis got back to his feet but Jansen supplied his opponent back to the mat. A good chunk of time was spent in a bit of a stall mate on the ground. Davis did soften up his opponent near the end of the slow fought third round with a knee strike to the head. In the end, all three scorecards read 29-28 for Jansen the winner by unanimous decision.

Featherweight Gonsalves Wins Pro Debut by Unanimous Decision

Kui Gonsalves (1-0) won his professional debut against Ricky Johnson (0-1) in their featherweight duel. In the opening stanza, Gonsalves fighting out of Extreme Couture in Las Vegas rocked his foe with strikes sending his opponent to the ground after an energetic fistic assault. Gonsalves followed up by connecting on a string of hammer punches against his floored opponent. Johnson attempted to roll out of trouble but was pounded with a straight punch to the face with his back to the canvas. Johnson recovered though and was able to get to his feet. Back on their feet, Gonsalves continued his fistic advantage by landing big punches against his outclassed opponent. Johnson wisely took Gonsalves to the mat after absorbing big punch after power punch. In Gonsalves’ guard, Johnson found it difficult to work and the referee stood the fighters up after a spell of no action.

To begin the action in round two, Johnson shot in on his opponent. Gonsalves sprawled and Johnson was never able to gain control on the ground. The two fighters found their way back to their feet. A takedown attempt by Johnson was stuffed by Gonsalves. Johnson took to the ground to avoid an offensive assault by Gonsalves pulling guard against his classier opponent. Gonsalves tried to work his ground-and-pound game but Johnson’s defense showed and the referee stood the fighters up. On their feet the rugged Gonsalves went on the rapid assault and landed a series of punches punctuated by a knee to the chin of Johnson. A one-two combination landed for Johnson after it seemed that Gonsalves was taking a bit of a breather near the end of the second round.

In the third round, a high kick to the head by Johnson was partially blocked by Gonsalves. The fighters traded punches in the middle of the ring. An outside leg kick landed for Gonsalves followed up with an inside kick. Gonsalves continued his offensive work by mixing in leg kicks with punches. An overhand right by Gonsalves snapped back the head of his foe. Johnson’s defense continued to assist him in surviving the offensive onslaught against his quick-fisted adversary. Johnson landed two kicks to the midsection of Gonsalves who answered back with a couple of punches flush to the head of his opponent. An outside leg kick by Gonsalves connected sharply. Johnson returned the favor. The bout ended with Gonsalves landing a sharp left hook to the side of Johnson’s head. All three scorecards read 30-27 for Gonsalves by unanimous decision.

Super Heavyweight Ritani-Coe Wins Pro Debut by 1st Round TKO

Super Heavyweight Brice Ritani-Coe (1-0, 1 KO) won his professional debut against Rob Mitchell (0-1) who was also fighting for the first time as a pro. The action in the opening round began with Mitchell shooting leg kicks. Fighting out of Extreme Couture in Las Vegas, Ritani-Coe connected with a left hook upstairs. Despite his sizable height advantage Mitchell never seemed to leverage the advantage against his shorter adversary. Ritani-Coe landed an outside leg kick. Mitchell attempted a couple of knees in the clutch but nothing landed. It was a left knee by Ritani-Coe that changed everything. The perfectly placed knee by the Muay Thai specialist Ritani-Coe dropped Mitchell. Ritani-Coe pounded the floored Mitchell with little reaction from his fallen foe. Mitchell finally got to his knees but the movement by the big guy was short-lived as Mitchell found himself back to the mat Sensing the end was near, Ritani-Coe unleashed a series of unanswered left punches to the head of his grounded victim. The referee finally stepped in to mercifully end the bout at 4:33 of round one declaring Ritani-Coe the TKO victor due to strikes.

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